Observations of an Invisible Woman

Exodus 3: The Insidious Plan Backfires

” In a Patriarchal Society, the legacy of a man is measured by the status of his woman.”

                                                                              —- Diary of a Negress 





Feel free to use the aboved quote but remember to give me the credit for it.


What if I were to tell you  it was planned this way?

The whole world is in on the joke. The whole world, that is, except black women.

In order to have eternal life, the most powerful source of life must be Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, Sexually and Verbally siphoned.




A letter from a black female reader:


“Your last two posts really struck a cord in me. I felt like you were telling my own personal story. I was apart of Black Lives Matter. I was physically there protesting along with black men. I was there yelling and screaming for their rights and their livelihoods. Til I saw that the majority of these men raging against the white machine had white girlfriends and wives. ”



Never in my life did I expect to receive such an overwhelming response from EVERYONE.


It seems that telling The Original Woman’s Story struck a chord in us all. I’ve had white women, yes…white women, the one female with the MOST protection and privilege in this known universe, asking me if I could write a post specifically for them, telling their stories about how hard it really is to live up to white men’s impossible standards.


I’ve had letters from white males, who are now specifically dating black women, asking me, of all people,  to help convince black women that they are NOT monsters and genuinely  wish to meet, greet, date and hopefully marry them.


“It’s not just the fantastic sex,” said one white male. “I genuinely prefer black women. They are the most down to earth, loyal, sexy women I know. Their uniqueness makes them special. White women put on airs. Black women are comfortable in their own skin.”



“Yeah…I know what we started”, said another white man in a private letter to me. “But as I’ve gotten older, what society thinks means less and less. I’m now in my fifties. I have nothing to prove to anyone anymore. I own my own company, own several houses and have traveled all over the world. For me, at this stage in my life, black women are just a better fit. They’re more adaptable, more appreciative, look younger than white women even though they may be older and are more sexually giving.

White women treat me like a wallet to be exploited. Black women are happy just being in my company, talking, hanging out, going to a movie, a play, cooking dinner together and just being themselves. I hope more black women will eventually open themselves up to us and not believe the stereotype that all white men are racists.”




I got letters from black men of two persuasions:


The first calling me every horrible name known to man, including the N-Word, the very word he protests whites calling him. 


“No one wants you, you nappy headed N****r. All these men want from you is sex. ”


And the second, who is in deep panic and needs advice on how to “fix this issue.”



“We’re both to blame, Sis. Black women don’t make it easy either but if we can’t fix this problem, we’re not gonna exist anymore…”, said one longtime black male reader to me.



And finally, the overwhelming response from black women, young and young-ish, who trust me with their secrets, who trust me to tell their stories anonymously and who are asking for help on what to do next.


“The time is ripe for us,” said one black female Youtuber. ” Before we believed the lies that no one wanted us with our wide noses, big lips, nappy hair and shapely bodies. We let black men convince us that he needs us to help him get free from this system, then he’ll do the right thing by us. We believed him despite all the evidence, historical and present,  because we wanted to. We were scared of this white boogey man who raped our fore-mothers.

We saw the police shootings. We read the books. We watched the movies and it confirmed what we were told. But noone thought to help us with our own men who were doing the exact same thing.”



A letter from a former black power female who now runs a popular Youtube channel:


“Please keep me anonymous. I have much to lose if I change my tune now. I’m a black woman who used to only date black men. I stood up for them when no one would. I’d report on their deaths, their issues, their arrests and make a big deal on how this system is mistreating them. As I’ve gotten older, my needs and wants changed.

I’m in my thirties now and desire a stable life with a man will provide for me so we can build a family. I used to feel it’s my duty to help a man find a job, write his resume, fill out his job application and give him free room and board when he was down on his luck.

I thought that’s what a ‘strong black woman’ is supposed to do.

Now I see the bigger picture.

Black men have NO desire to be free from this system. It’s all smoke and mirrors. They use it as an excuse not to try. It’s always someone else’s fault that they can’t do well, can’t find work, can’t conduct themselves in public, can’t pay their child support payments, can’t pay their car notes and can’t be successful in life. When i see immigrants come over here who can’t speak a lick of English set up a fully thriving community with shops in as little as 5 years, I know for a fact that black men can do better.

I got tired of the same excuses over and over and over again.

I’m with a white man now. He’s Norwegian. He’s very kind and open minded. He admits that he’s never been with a black woman before but felt drawn to me. He loves my natural hair, my thick curves and my colorful taste in clothing. I can just be a woman around him and not feel judged if I make a mistake or get depressed and sulky.

He places no higher standard for me because I’m black. He just treats me like he would treat any other woman. And that’s why I’m with him. That and all the kinky sex.”



A long time reader wrote to me privately just a few days ago:

“Hope this finds you well, and thank you for even discussing this.

It is much needed and long overdue.

Back in the day, I was a staunch proponent of black love only for black women. Then, my ex (who is a black man) walked out on me. He eventually explained that it was because I was now too educated and that he wanted someone different.  I intended to commit to another black man, but it just never worked out that way. They always seemed to show their disdain for black women, and their unwillingness to commit to anything worthwhile with me just took its toll and before I knew it, non black men started to pay a bit more attention to me, something many black men said would never happen.

As of now, I’m in a relationship with a white guy. I never expected this to happen. He treats me with way more respect than my ex, Afrocentric/African-centered partner ever did. Every day is not all rainbows and unicorns, but for the most part, the relationship is a harmonious one. To my white partner, I am a woman first and the expectation seems that I be that at all times. And in being a woman, I am allowed the freedom to explore, keep a messy home, wear short dresses, make-up, cry, sulk and laugh for no apparent reason. All these things are just normal to my white partner, but they were points of contention with my ex black partner.

I don’t know what lies ahead for the collective of black women as it relates to this issue, I just hope that we start to realize that many non black men are not opposed to being in long-term relationships with us and that there are no hard, fast rules to follow when it comes to this like many black women centric YouTube circles would have you believe. You don’t have to be a size 2, you don’t have to be natural or dark-skinned or any of that. You just have to be an open and loving black woman. Even if I don’t marry my partner now, I am convinced that whomever I do marry likely won’t be a black man. You can publish this if you like. I just wanted to share my story.

And it is quite telling that black men can sex, marry and procreate with any woman on the planet and protect his right to do so, however, he feels he has the right to impose a life of celibacy on black women.”




Another letter from a black woman from the West Indies:

“How explicit can I get with you? I once casually dated a man who told me at the end of the date, that he was gonna put me in the hospital. He bragged that he was gonna “tear me up” and “break my back”. I’m standing there thinking to myself: How is this a turn on? Was that supposed to get my p***y all wet? I’m supposed to run home and play with myself with the imagery of this very large, hairy, black man severing my spinal cord? If you think men in the states are bad, come down here…”

( Her letter was edited to keep this post from becoming a porno. In fact, many of the women who wrote to me told me explicit details of how the black men they dated bragged about their sexual skills and how white and non black men said virtually nothing about their prowess…but proved it when the time came. )



“…he kept me up half the night making love. I had to call out from work the next day to recuperate..”, said one black woman in her fifties of her hispanic lover.




Let me make this very clear:


ALL men of ALL races seek to control the Womb. Why? Because he who controls life becomes a God. 


In the near future, here are some things that will happen pertaining to the black female:



One: The Black Woman of a certain type will become the most desired, sought-after female on this planet, especially in terms of fertility. As the most desired woman, it will be her womb that men will fight for and men will seek to protect if they desire eternal life. It will be her imagery that will be OPENLY and ADMITTEDLY copied by ALL races of women. And ALL women will vie for her dark complexion.



Two: The white female will fade into the background. Decades of white feminism will finally catch up to her and she’ll be left alone to her own devices. Her self imposed victimhood will disappear and her “innocence” will be lost. Melanin Pills will become the new version of Skin Bleaching Cream as she scrambles to emulate the image she once spat upon.




