Observations of an Invisible Woman




“Dear Truth,

Ever since your last 3 posts, I’ve been seeing a startling change in the black male community. Maybe it’s because you mentioned it so now I’m paying more attention, I don’t know. But black males are now in my face, with their white women by their side, saying hello, trying to hold conversation, trying to talk to me in the supermarket, holding doors open for me, and complimenting me on my attire.

On Youtube, I keep seeing random videos of black males DEFENDING black womanhood, black beauty standards FROM disrespectful black men who call us names and such. All of a sudden, black men are loving us, complimenting us and talking about how black love is needed.

I have a question for you.

Where was all of this ten years ago? Where was all of this 50 years ago when black men publicly announced that white women were better? Where was all of this defending when black men told the entire world that our vaginas stink and that’s the real reason they had no other choice but to jump ship? Where was all of this open discussion to find out what’s really wrong in the black community?”

——- A private letter from a long time reader




I never knew how much  “Exodus” would impact the Black Community.

I was sent videos from loyal, black women readers who told me, ” You’re on Youtube being dissected.” Black women analyzed why I was doing this, if I was finally waking up and if I was involved with a white man but was “hiding it.”

As if I, a grown woman who has lived, loved, lost and built a life for myself, needed to hide anything from complete strangers…but I digress.

Black males flatly denying that my letters were real. “She’s making shit up, y’all. Black bitches ain’t goin’ nowhere…” I read their thoughts on my betrayal, my alleged bedwenchry, my anti-black male-ism, my lesbianism and my insanity.

All that is fine.  I take zero offence to any of it. I stated that my posts would be misinterpreted. And they were.


And now, this post will be heavily scrutinized and dissected as well.


As the Woman, as the Womb Carrier, the Black Woman bears a heavy responsibility to carry the race on her shoulders. That means that YOU are the Controllers, YOU are the Navigators and YOU are the real Law Makers.

I’ve watched silently as staunch black male support from black women began to quietly fade. The screaming at police brutality gently faded, the screeching at systemic white racism went dark and silence beckoned. To my ultimate surprise, a very popular Youtube Personality wrote to me privately to tell me how much she regrets building an entire platform on Black Love when, after much confirmation and heartbreak, she now realizes that Black Love is a farce.


“Did he ever care about us?”, she questioned.


My simple and non-judgemental response:  He’s just like any other man in a Male Dominated Society. His primary concern is his own Self Preservation.


In the future, when the white female has replaced the black one as the New Face of Single Mothers with Black Children, when her pristine status has been soiled, when her bastard, biracial, degenerate, unkempt children are running amok in society, when people finally begin to cluck their thick tongues and realize that the Common Denominator in the Destruction of the black woman, the white woman, the Asian woman, the Hispanic woman,  is the black male, white society will act accordingly.



The black man, and the black woman who INSISTS on staying with him, will have their reproductive rights taken away.


What good is a society filled with beggars, thieves, rapists and uneducated degenerates?

How will they contribute anything of value in a New World?

Who will pay to feed them? To house them? To give them medicine? All of this will be coming out of YOUR pockets. Those of us who made careful choices will have to pay for those who are careless. I can see you shaking your heads and saying:

This will never happen.

Let me politely remind you that China is the World Leader at population manipulation.

Let me politely remind you that AIDS intentionally and effectively killed millions of blacks in Africa.

Let me politely remind you that SARS murdered millions of Asians throughout Asia.


America can and will control the black body if and when necessary.


The time for the black woman to act is now. Disregard the shaming tactics of broke men who have absolutely nothing to offer you. Who call you a “Queen” but want you to pay for the light bill. Who compliment you on your “pretty melanin” but need to borrow twenty dollars for gas. Who tell you that the system is evil but looks the other way when women who look like you are being kidnapped and raped and sold into sex trafficking at the gas station ten miles from your house.


They write long, drawn out articles on how Hypergamy is a manipulative tool women created to “trap” men for resources while conveniently forgetting that the very system of Patriarchy INSISTS that hypergamy is necessary.

I read their articles on how women are gold diggers, etc. How we are users, etc. How we have an unfair value system, etc. Funny how the men who write these articles have naught to offer ANY woman.


The new Laws of the The Black Woman who wishes to survive this frightening Age of Donald Trump, Anti-Abortion Laws, the cessation of Food Stamps, WIC and Section Eight Vouchers should include the following:


  1. Absolutely no pregnancy without the confines of a legally binding marriage contract
  2. University Education/ Online Certification/ Trade School Diplomas are a MUST
  3. Live on your own before you get married to grow accustomed to Self Care
  4. All men, no matter what race, MUST be carefully vetted 
  5. Safer Sexual practices at all times
  6. Mind Care at all times.  
  7. Omit ALL toxic people from your life, including family
  8. Learn to effectively communicate without anger and raw emotion. The entire world is watching you and judging you if they want you in their communities
  9. Learn a viable skill that will enable you to make money on your own WITHOUT an employer or asking your husband for cash
  10. Put your own constructive self interests FIRST. The interest of your child( ren ) SECOND. The man in your life LAST


The man who understands what a man’s role is will not argue with this.


