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Exodus 2: The Underlying Reason for The Movement

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So I apparently hit a nerve again.

The truth has a tendency to do that.

I took a break to focus on myself, to heal, to meditate, to relax, to listen to some Teddy Pendergrass and to focus on the changing atmosphere in Trump’s America. Hard times are coming and many of us are woefully unprepared.

I’ve gotten a slew of letters from blacks, whites, men and women, asking me for dialogue and what made me, of all people, come to this point in my life where I’m finally writing about this…



I have this uncanny ability to make people be at total ease. They tell me things about themselves. Their lives, their failures, their pain and their struggles. Over the past few years, I’ve sat and read and listened to black women say the same things over and over again like clockwork.


“It was my uncle that touched me…”

“My mother knew but did nothing to help…”

” My brother’s friend…”

“If only I hadn’t accepted his invitation to come over after school…”


I’ve read stories about the murders of women, who looked just like me, who were thrown in dumpsters behind their apartments, women who were burned with hot tea thrown in their faces by an irate lover, girlfriends that were beaten while pregnant and women who were attacked in dancehall clubs for simply saying to a black male, ” No thanks.”

I’ve listened to one black woman, IN PERSON, tell me over dinner that one night, her live-in boyfriend hit her so hard about the face that she developed tinnitus and is now on medication.

“He told me I’m an ugly bitch,” she says. “I’m the reason for his stress.”

I looked at this cinnamon-coloured, well-coiffed creature with her gentle English accent, her tiny button nose and full lips. Her short Afro and doe eyes made her look almost Elfin. Peter Jackson could have cast her in his movie and it would’ve seemed perfectly natural.

I wondered what kind of man would call her unattractive.

She continued with tales of how he is unable to hold on to any kind of work, sleeps late, always asks her for money and gets enraged when she recommends he go to an Employment Center to find work. She looks stressed, unhappy, deflated and older despite her youthful appearance. I listened to her, sipped my Riesling and allowed her to talk uninterrupted.




I remember watching on TV when black men were fighting for Civil Rights.

They marched, yelled, signed petitions, fought police officers, fought off the dogs and demanded equal rights. All they craved was fairness and equality they said. Black women were right there next to them in solidarity and full support getting blasted by the hoses and bitten right alongside them.

But something happened over the decades that black women never saw coming. 

As black men won more rights, as they moved deeper into white society, as they gained more access to wealth, education and political power, they moved farther and farther away from the very women that helped them to achieve their goals.

Black women, as a collective, myself included, thought that once black males finally won the right to be apart of “Polite Society”, won the right to be “free” from bondage, they would take us with them. That they would show the world that yes, I’m fighting for Black Love, Black Power, the Black Family, the Black Child and ultimately, Black Survival.

But…the joke was on us.

As black men gained political traction, it was the fair-skinned, curly haired, ambiguous, light eyed, “My great, great uncle twice removed was 1/10th black” woman that stood by his side.

As they gained higher learning, earned degrees and trade school diplomas, it was the Spicy Latina with the thick, long, black hair, wide hips and saucy attitude that stood by his side.

As they gained more money and doors opened for them in better neighbourhoods, it was the fully white, blonde-haired, blue eyed, narrow hipped, thin lipped woman that enjoyed the monetary fruits of his labour. Til today, I can spot with ease white women with black husbands jogging at night in neighbourhoods where black women were once too afraid to walk alone.

Despite our best efforts to warn him that in a Patriarchal Society, a man MUST uplift the image of his mother. Otherwise, no matter how labourious his efforts, he will fail and become the laughingstock of other males. No matter how intense his speeches on Equality and his efforts for Reparations, not one person will take him seriously if he cannot provide for his women and children.


Despite our best efforts, despite our pleas, despite our warnings and temper tantrums, we failed.




When black women asked to stay at home and school our children to avoid the bone-crushing racism of the white female dominated Public Education System, he refused and called us lazy.

When we asked him to put down the picket signs, forget about being a social justice warrior and build with other black males to achieve Black Economics and thusly Political Power, he refused and called us Gold Diggers.