Three: Women of Colour, they know who they are, will suddenly claim their blackness and proudly announce their Afrikan fore-mothers.




Four: The men who hold the most resources and have the ability to offer the most protection will be first in line for her hand.




Five: Beauty and Fashion magazines will plaster images of dark women of a certain archetype and the media will reflect those changes.




Six: Gentrification will take place according to the societal level of the black female and her chosen mate. It is she who will lead the housing market.




Seven: The children born of her union, her Mitochondrial DNA,  with chosen mate will rise up and become the face of envy. Their progeny will become the new race of “black” people to lead.



Sound far fetched?

Not really.

Research history and you’ll see that it has happened before.




And finally, for those that will intentionally misinterpret this post and twist it into something sinister. No matter how much you try and spin this, I am not pushing black women into the arms of white/ non black men.


You did a fine job of that alllllllllllll by yourselves.


There is one thing, however, that stills baffles me.  And for the life of me, I still can’t understand it.

Black men have unlimited access to all body types, shapes, skin complexions, hair textures, facial features, eye colours, heights, decorums, professions, personalities and educational levels of black women. We are not a monolithic group of people.

I’ve met black women who are delicate, strong, weak, air headed, quirky, argumentative, shy, quiet, feisty, Spiritual, atheist, kinky, virginal, neat freaks, messy and everything in between.

With allllllllllll that choice, with alllllllllll that we have to offer, why trash it? Why step on it? Why kill it? Why beat it? Why defile it? Why spit on it. And then turn around and blame it for your failings?


Have you any idea what you’ve done?


You do know that you are responsible for the intense curiosity that other men are showing us, correct? You should’ve kept quiet and came to us PRIVATELY and allowed us to work on our issues BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. But you didn’t. You screamed as loud as you could and caused the one thing you didn’t mean to cause:




You should’ve known that the white man is an intensely inquisitive man.


He wants to know everything about everything. That’s why he’s in charge. You caused him to take a second look at your woman with her coily hair, her round ass, her nicely shaped lips, her even, ageless complexion, her unique beauty, her opinionated stance on things she feels passionate about, her passionate lovemaking, her loyalty, her ability to cook flavourful meals, her ability to fight and be a warrior when need be…  and decided he likes what he sees and now he wants it for himself.




And now it backfired.



Remember this even if you choose to remember nothing else:



Once you remove the Womb from a Tribe, the Tribe dies






I have a quick question for the hardened, rough and tough talking, prison bird, gun slinging, street thug that have no issues kicking an elderly grandma on the train:


. Where were you when this was happening?


Image result for austin shuffield meme





Where were you when she was grabbed and almost pulled over the counter at work?




Image result for mcdonald's fight over straw





Don’t worry…


I’ll wait.



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69 thoughts on “Exodus 3: The Insidious Plan Backfires

  1. Great post!

  2. Alberto Macstaire on said:

    This is exactly what you are promoting—wm/bw relationships. I have seen it before, and what has happened is that you are now dating a non-black man, thinking about it or being infiltrated and corrupted by the swirling posse.

    The issues with black women is on three fronts: Accountability, integrity and hypocrisy.

    Black women will never held themselves and each other accountable for anything damaging. She will wreck her family due to promiscuity and it is the husband’s/boyfriend’/ man’s fault because he couldn’t afford what she wanted. A single mother will take credit for anything her child does good but will blame the “absentee” father for anything that child is doing bad.

    Majority of the time the black woman has no integrity. She will know, and I assuming she knows she is wrong, but does not acknowledge her wrong doing; however, instead of seeking solutions will double on wrong doings. She also project her insecurities about hair, complexion, body image, etc, on the black males, when majority of the time she is one bleaching her skin, wearing wigs, weaves and color contacts. She claimed it is because of what black men like, yet in the same breath, proclaims black men can’t tell her what to do. A black woman once told me she prefers compliments and validation from white men, because white men’ compliments bear more weight because they have more influence, so of course black men cease to compliment her.

    The hypocrisy is that black women only have problems with white women. They will overlook everything a white man has done to them, but will never forget what a white woman has done. Their confirmation bias when it comes to white Male is palpable. A white man will beat a black woman to a pulp, yet black women will switch the narrative to black men. A black man does the same and he’s called out of his name; black woman does it and she is a folk hero.
    Black women only see the good white men and only the bad that black men do. Why? Because, deep down they want the validation the white women have, and feel only white man can give them that, and like you said foolishly believing white men will choose them over white woman. Life is a cycle and no time in history white men have ever held black women higher than their own women, and history repeats itself, so we can rest assure this won’t be happening. If white men is better than black men and love black women more than black men do, maybe it is time black women start asking white men for protection; because, it is surely a waste of time to ask the men you lumped in one basket, insulted, berated, and emasculated.

    We need to address the real truth. The white men seeking black women and vice versa are hurt people looking for solutions to their problems in the worst places. They should really start focusing on their individual selves.

  3. @ Alberto:

    Thank you very much for this post.

  4. angel9loveu on said:

    Your post is causing me anxieties. Cause this seems seriously outlandish.After everything white men do and are still doing black women are becoming so desperate for any penis. And the idea of putting the offspring of this union on a pedastle.The popular youtuber should just go ahead and expose her damn self. Cause she’s preaching a bloody lie.This is what happens when people have no vision nor believe in pure TRUTH,purpose and potential.I don’t care how nice a white man treats me.Fetish is not love we were uncomfortable in our skin because of them and their push to please “Becky” the white woman.
    We must have damn standards not everything should be about sex or dropping our draws cause we’re too horny to think about what we are fucking. White men are 3/5th human no amount of cooing or money or inquisitive seeking attention will cause any woman in her right mind to condemn her pussy.

    White men and their cruelty has caused me and my loved ones much grief.If not for me but for my ancestors blood that cries from the soil. We need to have some common sense not to follow these rotten BM to damnation for some damn fetish and money white men made off of cruelty, criminal means and brainwashing. If witchcraft is working on the men try something more powerful.Not follow as they do over a cliff with WW’s rotten cooch to WM rotten dicks.

  5. @ angel

    I put no one on a pedestal.

    And I stated that I knew this would be misinterpreted. All I’m doing is posting my *observations* and telling black women’s stories.

    That’s all.

  6. angel9loveu on said:

    My anger is not toward you.I saw where you put you are not promoting these relationships only showing what’s being said. But the black women who can’t see
    white men are dying out.Let them die out they are pure evil and not species of their own word.They die out and we can take out Becky and the weak BM.I’m even suspecting they might not all bE authentic BW and troll accounts. I received the message. But it still causes anxieties cause white men have never stopped being the most evilest,vilest,beings on the planet their succubus females are barren and they are looking for other wombs to plant their parasitic, demon race to carry on their mistreatment and the destruction of the planet and innocents.

  7. @ Angel

    It’s fine. And i understand.

    A black woman emailed me with the last post, Exodus 2, to say the same thing about white people becoming extinct.

    I’ve said this myself on many occasions.

    He’s trying to prolong himself because his woman is having difficulty with fertility. So now, he wishes to tap back into the Original Womb.


    Old news.

    We pretty much all understand that.

    So I asked her this:

    When he dies off and takes his agriculture, propane, gasoline, electricity, houses, farm animals and all the bells and whistles with him, how will the black woman fare?

    She seemed confused by my question.

    So I asked her: Who will provide these little comforts called farming and heat for her so she won’t freeze in the middle of January?

    I never did get an answer.

  8. angel9loveu on said:

    Did someone hijack your account? Is this diary of a negress who wrote all those brilliant pieces on building black and tie bits how to survive on grid?
    Then we build our own. If white people were so brilliant they would’ve never stolen a race of people to do their farm work.Both Black men and black women built America. We Build their houses, take care of their rotten bastards and build this great Nation.