The black women who are already on their way will simply nod and smile at these Laws.

The rest will spit fire at me, call me dirty names, show this to their black male partners and have a long discussion on why I am wrong, crazy, elitist, a secret agent, kidnapped by aliens and replaced by a clone.


Both are fine.


And before I close out Leviticus, I’m going to make a frightful prediction so you, Black Woman, the most educated person in America, better pay attention:


When the black male realizes that the best and brightest of his race are leaving…like for real, and we’re secretly trying to recruit others to leave him. When he sees that his attempts of being nice to us and jabbering about Black Love are falling on deaf ears. When he openly discredits the white female in front of us all he gets is a blank stare. When he sees us on dates with men of other races looking pretty, carefree, laughing, flirting, getting married, honeymooning in France and living a full life WITHOUT him, he’ll come after us in ways that will make you forget all about white supremacy.


I would advise all black women to begin taking gun safety courses. 

















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21 thoughts on “Leviticus

  1. KWDON7 on said:

    Seems like you are on the pre swirl path. I am forever STRAIGHT BLACK PRIDE ALL DAY EVERYDAY FOR LIFE!

  2. anythingbutordinary19 on said:

    Beautiful post!

    I would love for you to touch on the topic of black femininity, what has prevented some of us relishing in it, and how more black women are embracing it.

    Also, if you could touch on how to navigate the corporate world as a black woman.

  3. dlboydx on said:

    Everything you have stated is correct. I realized back in 2013, a serious change was going to take place concerning Black Women. In 2008, i started noticing how they were pushing the interracial relationships on Black Women, i.e. media, movies, etc., since we were the group of women who tend to date/marry outside of their group the least. Truth be told, REAL MEN, want women who they know can “hold down the house” when they aren’t around. Traits considered to be “negative” by our men are considered “assets” by other groups of men who want women they can “build” with, create wealth with, & leave a “legacy” for their future offspring.

    Another thing to consider is for those of us who are able to do so would be to take some our children (boys/girls, babies, toddlers, etc.) out of the foster care system to raise to be productive members of society. We might can’t save some of those who are full fledge adults, but we can try with our younger generation. They have programs with the Dept of Agriculture to get loans or grants (preferable) to start farms, etc.; get government money to buy land, build homes or refurbish old homes, etc.; etc., etc. Consider moving to small towns or in the outskirts of some major cities. In these areas, it will be easier to teach the younger generation sustainability, self sufficiency, survival skills, & resourcefulness.

    It will be the Black Women to rebuild the Black Communities, whether they are stateside or in the diaspora because the men throughout the diaspora are no different than the ones in the states (plenty of documentaries show this). Black women want better for themselves, their children, & the communities they reside.

  4. Negress! Long time, no hear. It’s great to see you posting again. I agree with you about White America eventually coming up with a “Final Solution” for Black people. They virulently loathe us. If anyone has any doubt of this, I suggest that you go to Yahoo, read the comments below almost any story, and see what your white co-worker, neighbor, child’s teacher (!), law enforcement, doctors,etc. say about Blacks when safe behind the anonymity of their keyboards. You believe that they will take away reproductive rights. I believe that it will be much more blatant and violent than that. Who will stop them if and when they decide to load us into train cars, take us to concentration camps and do away with us permanently? I’m quite sure that the pre-Nazi Germany Jews never thought that it could happen to them, either! They thought that the Germans accepted them and were their “friends”. Surely their neighbors, who smiled at them, would NEVER turn a blind eye and even SUPPORT a government that would round them up and gas them, would it? Well, we all know how that turned out! Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it!

  5. @ dlboydx

    I’ve been told via letters that one of the reason why many men intentionally seek out black women to date and marry is because of her resilience. Men need to know that they can rely on their partners in case they get sick or stumble into trouble. They describe their partnerships as mature.

    Only a fool would turn away from a woman who has much to offer.

    I agree about the farming and being sustainable. In fact, women who are serious should form groups with their partners and begin putting this into practice immediately.