When we required him to marry us so our children would be legitimate and to avoid the stain of single motherhood, he refused and said we were trying to trap him.

When we asked him to love us in our natural state, he refused and called us ugly.

And finally, when we asked him why he doesn’t do what Mother Nature expects of ALL male creatures to do for their females, which is to provide, to build and then to protect his empire from predatory invaders, he looked at us and said:


“The white man won’t let me.”




“Aren’t we tired yet?”, one angry black woman asked me in a private letter last Christmas. “They told us our hair was too nappy, so we raced to the salon to straighten it. Then it was the fact that it wouldn’t grow as fast as other women’s hair. So we raced to the Asians for weaves and clip-ons. Then it was the issue that we’re too dark. So we bleached ourselves to the point that our skin stripped and we got cancer.

Then it was our butts aren’t big enough. So now we’re having butt surgery. Then it was the fact that we’re not kinky enough like white girls. So now we’re throwing our p***y in cameras and showing them how sexually ratchet we can be. Then it was that we’re too educated and we make them feel dumb. So we said “fuck school, I’ll just hang out with you all day.”

“And you know what? It’s STILL not good enough. The goal post is always changing! And all we do is jump from one foot to the other fucking foot and it’s never enough! How come no other woman is expected to break her back for a man? Isn’t the female supposed to be the Prize to be won? Isn’t that what nature wanted? The womb is the prize. The vagina is the prize, isn’t it? Men are supposed to prove that they are worthy of it BEFORE we give it to them.

I’m with an Asian man now. He’s a Filipino and very family oriented. At first, if was so different being with this brown-skinned, short man. He spoke with a different accent, ate different foods and had a different culture. But you know what? He’s a family man.  They have meals together, talk over political issues and they have accepted me as their own. We’re talking about marriage when he finishes his Nursing Degree and gets a good paying job. I know my future children will look different from me. They’ll still be brown with “negroid features”. Just a different variation of brown with slanted eyes…and I’m fine with that. ”


This letter came from a pro-black, fist in the air, “the white man is the Devil”, black woman.


Her final statement to me:


“If you want a better chance of getting married and having a real family structure, black women had better start thinking about dating out of their race.”



An esteemed blogger wrote to me privately:


“Watch…in the next few years, we’re gonna see black men all over the TV, the radio, in movies and magazines promoting and celebrating black love and how beautiful black women are, especially those with natural hair and dark skin. But it won’t work. What’s done is done…”



A private letter from a white man:

“I’m baffled by the utter disrespect. I mean, white women are no prizes to be honest. They’re selfish, lazy, entitled and very childlike. They treat us like walking ATM machines. But I would never blast them the way black men do you. That’s just wrong. When I wanted out, I filed for divorce and moved on to another woman. Now I’m in a happy place. Also, what does that say about your self-esteem that you continue to take it? I hope that you’re not going to curse me out but I just had to say something.”




In the future, after Trump’s Presidency is long over, after the economy has fallen and the movie, The Hunger Games has taken place, black people will look at themselves and ask, “What the hell happened to us.”

How is it that we’ve been in this country for so damn long and have nothing to show for it?

How is it possible that immigrants who speak NO ENGLISH have surpassed us and left us in last place?

How is it possible that the black child continues to inherit dust?

And finally, what role did I play in our own destruction?


The purpose of life is to grow, to learn, to heal and  to understand.


My anger at the White System has (almost) faded and now my understanding is at a completely different level. When the Great Mother changes her system and we REFUSE to adapt, she allows us an opportunity to see things her way. To conform to her will. She does this because she loves us with all her heart.

But when that window of time closes and we still refuse to adapt, she simply begins to take you out.

There’s a name for that:

Natural Selection.

It is very real.

It is very potent.

And it’s happening right before our very eyes.


Say what you will about me.

Call me dirty names.

Spread lies about what you think you know about me…

That I’m an agent. A spy. A black man hater. A lesbian. A nappy headed immigrant that needs to go home.

I honestly do not give a fuck. I write for me. I write for my soul and my Spirit and my mind and my heart. And no one tells my story except for me.