    Fire was not created by the white man, if the white man wasn’t stealing robbing and killing everyone for their inventions they would have nothing.

    The latter part seems like a white persons talking points. Are you ok?

  9. ICanCareLess FuckYourFeelings on said:

    Thank you for this post. This is a wonderful, wonderful post. The real black women will rise in the ignorant black females who caused all of our demise who put their sons over their daughters who created these hateful black males she’s going to get the Wrath of the great mother first for betraying her own sisters. The black males who are killing black men women and children in the media and in person, making millions and millions and millions of dollars off of our demise, they have a special judgment coming to them. And the ignorant black females who put these “KANGZ” on the pedestal and throwing innocent black women and children under the bus constantly, who will watch them get beaten murdered and killed, they both want to get the worst judgement ever. Mark my words, if at the beginning process of happening.

  10. bedwenchesrus on said:

    You little dirty immigrant bitch go get a white dude then. Your bitch ass mad because you’re unwanted then want to justify running to the arms of your slave master. I hope all the dumb bitches that think like you go and get just what you’re looking for… You bitches will never be held over white women stupid. Lol I your bedwench dreams. They have been the partners and breeders in white supremacy ever since whites left the cave.

    White males have resources because they raped, stole and killed to get it. They’re all going to pay dummy. Life is continuous this is just a stop. I’m sorry blacks haven’t lowered ourselves to that vibration to fix the world (which will happen sooner than later). But your sellout ass wants to act spiritual and intune with the universe, but then trade on black men to get with the devil for more resources. Well go right ahead bedwench. Just stop promoting your coon talking points to American blacks. Take your musty ass back to the rock you floated from.

    P.s. I don’t care if this ever gets posted. Long as you get to read it you crusty Bed Wench.

    Play in traffic you dumb hoe. You’re a opp now..

  11. ebony82 on said:

    Thank you for posting this and I will continue to share this information with others. Everything that you have written in this post on what the change will begin to look like has already been happening. The thing about the truth: it is difficult to accept and many would rather ignore, justify or deny it away. The truth is also extremely uncomfortable and I can (somewhat) understand the anxiety and fear it is causing others. They should feel anxious and afraid because painful truth is devastating at times. Two things need to happen: either change the behavior or face abandonment by those your behaviors hurt. However, while they are free to share their opinions or desire to stay behind, they are NOT free to force those women who have opened eyes to do so. There is something called “free will”. They continue to truly believe that the “system of white supremacy” is holding them back while continuing to ignore how they are, in fact, holding themselves and each other back. We do not have to all go down together. Some of us want to live and enjoy life, not just survive and “whatever-may-come” it. Black women who desire freedom should not be obligated to stay behind for a collective of men and women who believe that all of the ills and failures of the black community is their fault. How can one blame EVERYTHING on half of an equation? It. Makes. No. Sense and is extremely defeatist. If a man blames all of his failures on a woman, how then can he call himself a man? On the other hand, if a woman is the reason for their problems, then implanting herself in another (better) ecosystem should not be an issue. Black women who desire love, appreciation and stability should not be obligated to carry the burden of a community which does absolutely nothing to protect, uphold and support them. It is time that progressive minded, freedom seeking black women only care about those who truly demonstrate caring about their existence and helping them thrive. Not simply saying it. Words are cheap and action is everything. The community has been on life support for a while now and the prognosis is not getting better. Either sink or swim. Until things change for the better, step to the side. A growing number of us are choosing to swim. We should no longer be blindly loyal and forgiving to those who are not loyal and forgiving towards us, including those who “look like us”. If you hate my image, you hate me. If you disrespect my image, you disrespect me. If you abuse my image, you abuse me. If you abandon my image, you abandon me. Respecting ANYONE who refuses to acknowledge their own faults is done and over with.

  12. angel9loveu on said:

    Have some damn accountability. You expect the BW to shoulder all the blame for your lame ass ducking responsibility

  13. angel9loveu on said:

    @ebony I understand and acknowledge your opinion.So you would rather be lied to that your are appreciated and loved by a group of people “white people” who are historical liars. Ask Becky about how” the better ecosystem” is an illusion and save yourself giving damning and deadly advice.I don’t consider anyone a friend whose advice is set upon can’t beat them join them and live off the splendor of their criminality and lies. White males must be desperate sending out their concubines to advertise their false security.NOT even the devil’s wealth is secure as none who steals another’s wealth will not go without recompense and to those that join him.I don’t ccommunivate with swirlers as they are riddled with the demons whose semen and fluids they exchange with. I only hope you don’t have swirlers regret like the many who are finally understanding you can’t lay with the beast and not catch fleas.
    My cousin married an older white subman who is also richer she was lively and full of life.10 years later she is unrecognizable.The life drained out of her she looks like death turned over.That white man and his money is a curse.It’s as if you females are so lost you have lost any semblance of common sense or love for yoursleves.
    Swirlers will be partaking of the curses of the demons they swirl with so get ready. What kind of sense does it make to create babies who grow up to wreak havoc on earth and curse the existence of any black DNA left in them.Learn from the mistakes of many like yourself who have decided to jump ship and keep fighting

  14. Layla Melodie on said:

    There seems to be a lot of emotions from commenters here.

    But BWE circles have been warning black men that this was coming.
    Now it can’t be ignored. A very recent Zales commercial featured a nappy haired, slender black woman wearing a blue dress and high heels and a blonde white man kneeling on his knee slipping that diamond on her finger.

    My question is what the hell did ya’ll expect?

    For us to stop living like any other woman? For us to grow old alone?
    Just because most black men, especially the so called good ones, don’t see value in us DOES NOT mean the rest of the global community of men feels this way.
    Say what you will about black women picking up their lady parts, pride and dignity and getting out of the cycles of black poverty, abuse and trauma because it WON’T stop it.
    It was a real eye opener four years ago when the black girls from my new job all brought their boyfriend’s to a fish fry sponsered by the boss and ALL their men were non black! Little did I know I was about to join that crew.
    One has since gotten married and had a baby. The child has the father’s skin color, not her mother’s.
    Those commenting here attacking the messenger and not the black men who have practiced abandoning and killing whole generations of black women and children are fucking delusional when I am more than three times as likely to be killed at the hands of a black husband or boyfriend than a white female by a white male or even the biggest Boogeyman to ya’ll: white supremacy.

  15. Layla Melodie on said:

    “Fetish is not love”

    Well, damn it, guess what: I’d rather be a white man’s whore than the gum on the bottom of a black man’s shoe.

    ~Kola Boof

  16. Alberto Macstaire on said:


    First and foremost, We have been bearing the brunt of the burden as men for years, while the women get a free reign. Notice, anytime the black man start building, and the community start uniting, here comes feminism pulling the black woman aside and whispering in her ear that she should be the leader of community, and she doesn’t need the black man. Moreover, she eventually turns on him and the dysfunctions starts and weakens the unity.

    I care little for swirling, as I see it as weeding out the weak minded ones in the race pool. However, my angst is towards its promotion by people who should know better. What I do know about swirlers, based on my experience being in close proximity such as them being neighbors and old friends, is that they are not honest and forthcoming about their relationship. They put on a front at all times due to pride; they put in more energy into their relationship just to prove a point that they have made the right choice. If these black men and women had put in the same energy towards each other they would have the same result or sometimes even better considering they would have less anxiety and trepidation about being viewed negatively by society.