  6. Hello don, I’ve been following you for awhile and I completely agree with you. Its sad but true. I’ve been having quite a few dreams over the years, and I wanted to know what your opinion is on the apocalypse. Do you believe there will be a zombie apocalypse? Do you think any part of the US is more safe to hole up in? What about countries in Africa?
    At this point I don’t think its effective to try weeding through black men in particular to find a man to do what a man should. Opening up out horizons and being highly selective is the smartest way to go about it for those of us who are still single.
    I truly appreciate all your posts and comments.
    If you get a chance, would you make a new/revised post on what to do and have saved up for when things do go south?
    Thank you,

  7. angel9loveu on said:

    When things go south other races gonna fight for Becky and their own women for survival.Your predictions are error not fact and it wasn’t your post that made the change it was the Most HIGH YAH.REPENT of the witchcraft and divisive mindset.You are not a sister you are bent on leading black wombmen astray.Running to others nations males like desperate dingbats is embarrassing.I read the yahoo comments on how much white and Asian males hate BW so either you hit your head or the witchcraft has demons swirling in your head. But a woman who is so easily swayed is not effective at all. WE are to know who we are and the influence we have been given to wake up those put to sleep by years of being torn down together and which ones don’t wake up, oh well. But to think another race of males whose birth rates are steadily plummeting are the rescue is ludicrous

  8. Hello @doan, I was wondering what your thoughts were on the number of black males pushing polygamy as a tool for “Nation Building” (lol) and economic empowerment? I’m seeing a lot of this lately and I think it’s ridiculous – these men are not thinking about the emotional needs of the children and the women in these situations, only their pwn physical desires but want to legitimize it by labelling it as “polygamy” and nation building. It takes work to make it work with one woman, but they are going to handle three or four?!?

  9. @ angel

    I have a very serious question for you.

    What solutions do you propose that don’t include prayer. No offence meant. It’s just an honest serious question.

  10. Layla Melodie on said:


    Yes! And another resounding YES. The Spirit of BWE is well on it’s way to becoming the BLUEPRINT for like minded Black women State side and in other areas of the diaspora. I will attempt to make this brief, but allow me to offer a piece of commentary on the following (read it first):


    If this does NOT prove to you (I’m speaking to Black women) that these niggas don’t want YOU I don’t know what will. He (nigga over 50 looking to date) claimed that Black women weren’t desirable to other races in online dating sites, yet also claimed that he was in FACT colorblind, but only dated 5 Black women and managed to date 20 white women and eventually found that perfect white woman to be with exclusively because she was COLORBLIND too. Do you see the Jedi Mind Tricks this fool is whipping out??? He tried to “trauma bond” with you Black woman to make you think you are in the same boat with him–a “shared experience”, but then he goes on to link up with every white woman he can find. Out the 20 he dated, I guess they ALL shared a connection compared to the 5 Black women who either wanted something he didn’t or there was no “spark.” No put downs for the white women other than “they just wanted me for sex” which he obliged anyways. The fucking nerve of these niggas to tell you time and time again online and elsewhere in the public square that you can’t mate out of this embarrassing race of males because there aren’t enough white and non black men that want you yet they STILL find white females to love, sex and procreate with even though he clearly says in the article MOST white females don’t want black males.

    Black women take [b]heed[/b] to what Negress is saying. This is your way FORWARD. Black women in the 21st century must form alliances with (mostly) non black males to ensure her PLACE in this world and most importantly, her genetic survival. All this pseudo scientific jibber jabber done mostly by black males about their seed being key and non black women being able to recreate them is FALSE and fucking FARCE. You want to be black, you need the Black womb–it’s called Mitochondrial DNA.

    Black women especially in the U.S. must become bilingual, hell learn several different languages to engage with the world. For me this isn’t about men so much as it is about security and building the life you deserve, but the men will NATURALLY come. Practice BIRTH CONTROL. SELECTIVE BREEDING.

    The jig is up…k. Your “men” (black lovers) ain’t coming home. They have DIVESTED from us like 40 plus yrs ago. Get your life, resources and take your womb elsewhere while there is still TIME.

    You’ve been warned.

  11. Brenda Sazonova on said:

    For black women who want to progress and want a peaceful life, the first step is to get to safety. They should do well in school so they can afford to move to safer neighborhoods where they don’t have to rush to get home before the street lights come on because someone might be laying in wait for them. Don’t feel guilty about wanting a better life because life is hard enough and it is a winner’s market. There is no point in living in areas where you have to fear the people who are supposed to protect you. The right man will know where to find you instead of you doing all of the work trying to find him. Don’t waste your time trying to prove your worth to people who only wish to take advantage of it. Seriously, get out while you can. Delay having children if that is what it takes to give yourself the upper hand. There are plenty of children in foster care in need of permanent homes so help one of them. If women feel they need to conceal carry to protect themselves, absolutely do so without hesitation. The way I see it, a person who wants to hurt you will try to hurt you regardless of the law. The second step is to build up your savings account(s) and invest.

  12. @ Layla

    I giggled reading the article. 🙂

  13. Layla Melodie on said:


    I chuckled too!