All I truly desire for my beautiful people is to be free from this Matrix and to thrive.

But remember that I warned you:


Once the WOMB is gone from a Tribe, the Tribe dies.




This post will be heavily moderated. I may allow comments and I may not. I may write again and I may not.

If you don’t like it, then fuck off. 











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44 thoughts on “Exodus 2: The Underlying Reason for The Movement

  1. Bows down…. you were utterly savage in this post sis….. As a young black man from the islands I feel sorry for what our American sisters have to go through and the sad part is, some of the same things described here happen in these very islands… It’s a truly sad state of affairs for our people world wide

  2. justiceisontheway on said:


    This is my first post on your blog. But as you stated/hinted in previous posts, its all by design and only our people free of the brainwashing can see it.

  3. Seymone Lett on said:

    Excellent post. We are truly in a sad state of affairs.

  4. epiphaney33 on said:

    I have read and responded to your posts a few times. What you state is absolutely correct. It had taken a lot of honest soul-searching as well as observation learning many of the WHYS as to our condition as a people. Although I was JUST a thought at the time, I grew up with both mother and father. Now years have passed and I see LESS households with both parents. I also see LESS commitment to family structure and being that I was reared in WHAT I call a traditional family, I find it unacceptable that a BLACK male or female will not take responsibility for what they have created and one or both goes through strugglenomics all of their lives and possibly their off-spring. In the order of things, MORE males are being single-handedly raised by the black female and I have also noted that these males are a bit “soft and emotional” as well. Our people were not like this 45-50 years ago. And being brutally honest, a lot of folks are talking loud and not a sound coming out. WHAT happened to US?

  5. anythingbutordinary19 on said:

    You’ve done it again! Beautiful bone-chilling post! Everything you wrote highlights the root of the issues in our community in the present day. Due to the above, as a 26 year old dark skinned black woman, I have opted to focus on ME (and helping other black women whenever I can).

    I refuse to be a mule. I refuse to take abuse. I refuse to accept mediocrity. The above has somewhat left me fading away from pro-blackness. I’ve already stepped away from the conscious community due to the hypocrisy. Why continue to give my all when there is no support? However, I love my people and I want us to win. *sigh*

    Love your blog and your content!

  6. Thank you so much for writing this. It’s way past time for the veil to be removed so the truth is seen. Black women have done more than enough and have given way too much of ourselves only to be paid in dust. Black women are literally dying for a community that offers them nothing. They are simply valued for their wombs and devalued for everything else. I want to support all black women with open arms during this new awakening. There is a small but very powerful and growing community of divesting black women who will back all black women who choose life and happiness over death and destruction.

  7. Emhotep The God on said:

    drop dead you nappy headed whore. The white boys don’t love your nappy black ass.

  8. justiceisontheway on said:

    The swirlers (hecoons and shecoons)///// always find out the hard way…….

  9. justiceisontheway on said:

    I found many times in the past a lot of women would past a decent “original” man up for a dog/ratchet/trash type (irregardless of ethnicity at times). So the “original” woman is responsible for poor choice/decisionmaking….hell any woman for that matter……

  10. Reblogged this on AfterHollywood and commented:
    The divide between men and women feels out of control to me. This post is not for the faint of heart. This post goes beyond race, color or creed. When I read this, it was from a perspective I had never thought of before and had to share it. Let me know your thoughts and feel free to share with others.

  11. qnubian528 on said:

    They don’t understand the dynamic of power how it works!
    If BM really believe that the only way to defeat WM is “Sex”they are completely disillusioned!
    The reality is BM don’t control anything,the only thing they have power is sexually,but if being degraded makes them happy go ahead,no anyone will stop them!

  12. ebony82 on said:

    Qnubian528, any man who thinks power lies in how well they can “put it down” is delusional, period. Only women who expect nothing of men, have low self-esteem, and men who have nothing more to offer would accept a man’s sexual performance as a measuring stick. Imagine a group of men being asked what they have contributed to their communities/the collective group to make them better and the only answer one of them has is the size of their phallus, having “good sex” and being able to “spread my seed” (lol). It even sounds ridiculous.