    The issue many of these dishonest black women are having with black men is that, with social media, black men are given a larger platform to speak out and be heard. Before, when it was only television and radio, it was only black women whom were given the privilege to speak. Women and men are not two, but each is rather half of the black race. If we keeping pointing fingers at the men, we will not get anywhere, the women also has influence and power, so they need to be accountable as well. I used to follow one youtuber who was trying her best to hold the females accountable, but they all turned on her, until one swirler invited her to a private chat (to settle their dispute) and now all her contents are black Male bashing and colorism. One female said, “we are females, we shouldn’t be arguing with each other”, which to me, means there is no room for dissenting opinion if you are a woman. If one is looking for solution, the reasoning need to logic based, not appealing to emotions, threat, majority or any other fallacies.

  17. angel9loveu on said:

    LOL….White males have been killing black women more and longer than black men. Your air you breathe, medication,relationships, lifestyle, the food you eat, water you drink white god you pray to all manipulated by the white man to kill you and isolate you.They still killing black women and children today in disproportionate numbers. But they are so good, sly and savage it makes your head spin at the killing planting the guns,drugs, poisons in black communities through the other nations they allow here to come and get rich of the backs of black people but they require you to exchange bodily fluids with their nasty ass aka.be a whore to get anywhere a simpleminded swirlers wouldn’t grasp the concept of deception cause they are satisfied with being cum buckets for white men who are sewer rats and carry more than 1500 viral diseases in their blood. Your nuts black people didn’t have issues with STDS until they started sexing the white men. But hey if you like the permanent itch who am I to judge.You are either a white troll or bugged out your mind completely.
    A slow death but the white man has the world beat in the deaths and rapes of black women considering most of south america whited out and the Caribbean and now Africa. How do you think it got that way? Before there was swirling they were raping, ramming and pillaging.And sharing black women with their other hillybilly diseased criminal friends who were exported from Europe. The blood of countless innocents cry out from the graves because of the savage white man you let stick his funky dick in you.
    This emotion comes from having a heart not being a cold callous reprobate

  18. angel9loveu on said:

    Be upfront you rather be a fetish than truly be loved.Just say that and sparer us the bullshit.

  19. angel9loveu on said:

    Now there we go now I get your logics.But the devil fooled both of us.And you spoke of leadership for the black man. Which is the point she is trying to make, that black men have to stop shifting blame with great power comes great responsibility as no one would have broken in to cause the havoc on our community with out the leaders permission and many times it’s by straying into unchartered territories. No one is denying the power given to black males they are just distracted, angry and shouldering it on the considerably more delicate sex.
    A deeper examination of priorities need to be set or we’ll be heading no where fast for along time.

  20. Good post. It is interesting to see how quite a few black women are finally, finally waking up and seeing the light. Finally seeing how all our efforts and support and advocacy of black men means absolutely NOTHING to too many of them, and how this same type of man has a very blatant and in-your-face preference for ww.

    I do not agree with all of your opinions, particularly your predictions about the future, but overall I think your analysis of the situation with some of our men is correct. I do have one question and that pertains to the “certain type” of black woman who you feel will be the most sought after in the future. Could you please describe this type of woman?

  21. @ the seer


    From what I see happening right in front of me, she looks something like this:

    Well spoken
    Soft yet fiery when need be
    Good Etiquette
    Clean and neatly dressed
    Feminine yet tough
    Able to give good advise
    Good motherhood skills if that’s what she wants
    Good hygiene
    Someone a man can be proud to walk into a room with
    Cooking skills or the ability to learn
    Passionate in bed at any age
    Takes care of herself and shows it

    Age, height and color complexion seems to not matter. Although weight class seems to be slender to medium/ thick.

    Many on here have intentionally dredged up an “ideal” black woman who is dark, natural haired, big booty, blah, blah, blah.

    That’s RIDICULOUS.

    Many of the women I see dating out are indeed natural but many have tasteful wigs, tasteful weaves, braids, nails, flat chested, little booty, etc.

    White and non black men show little to no interest in black women’s lipstick choice. They seem to be focused on HER. They seem to be more focused on what she can offer them than what hairdo she sports.

    That’s just my honest observation.

  22. Layla Melodie on said:

    “Be upfront you rather be a fetish than truly be loved.Just say that and sparer us the bullshit.”

    I said it already and am non interested in repeating myself.

    Be glad Sis…

    There are going to be black men left for you. I’m one less nappy-headed b you have to compete with for their limited amount of “affection.”

  23. Alberto Macstaire on said:


    See, as I pointed out earlier, black women care little for logic, when it comes to bashing black men. All I hear is me, me, and me. How is that black men care little for black women, when over 80% are in relationship with black women? How is it that white men care more when 90 % are with white women, then followed by Asian women. None of you ever asked yourself what part you have to play in this, yet you always brag about being more “educated” and more “accepted”. I asked one girl if trade school counts and she said “no”, not realizing most black tradesmen are making more than her and are self-employed.


    you can’t say men don’t see what women wears. The wig and weaves are manifestation of deep insecurity and fears. Think of it this way, no one wants to wear or put on anything that diminishes his or her image. So, if the weaves and wigs are to improves ones image, then what does this say about the black women’ natural self? Black hair is one of the few things that is unique about the black race, and it is been relegated to unimportance, nuisance, and something to be ashamed about, hence hidden. Perfect example again, it in the 70s when black power and unity was the trend, the black hair was that symbol. Why were whites intimidated of black hair in their presence? Why rastafarian, the most prolific rebels against babylonia, where their hair natural and long? I personally avoid black women with fake hair, because I know the pathology comes with that imagery.

    Question: The natural weave is the most celebrated. Why a race of women would exalt another race of women’ hair over their own and wear a next race of women DNA on their head, not even knowing what type of spirit their invoking, by not knowing the individual these hair belong to? White men can be ok with it, because his spirit is most vile by nature, but as black men, we have to think on a deeper level, as it seems the enemies never sleep against us.

    Also, white men, like all other men, like attractive women, however, not everyone is going to end up with one. I have seen black men with unnattractive women of all races. You are falling in white supremacy trap of using white men’s preference as standard. Our women shape different from white women, so we like our women how we see them, a round bum, thick thighs, thick lips and curvy.

    Negress, are you dating interracial now?

  24. qnubian385 on said:

    I agree with you DOAN what you said!
    The most important thing that BW should understand and care it’s first to have respect for themselves and be careful who and which they are in relationship ,
    don’t let carried away by emotions!
    All these bad relationship of BW and BM it reminds me the bad and fake relationship between WM and WW, they have problems with relationship and birth rate,all their problems and dissatisfaction poured over us!
    The most self-hatred group of people in the world have threw their insecurities and hatred to us,in reality WM and WW don’t love each other,everything we see it’s fake!
    In public WM and WW,they show the perfect face of love but in private they hate each other!
    I wish if BM and BW could at least to pretend when they hate each other instead of doing it publicly!
    BM want to have what WM have but they will never ever have,because BW,
    we weren’t born to be leader it is men job to do, not women!
    I want to say about BW that we should take control of our wombs and not let men control us,I am not baby make or baby machine for some purposes or interests of someone else,especially BW should start to control our wombs.
    I will never ever give my womb for WM no even another life or reincarnation!
    My womb and my life are sacred,I wish more BW who start think like me
    and don’t give their wombs so easy!
    WM aren’t solution of our problems and solitudes,they are the first reason of our problems,BW are free to be who they want but the vicious circle is always that, you can run away from one problem but then you go to another one!
    WM can write the most beautiful poem about BW but I will never ever change what I think about them and their women!
    ” I hope more black women will eventually open themselves up to us and not believe the stereotype that all white men are racists.”
    Yes,why doesn’t he talk about the centuries of rape until today and sexual exploitation of BW body?
    Because there are different category of BW,who want to be exploit and who demand respect,we aren’t made only about booty and again booty,we have also brain and soul!

  25. @DOAN – Thanks for replying. Your description of an ideal woman is very clear.

    On another note, I agree that white men are “intensely inquisitive”. There is nothing inherently wrong with this quality; it can be a good one to have or it can go in the opposite direction and become a fault. It has certainly worked in their favor, I would say.