  14. I luv your posts because they are always thought provoking and got people think or reconsider their beliefs. I find it interesting that we don’t really know who’s behind these posts and judging from the latest ones which heavily focused on the ills of the Black Man in Amerikka, we can even wonder if we are still dealing with the same person lol… You would be surprised at how observant your readers are… Anyway, I’m just gonna ask these questions to you or to whoever is behind this page now: what advice should you give to Black women and to Black men who still believe in Black Love and who want to take it to another level? What Black women and Black men who love one another can do to live better together? I mean UNITY is the key right and loving your own is a natural feeling, so what can be done to promote BLACK LOVE more effectively without recoursing to self hate, violence and division? What Black women who love and prefer Black men and who are not interested in dating outside their race (especially when it has proven to be absolutely disastrous and traumatizing for many) can do to attract better men in their lives? What Black men who love and prefer Black women and who want to build and prosper with Black women can do to attract the Queen they deserve?  Thanks.

    Koffee Without Di Milk

    Ps: you clearly stated in the rules of comments that absolutely no attack against the Black family should be tolerated but it seems that “you” are doing and promoting the complete opposite by going on all out war (yet in a very subtle way) against one of the founders of the Black Family… who is the Black Man! This attitude is Black Misandry at its finest which is no different than Misogynoir… How such stance is helping the cause? Aren’t you Black woman, the divine maker of Black men? Isn’t the Black Man one of the divine gifts coming out from your womb? **When did your own seed become your Enemy?**
    Truth is, one can’t possibly be generalizing the actions of individuals to an entire race of men! “You” and all the women that you know that had bad experience with Black men (Black fathers, Black partners, etc) are clearly speaking from a space of PAIN and frustration which affect your reasoning and we can definitely understand that. Trauma is a real ting. But yall gotta HEAL from it at some point and can only do this by putting things into perspective : ALL men are the same and act the same… Men also come and go in life… Bad choices of men = bad results… “Your own” is not better or worst either, it’s just what it is so take it or leave it… And if you do leave it, for the love of Jah just enjoy you new found love and keep it moving. At the end of the day, no one can tell the Black woman who she should be with, but what we can tell her is to always choose herself first.

  15. By the way my dear, I also see my sistas “swirling and winning” in Paris, in London, in San Francisco, in Dubai etc… I also see them getting paid to do the unspeakable… I also see more and more sistas being single mothers with mixed children having to fight for child support or the custody of their children (when that white man puts that lawyer on you that he knows you can’t afford, it’s done…).
    I also see sistas ashamed of denouncing verbal and/or physical abuse of their non-Black partner… (how can you tell your friends after bragging endlessly about how great of a man “Josh” was, that he calls you names (including racial slurs) and degrades you behind closed doors revealing the Beast within him…).
    And when Black women do report such abuse, authorities pull a ‘Stacey Dash card’ to their complaints and silence their voice completely… I also see my sistas still getting murdered by white male police officers in Amerikkka who get away with it having the System by their side… I also see my sistas’ tragic disappearances in White spaces not being reported or investigated…. I also see my sistas being heavily pursued and hunted down by White men infused with fetishism and fantasies of all kinds that naive or gullible Black women consider as “love” …. I also see sistas still unhappy with their non-Black man despite acting like they hit the jackpot and convincing others to do the same (misery needs company they say…). I also see sistas on a ‘swirling rampage’ dedicated to whiten the race as if She, The Original Mother, was no longer proud of her own Black seed… And that’s where the tragedy now lies: once a Black woman decides whoever coming out of her sacred womb can no longer be a reflection of herself… How doesn’t this lead to sheer insanity?

  16. @ fulanirebel

    Thanks for the post.

    Funny how the moment I tell the truth, my identity is being questioned. Here’s what I tell everyone who feels the need to question my motives and advice:

    Instead of coming on here to challenge me, go to the Patriarchal system and challenge them.

  17. @ fulanirebel


    Challenge those in real power. Not an obscure writer.

  18. Thank you. Your posts have been missed I totally understand the reason. Blessings, peace and love continue to shine

  19. Nahimana on said:

    The only reason black men are beginning to speak to black women in public and positively about black women on their platforms IF they don’t shy away from us (because many shy away from me when with their white women or women of other ethnicities) is because they know we are the biggest spenders in America and they want our money. Just like the black man who is with the hispanic artist who paints black women as god. Both her and her black man want black women’s money. Why isn’t he with a black woman who paints black women as god? They know they must appeal to black women if they want dollars to be spent. Nothing more and nothing less. They don’t give a damn about black women and never will.

  20. @ Nahimana

    A reader emailed me to tell me the EXACT same thing. The black woman is an important economic factor for all people including other black women.

    If they can manipulate our emotions, that means money for them.

    EXCELLENT analysis!

  21. @Nahimana which artist are you talking about? Just curious 🙂

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