    As for wanting to know the whereabouts of black men when those two women were attacked: in the McDonald’s incident they were right there, trying to stop that young lady from giving that creep the beat down that he asked for by grabbing her. As for the parking lot incident, wasn’t that a black man who was filming it? If so, there’s your answer. Sad, but true.

  26. angel9loveu on said:

    If you’re not protecting the black woman you don’t deserve to tell her how to wear her hair… They need to have defense mechanisms while you all are busy being mad for nothing. But your ego

  27. To the people that have been emailing me asking about my personal choices:

    Why do you care who I’m sleeping with?

    What does that have to do with an observation that EVERYONE sees happening?

    This silliness is EXACTLY the reason why the black race is on the bottom of society and is now a PERMANENT UNDERCLASS. While other races plan 50 years ahead and try to leave their grandchildren with inter-generational wealth, we’re focusing on who I fuck.

    This 18 year old white boy who still has braces told me that his dad just bought him a gas station, a Shell. I asked him how this is possible and he told me EXACTLY how ANYONE can own one and the process of accumulating wealth for retirement.

    This BOY is thinking about his future 40 years from now. Not the shade of his girlfriends hair this week and how long her fingernails are.

    That was a real eyeopener.

  28. ebony82 on said:

    @DOAN: To put it simply, they care because they are in denial and are delusional regarding the role they also play in their lot. It’s a survival mechanism because the truth can lead to insanity for most of them, especially if they were brainwashed to believe lies and that they are puppets on a string, lifeless beings always controlled by the actions and movements of someone else. That is not a sign of growth or maturity. It’s not anything to celebrate or be proud of. They would rather focus on the inner workings of others rather than the inner workings of self. They’d rather point the finger and tell others they need to change rather than look in the mirror and tell themselves to change. Don’t worry: they aren’t fooling anyone. The eyes can’t deny anything when truly opened, no matter what the ears hear and what the mouth says. Their opinions may/will only affect those who are surviving where they are or want to leave but are afraid because the devil they know is better than the devil they don’t. They have to convince themselves that everyone else besides them is unhappy and miserable because it makes them feel better. The entire world sees the failures of the black collective, hence China banning rap music because they don’t want its negative influence ruining lives of their citizens. Black people collectively concern themselves with trivial things and having a real action plan requires too much consideration.

  29. Alberto Macstaire on said:


    Of course you will refuse to answer. This was the reaction I expected. Yes, it matters a great deal because your platform was built on this. I was here in the beginnin, even when you were fed up and decided to stop blogging. Yes, it matters who you are fucking because if you are fucking non-black men, it means you are no longer part of the equation, biased, and loses your right in this quarrel. It means, as the kids nowaday say, “you are cancelled”. If you have decided to move on with a white man, you should and just keep it moving. You cannot qualify an important topic like this with “observation”, as anecdotal evidence will be biased and one sided. Some of us only peer through our window, while some of us travel the world.

    You were vehemently against all these things you are now promoting. Many black men have left their kids wonderful luxuries, but the one white kid (braces) now becomes all white kids? I know white kids who hate their parents and their parents hate their guts. Bill Gates is one of the richest man in the world, but said he won’t leave his kids a penny, whether that hold true in future I don’t know. The richest man in world just broke up his marriage after caught cheating. The president of the United states is serial womanizer and a sociopath. All these are white men. The attorney general was on trial for rape and sexual harrassment and many more white men lost their careers over it. CDC came out with a study that said black males are the most involved of all men in their children lives, but i bet that flew right over y’all head, because whitey is so good and blacky is bad, right?

  30. angelaroselle on said:

    Finally, you woke up! I used to comment and visit your blog during my “pro Black” phrase but I stopped. The reason why I stopped was because I felt that you were still entangled into the whole dynamic where Black women sacrifice their dignity and womanhood at the altar of the Black man and the “Black community”. And I didn’t want to be in a space where the priorities of Black man were centered to the disadvantage of Black women. However I did stumble across your blog when I lurked on Lipstick Alley one day. The topic of the post was about divestment from the “Black Community”. A post of yours was mentioned, and I was surprised. I always thought of you as this pro Black woman who was always willing to do what you feel is best for the collective.

    What made her change her narrative? I said to myself.

    I clicked on the link to your blog, and I read your recent posts. It gave me insight into why your views had changed. Needless to say, I applaud you for seeing the light. It is time Black women in the Americas particularly North America put their needs and wants first. This is not about hatred of the Black man. I don’t hate the Black man. This is about self preservation and choosing the right path in life for yourself. We are in a time where we either sink or swim. I am glad that you and more women of African descent are choosing to swim, and do for self.

  31. Powerful.
    What you have just described is the return of the Dark Divine Woman. Her spirit is alive, which is why the abuse of black women has greatly increased. It’s not an easy climb, but we are ascending. I feel it. I know it. I believe it. Even if you remove spirituality and focus on global demographics, the earth is becoming dark skin once again as it was designed to be. Those who have tarnished the earth are being purged from it. The spirit of the Dark Divine lives on! You may or may not be spiritual, but everything you mentioned is in direct alignment with her teachings.

  32. First of all I just want to say congratulations on your new relationship.

    This is an interesting perspective….my aunt came up to me the other day and asked me when my turn is coming up to get married…I told her “Aunty, the pickings are slim, it’s hard to find a good one…” she turned to me and said in her Trini accent “GYUL! Do like your sister and leave black men alone, they aint no good!” Then she went down the list of the different nationalities of men she has dated and how much better they treat her than black men. I know my aunt and what she has gone through with the father of her children, giving them a roof over their head, supporting them, feeding them, and they get up and leave. I am still open to dating black men as I know there are many good ones out there…but I also know what a lot of us have been through at the hands of our own and it’s all too real.

    I think we as black women need to heal within ourselves first…a lot of us have worthiness and lack of self love which leads us to think we have to break our backs and be like mules for the men in our communities. We are taught this not only by white supremacy, but also by our own. Once we heal ourselves and repair our self worth and love, I think it will have a ripple effect on the male counterparts…that could be a positive thing, but it could also mean them turning around to bash us more…but how they react is not our problem. But self love starts within not without.

    All the best.

  33. angel9loveu on said:

    @sophia well you’re not healing by giving life back to “mighty whitey” who tore the life from too many to count or those like them who want to stomp black people out of existence.It hasn’t changed unless you are snuffing the same opioids and fentanyl they are and not thinking rationally.

  34. A private letter from a reader:

    DOAN, What can I say? You have brilliantly said it. Bear with my writing as my thoughts go here and there about the topic.

    The responses from BM just confirms your article and why I choose non-BM to couple and pro-create with now. There are two responses when BW choose to date and marry non-BM: name calling such as nappy headed bed wrench (ni**ar) or the need for discussion to evaluate the situation. Either way does not resolve the situation.

    BM have been demeaning, denigrating, abusing, and using BW for many years. THEY are the ones on a national and international platform spewing hate and nastiness. I don’t understand it, nor do I care at this point. BM should discuss this with other BM or a therapist. When you hate the image of the womb you come from, there is something psychological going on here. What does the BM’s obsession with Becky have to do with me or any BW? As you said, BW are not a monolith.

    I have lived in Seattle and Portland and it is ground zero for BM hating BW. I have had BM cross the street or turn their heads when they see me walking down the sidewalk towards them. BM have grabbed their biracial children and stared at me, so I know their kids come from the womb of a non-black woman. I have seen them whistle and cat call WW when BW are within vicinity to hear them.
    All this energy, so BW KNOW BM don’t want them. We KNOW and are moving on, won’t you please. Have your Becky and I’ll take Brad. White supremacy always comes to the forefront when BW choose non-BM, but it is a non-existent issue when they date and marry out.

    It’s also interesting that BM have their non-BW, yet continue to denigrate and be angry with BW. Maybe you can do an article about it, but it may be impossible to write about delusional minds.

    I know many Asian women who exclusively date and marry WM. AW are known for dating outside of their race in fairly large percentages. They marry and have families, yet I don’t know of one who denigrates Asian men. They live their lives.
    Although BW have been loyal to BM based on historical reasons, (I was one of them) as the abuse and nastiness continues(it will get worse) BW are quietly exiting out, living their lives, and having families with non-BM.

    Thank you for acknowledging the passage of the Exodus. (Please don’t use my name, but you can post anything from my response.)

  35. Lydia Moon on said:

    These comments here are……interesting. I see the usual D’Wight Mann is the Devil and how can we forget all the wrong he’s done, waaaah. BW shouldn’t be with him and just allow him to die out, waaaaah. Yes, the WM has committed atrocities and done many cruel things to BW, but here’s what always remains unsaid. So has the BM. Subjugation? Check. Rape and sexual exploitation? Check. Physical, mental, emotional, and financial abuse? Check, check, check, and check. D’Wight Mann hasn’t done anything to the BW that the BM didn’t do first and continues to do to this day (KSC). There is an open slave market operating right now and today in Libya selling Africans to the highest bidder. They were captured and sold there by other Africans, just like our ancestors were captured and sold to the Europeans. After selling an estimated 8-10 million people into slavery during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, do the countries that participated in that trade have enormous wealth to show for it? Well, the white countries do. The African countries are still some of the poorest in the world. Every race of man has been cruel to women. The Chinese are currently kidnapping women AND LITTLE GIRLS all over Asia due to the shortage of women they created when their one-child policy that resulted in female infanticide FOR DECADES! Many women were repeatedly forced to abort their daughters. Do you think that they don’t continue to carry the grief, rage, and despair of that misogyny in the very marrow of their bones? Population numbers in Japan are currently DECREASING because Japanese women are shunning marriage and motherhood. Do you think that would happen if they were happy with their place and their treatment in Japanese society? Asian women marry out at rates higher of any other women for a reason. Arab societies are known for their restrictive policies and cruelty towards women. Latin and South American women have been walking with small children thousands of miles to reach Trump’s border, where they know they’ll be greeted by armed soldiers and detained while their children are thrown into cages….but they still come. Apparently, that’s better than the poverty and violence and lack of opportunity they face in their own countries. What’s my point? Men are men. If the BM’s master plan is to wait around until the WM dies off, they’re going to be waiting a very long time, because, despite the current regression in the US, the WM has still managed to build the wealthiest and most secure modern societies in the world. We can argue all day about the methods they used, but the bottom line is women in their countries enjoy the highest degree of autonomy and wealth and education and social mobility. A woman’s most primal need is to secure the best situation possible for herself and her offspring. BW who co-sign the BM “master plan” to allow WM to “die out” betray their own best interests in the name of a race loyalty that has never stopped BM from chasing every non-black woman in their vicinity. Kendall St. Charles argued this very point in her Let’s Make A Deal video. Our priority should always be to attract, mate, and marry men who are best able and most willing to provide the highest quality protection and provision for ourselves and our children. WM BUILD and they build well. That’s why the women of the world will never allow them to “die off”. Their skill set is too valuable.

  36. angel9loveu on said:

    So which is it? Fight white supremacy or join it and be problematic/an enemy as you continue white terrorism on INNOCENT black people by breeding in their devil babies.White supremacy and your misery won’t end by securing a bag.When your best idea is to give up your pussy to the very pink men who degraded it and told the world it stinks is not waking up.It’s called brain dead.
    While the white woman is still on a pedastle and seen as the picture of perfection and beauty.Black women are still a little dirty secret to the pink males.Still told to the world you’re the worst on the planet never equalling up to Becky but it’s o.k. if you save their species CAUSE BECKY’S RUSTY SLUTTY WOMB IS NO MALFUNCTIONING. Have some self respect. The reason black men hate you is because white “men” hated you FIRST.And still hates you just usimg you for what he can get cause Becky’s vagina isn’t functioning.But they will always be the white “man’s” queen.
    You negropeans are falling away. Bye, you and your White Zaddy can go rendezvouz as they will continue to rate you as the bottom of the list to Ling,Ling, Becky and Pocahontas. These dusty Dan white males are just deceiving everyone cause black women in their right minds are switching for nothing.Deuces ✌🏾 and may y’all interspecies breeders and your white zaddy fables live a miserable insecure life. Cause NO one and I mean NOT EVEN WHITE PEOPLE respect traitors no matter how much you give your body to them you are seen as weak but they’ll still take what you’ll freely give up.

  37. angel9loveu on said:

    I wouldn’t care about interspecies abnormalities if I as a black woman wasn’t lumped in with you low self esteem having bitches. I really wish you would just change your skin color cause now your beast of your desire thinks all black women are checking for them based off some loose runaway bedwenches. Who through beastiality has pink wet chicken smelling pink people claiming all black women pussy stinks. Your dissension and extreme selfishness affects us all. So nothing cute about your romps.Just smells rotten and based off their experiment with you all we bare the brunt. No self respecting woman would sink so low as to sleep away her glory and value.Black men are bad but sleeping with the enemy got you growing wickedness and their kingdom for that I include you all in my prayers as enemies. A day will come when you truly wake up and it’s too late.And all the sister’s you scoffed on for some slimy pink dick will be happy to see you meet a wicked end like what you gave us.

  38. angel9loveu on said:

    Real Queens will always know their worth and its not giving it away to white males who mad Becky’s wombs won’t work and she want to be feminist and not under his submission.So they go after the black woman,dark skinned women who they made the world a hostile place to live in by making the whole world BOW DOWN TO AND WORSHIP THEIR WHITE WOMEN.And spit at and degrade you cause like the post DOAN MADE SAYS:
    ” In a Patriarchal Society, the legacy of a man is measured by the status of his woman.”

    —- Diary of a Negress

    Black wome will never be the standard of beauty or acceptance in a white fragility filled world.Their first initiative is and always will be to THE WHITE WOMAN.So it’s a joke thinking the white man is valuing you when he’s really just degrading you as HE ALWAYS HAS AND ALWAYS WILL.The most abusive relationship is WM BW relationships cause the white male aimed to tear us down for the white woman until she turned on him and now he want to creep up in our sheets.You all are delusional who think this way.

    Even then their first priority will always be their white women, then Asian and Indian.He’s trying to be a “Savior”.But news flash silly women laden with sins. Jesus was A NEGRO,A BLACK MAN.So shake off the mental illness and get ready.War is here and always been don’t get caught slipping.

  39. angel9loveu on said:


  40. angel9loveu on said:

    Also watch the white man get on code and help the demon white man who spat on the sister instead of the woman in distress. WHITE PEOPLE STAY ON CODE.BLACK WOMEN AS LONG AS WE ARE UNDER ATTACK WE CAN NEVER BE OFF CODE.WHITE ZADDY NOT PROTECTING US.WAKE UP

  41. angel9loveu on said:

    And like clockwork THE WHITE MAN YOU ALL ARE DEFENDING CAME IN DEFENSE.Not of the black woman that got spit on which is assault not of the bunny trying to defend the black woman, but of THE WICKED FLORIDA LAWS PROTECTING THE WHITE BASTARD THAT SPIT ON THE BW.SO BW you can be their sex toy until you’re blue in the face but only a psycho will lay up with these white men WHO ARE PREDATORS NOT PROTECTORS OF BW. SO WAKE ALL THE WAY UP AND QUIT LYING TO YOURSELVES THEY DON’T VALUE ONLY THEMSELVES.

  42. angel9loveu on said:


  43. angel9loveu on said:


  44. angel9loveu on said:

    BUT hey this might not matter cause the white males were beating up the black women in the other videos the parking lot and McDonalds DOAN showed and you thirsty wenches still want to reward them for their savagery.Swirlers only regurgitate their their crazy white supremacists racist talking points as if they’re saviors when they truly are not

  45. angel9loveu on said:

    Also notice the video with the white man. At the end check the code language these demons have. He was actually TELLING BLACK MEN NOT TO PROTECT BLACK WOMEN by claiming he’ll be in legal troubles and not to get in on the fight.They want you lonely and beat up by them but also want you to love them ABUSIVA ASS NARCISSISTS ARE WHAT THEY ARE.THEY WANT YOUR WORSHIP BUT WON’T PROTEST YOU FROM THE SYSTEM DEVELOPED AND DESIGNED TO PROTECT THEM.YOUR PROBLEM IS AN ALWAYS HAS BEEN WHITE MALES AND YOUR DISNEYFIED MIND.THEY DON’T WANT ANYONE PROTECTING YOU JUST TO DEFILE YOUR COOCHIE WITH HIS NASTINESS.

  46. Anne Pete on said:

    I usually don’t comment, but I have to admit that I have been reading angel9loveu’s
    comments, and I want to appreciate you (angel) for waking people up, and bringing people back to their senses. May the Most High bless you!!!

  47. angel9loveu on said:

    @Anne Pete
    Thank you. People done lost their minds especially those we thought knew or should know better.

  48. Lydia Moon on said:

    @angel9loveu Blah, blah, blah. Men are still men. Some are more problematic than others. As a woman, I choose to pair with the man with the will, the resources, and the infrastructure necessary to provide a safe, secure, and rewarding quality of life of me and my children. Stay mad.

  49. angel9loveu on said:

    @Lydia Moon
    LOL…You big mad huh? Oh WHITE “ZADDY” STILL A LOSER. You’re a pink geriatric dude clearly looking for some silly black woman to care for you cause whore Becky exited the building long ado. Drink bleach,eat tons of hogweed and burn in the sun.

  50. angel9loveu on said:

    @Lydia Moon
    “As a woman, I choose to pair with the man with the will, the resources, and the infrastructure necessary to provide a safe, secure, and rewarding quality of life of me and my children.”

    You only proved me correct only psychos would sleep with them. You are not mentally sound.There’s no security, safety or reward.More than 6000 diseases in those rats gene pools and I guarantee you probably have atleast 1. And your children have to be dragged in your inability to think straight plus you open them up to weak genes. Yeah drink a truck load of bleach

  51. qnubian385 on said:

    @angel9loveu I agreed with you 100%!
    WM already said and showed in history who and which women they want to proclaim their trophies and for sure weren’t BW,but WW!
    The only job for BW today and yesterday,was and still today be verbal abuse and physically abuse by both WM and their she-devil WW!
    Majority WM want to have kids who looks like them,they don’t care if their women go around sleep with other race of men,how you said wp have code and as long as she carries a child that’s the only thing it’s matter for them!
    They know to be minority and their number it’s dropping sharply and their time is running out so IR was created only for benefit for them not for us!
    I didn’t want to choose this genocide!
    Also the most important thing is,most BW who decided to be impregnate by WM,
    they forgot the meaning of give birth,you will go through delivery and complications of childbirth,you will suffer,you will feel pain as hell,
    you can risk your life for what? To give birth of the child of your enemy?
    Who in right mind who will decide to do this suicide act?
    I have an acquaintance she has WM as partner who she had two kids with him,
    I can’t stand him ,one day this freak he saw me with box braids and he said
    ” Can I touch you hair?” all these in front off her.
    I mean he is sleeping with a BW who had two kids with her and he still has this kind mentality!
    To show how these people can sleep,sex, and do anything with you but they will still keep their ignorant attitudes!
    Black people who want and feel comfortable to be around all these evilness they have serious issues!

  52. angel9loveu on said:

    @qnubian Precisely. I had a similar experience to yours at the airport.WM have no boundaries.Society provides barely any for them and they push the limit if you let them. He’s suppose to be the “perfect” man but Becky is still trying to run from him.But BW want to pick up and disprove the vileness of these creatures so they can be seen as a better option.I’ve met WM from around the world through my job one was married to a ww showing his kids and all the while trying to plant a kiss on my cheek which he did while I wasn’t looking. And I developed a rash that took months to go away.I was so angry. They already act like they own us. And reading this which is suppose to make BM angry but it boils my blood cause innocent BW are caught up in the web cause WM see us collectively not independent nor individually

    @Lydia Moon
    I’m not sleeping with white men. So it must be musty asses like you they talking about when they make disparaging remarks that black women pussy stink.I’ve been reading these blogs of WM who call themselves pump and dumpers to black women who were yapping as they usually do.But they don’t make the distinction between BW, when they think black women are easy and like to be treated certain hostile ways it’s based on how your type make it so easily accessible and available to them despite the mountain of disrespect.All I’m asking is to change your race to alien or have your white man’s power change you to another color.I’ve been getting attacked by white males and competed with because they think BW are desperate and are automatically going to give up the crotch faster than Becky.And if you know Becky, that hoe spread her legs quick, fast and in a hurry for anything. You guys could atleast represent better but something tells me no matter what they’ll find something else negative to say.
    By the way these are the same white males that think this type of female is what all women should equal up to. With her beauty secrets being dog piss

  53. Layla Melodie on said:

    The narrative that “black women’s pussies stinks” comes from black men on social media.

    Yet you’ll never call those kneegrows out on their shit.

    SMDH at the stupidity, the willful obtuseness, the fake outrage and the cowardice of black women in 2019.

  54. #1. Twenty seconds into the video and I had to stop it. Sorry. Couldn’t do it.
    #2. Congratulation Negress. Well played. You punked all your readers. I should have expected that.After all, you were living around and interacting with all those yt men for a reason. Listening to their stories and their problems until one slipped through your guard. But on some level you must have wanted it. So why not revel in it? Shout it out to the whole world. You have been made whole. Your life has been given meaning. You have found your very own yt male.
    #3. Eighty five (85) percent of black men marry black women and only nine percent marry white women. ON THE FLIP SIDE. Ninty three(93) percent of black women marry a black man with four(4) percent married to a yt male.
    #4. ABSOLUTELY NO ATTACKS ON THE BLACK FAMILY. You should follow your own rule.
    #5. Are you even black?????

  55. angel9loveu on said:

    @layla melodie
    Actually it was white men saying that and very recently on some Tommy Sotomeyer channel. It was embarassing until I remembered that’s not me(yeah).These bw out there giving WM more ammunition against us just to say Becky’s puss smells better.They were curious and you fed the curiousity just admit it. You thought you were being valued and you were wrong.That’s not the only degrading thing they said but I breathe a sigh of relief when I know it’s you heifers bragging getting dogged out cause WM really love only WM. I was on their videos and blogs then saw these white males discusing you swirlers pussies since you all bussing it wide open for a bag.And I know since you all bragging to be representatives of swirl nation you must be the ones.

  56. angel9loveu on said:

    @Layla Melodie

    Well might I suggest you douche more…LOL.

  57. angel9loveu on said:

    @Layla hey look if you think Becky’s bad look Billy Bob on her level.

  58. timothy1983yz on said:


    Great comments. I am tired of sellouts blaming every black person for every problem in the black community when white racists have a long track record of degeneracy and genocide of people. The crime of the Maafa alone shows me the reality of how vicious they are. Exposing any black person who slanders black woman is fine. Condemning black men who disrespects or mistreats black women and are disgraceful is fine. Promoting wealth development and decades long plans in the black community is great. Scapegoating black people unfairly is a white supremacist talking point period. We have to defend black people. There are many stories of black men, black women, and black children doing the right thing and helping society in positive ways. We shouldn’t be naive, but we should promote those Brothers and Sisters who are helping other black people. The person in the bunny rabbit suit was a black man who protected the life of an innocent black woman. At the end of the day, any black person who wants all black people’s descendants to not be black flourishing is a traitor. Any black person who condemns all black people in offensive terms is a traitor. Anyone who sides with white supremacists or their talking points is a traitor. I’m glad that you have shown your information. I have learned a lot of many black men and black women. My advice is to let the traitors go. They were never with us anyway, so they wasted our time. This is a fight for our survival and I will never relinquish my advocacy for true Black Love. Black Love is not just about romance. It is about building black people up in fighting for a better future.

  59. angel9loveu on said:

    Oh no let’s hope your white partner remembers to take their psycho meds.Or you might end up dead in the streets like a dog

  60. angel9loveu on said:

    This what your white men do when black men try to fight for black women. White men are demons. You join them and become demons.They had to go look up his background and other negative things.Black females be wise this society is not letting black men defend you then you angering us more talking about white males treat you better.VALUE YOURSELF. THEY HATE US BLACK MEN AND WOMEN.

  61. Yo I created an account to comment and say Saturn retrograde ain’t bullshittin..thank you for your contribution to this existence DOAN; it seems as though you’ve reached your zenith in the melanated liberation space. Im glad you finally found the courage to walk in perfect self-expression with this particular message and the one before it. Which is great because WE ALL require it.

  62. PHOENIX SUN on said:








  63. Straight Up on said:

    You’re full of fucking, you bitterold school ass black mind female, the very thing is going generation black woman don’t need, your mentality is shit.

    I’m gonna do a live post against your site, that attack against that black female isn’t gonna stop black woman from dating the way we choose, they wasn’t even a couple. I truly believe that was a faux incident cause why would it be recorded at 2 to 3 am with nobody around but the black men that recorded from afar (with joy).

    It’s funny you didn’t mention those black losers who didn’t even bother to call the cops but you fell black women is wrong for dating non black men. It’s not genocide for us to breed with non black men cause if that was truth, then I guess we shouldn’t be considered Negro.

    Many of us is descendents of a black woman and non black man. Just to let you know you need to learn genetics cause by mtdna that’s what classify you to your tribal ethnic group not chromosomes.

    You’ll also need to understand by scientific facts, only men can breed in or out of their ethnic tribal group, women only breed IN. So therefore, ONLY THE BLACK WOMAN BREED THE BLACK NATION BY mtdna, no matter the father of the child. Why you think white men never took their kids? Cause through a black woman their not born into the white race, wrong egg type, dumb ass 💅🖕

  64. Jason Hargrove on said:

    very interesting post, it has a lot of truth in it and a lot of situational instances. for every black man or black woman that has a horror story about the other there are those that dont. I guess the post wasnt written to praise successful unions so there isnt a reason to highlight them.
    The truth is more people speak out when they are unhappy than when they are. when has anyone ever called or told a friend : i’m healthy vs i’m feeling sick , i’m stable vs i’m broke, my car is running vs it broke down, my mate makes me happy vs he’s a dog or she’s a bitch. people need to vent and commiserate and have support when things are bad more than when they are feeling well.
    thats not to say things couldnt be better but all races have problem within its female/male dynamic only that race knows. choice has given men and women the ability to criticize the whole fruit instead of individual pieces.
    rarely do i ever see or read story articles with white women complaining about how a few white men did them wrong so they switched to another race and when i do its almost always about how the white man treated them not how inept the white man is or his failings as a man.

  65. I just came upon your blog recently. Excellent post. I have been a part of the BWE circles for years. So happy to see so many BW waking up. Keep up the good work and know you have a new and dedicated fan of your work. The comments by the “Need-to-grows_ are hilarious. So mad! So sad though. They can’t stop the tide.

  66. I started reading your site in 2012/2013. I wrote to you once… I couldn’t understand why you were so angry, but I get it now. I’m not black or white, but so much of what you write, I relate to and feel so deeply. Thanks for keeping up with this site and being true to your words all these years later. (still can’t figure out where to contact you on here) I always wonder you age. You have had such a clear vision of the world and who you are. Thank you

  67. Kelli Clendion on said:

    Queen, it’s been a while since you’ve posted. But, I know your spirit. You MUST write, so I know you’re probably doing it elsewhere. Do you have a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook I can follow? My previous handle was either SugAveryLemonade or something to that variety.

  68. This is an excellent post, thanks for sharing. Hopefully, more and more BW will wake up and leave the BC to its own self destructive tenancies. For me, BW divesting primarily means leaving the community that seeks to destroy women and girls. A BW who has divested has first and foremost, left this community to its own devices and decided to take care of herself and her needs FIRST – oftentimes, if her wishes includes a spouse and family, she does so with a man of another race.

    @ Lydia Moon – very great commentary here, as well. Especially the point about Asian and other societies around the world and how their women have been (are) treated. Every word of it is true.

  69. angelaroselle on said:

    @Layla Melodie

    I am the same Adeen that commented but under a surname.

    I have called out many Black men on the colorism and misogynoir numerous times online. My Facebook comments reflect that. I am actually for the progression of Black women in society. You know nothing about me to make assumptions about me. Not every Black woman who disagrees with the BWE and their rhetoric is a “Mammy” or mule. In fact, there is alot to digress and unpack with their doctrine and those who frequent the spaces.

    I used to frequented the BWE. Those spaces are toxic and filled with toxic women like yourself. All I saw was women going back and forth with those who disagreed. Cyberbullying. Lies. Drama. Backstabbing. All of this made me head spin so I had to leave it. Thanks for reminding me why I left the BWE spaces in the front place.

    First of all, I believe ALL Black women matter NOT just thin, educated, dark skinned child free Black women, who are married interracially. I notice that the BWE only cares about women who fit their realm of respectability They look down on and talk down on single mothers and women from lower income backgrounds. Even though I don’t have any children and going to nursing school, I find their rhetoric towards single mothers to be very disgusting to say the least. I was raised by a single mother, and come from a lower income immigrant background. Claasism and respectability politics isn’t going to solve the issues Black women face with finding adequate housing, jobs, education and finding a husband. Nor would it solve the issues of street harassment, domestic violence and murder in the Black community.

    Second of all, BWE shares some of the same anti Black/anti Black woman doctrine as Tommy Sotomayor and many of those self hating, misogynist Black men share. I didn’t realize it until I sat down, and thought about it. Both the BWE and Tommy Sotomayors of the world look down on working class, blue collar members of the Black community. For Tommy Sotomayors of the world, they look down on working class Black men while BWE looks down on working class Black women. Both groups look down on Black single mothers. Especially Tommy Sotomayor. He has openly criticized Black women’s mating choices and supposedly bad parenting. Second of all, both BWE and Tommy Sotomayor rail against the opposite genders of their race while propping up the opposite genders of other races. In Black Manosphere, SYSBM, and Tommy Sotomayor promote non Black women as superior mating choices to Black women. On the other side, Christelyn Karazin props up White men as a superior alternative to Black men while bringing up Black men’s failures as a reason to date interracially. They also practice group polarization and form a space where only those who agree with them are allowed to comment. Those who disagree with their doctrine are either silenced by being called a simp by the spaces ran by misogynistic Black men or a Mammy by spaces ran by the BWE. If the BWE truly cared about and loved other Black women, they wouldn’t call out Black women by their name for disagreeing with them, and try to silence them. That is what misogynistic men do. In conclusion, I realize that both the BWE and Tommy Sotomayor/Black Manosphere/SYSBM hate Black women, and people, in general.

    Last but not least, all of your responses proved my point about the BWE and its adherents. This isn’t a BWE platform. This isn’t a platform where your cyberbullying and ad hominem attacks on me will be tolerated and pushed aside. DiaryofANegress’ blog is free for dialogue regardless. If only people like you realize that and tried to stop recruiting others to your cult.

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