  13. A letter from a very popular “Black Power” Female Blogger:

    “Please keep my name private. I really do not wish to attract trolls on my page. I’m so happy you finally are speaking up about this. I’ve followed you from day one and all you spoke about is how much you hated white people. It’s about time that you spoke the truth about what’s really going on in the black community.

    Umar Johnson was my wake up call. This man came on the scene and exploded with information, masculinity and knowledge. I went to his lectures, bought his book and listened to his videos on how they were poisoning black boys by giving them Ritalin. He was everything a black man should be and I believed him.

    Umar broke our hearts when we learned that he took our money for a school that will never exist to buy alcohol, stay in nice hotels and prostitutes. He’s a liar and a fraud and a scammer. The game is up. We’ve been had again. All because we put our trust in a black man with a silver tongue.

    How is he different from the preacher in church that sleeps with his parishioners? How is he different from the pimp on the corner that’s always looking for the next girl to join his group?

    Black men continue to defend him til this day. You know, something that I learned about black males is they really hate us. I mean for real. Listen to their music. Listen to the way they speak about us. At first I thought it was just music lyrics. Then I realized that it was an honest way for them to tell the world how they really feel.

    It hurt at first but now I’m past it. I’m happily single and childfree. I may get married in the future but if I dont that’s ok. But the one thing I *do* know is the man I choose to marry will not be a black man.”

  14. You sound like Brueklen Blue/ Kendall st Charles/ ******(real name) we won’t expose. Same theme indeed, but this divestment and those who are “funding” it has other intentions. The Jew will tell you first hand you are Jewish by your mother. Anyone with studies in the metaphysics know who carries the “seed”. The time is coming for these people to reap their karma and they need to put on a veil so karma cannot recognize them. The story of Moses putting the blood on the doors of his people so the spirit would recognize them as gods people and not kill their first born. Similar things are to take place soon for this white/reptile race. Karma is coming soon for them and they need to trick it by putting on a veil of us. Just the right mitochondrial dna shall do indeed. They pay a lot of these athletes and influential black men to marry out of their race and eventually effects other black men’s psyche to do the same even though that does not give them an excuse to be traitorous. They knew they needed the womb of the black womens but she is too loyal. They had to pry their loyalty for black men by globally getting the black man to denounce her black women. BLACK WOMENS.. if you choose to fall into their games out of hurt and personal vengeance for the treachery of black men that’s your choice. But please note… once they get what they need the outcomes will be worst. P.s this women and Kristelyn Karazin will promote sunshine the whore and her whoring classes to be white mens concubines in a heartbeat. This HEFFA does not care for you or your dignity.

  15. Message to Diary Of Negress (Video part2)

    I made a YT video for you

  16. OK….

    To the bloggers/ youtubers/ researchers/ freedom fighters that have been emailing me allllllll night and alllllllll day:

    1. I never said I was “falling” for anything. All I did was decide to tell the TRUTH about (some) black women’s struggles in the black community. If I were to blog about the horrific sex abuse, the beatings and the human trafficking of black women at the hands of the very men who look like them, I’d have to write a book.
    These women came to me over the years because they trusted me to hear them out and never reveal their identities.

    Some of them are women that I know personally, some are bloggers on VERY popular blog sites and some are YouTube Personalities that admitted to me, in private, that they made a horrific mistake defending black men.

    These women all share a similar theme. They are heartbroken. Deflated. Some were suicidal. And others simply shut down their Channels and never returned. I also got stories about WHITE WOMEN who were beaten up and left with children out of wedlock. These are women who used to brag that they are better than us.

    You can SPIN this all you wish but the bottom line is:

    We are the most unprotected, abused, used and despised women on this planet. And it’s about time that someone gave these women are voice.

    2. Instead of coming on here to “educate” me on the Khazarian Plot to destroy the Indigenous Peoples of the planet, perhaps you should be educating the people that are lost and need the most information. No one is more schooled on the mechanisms of White Supremacy than I am.

    I spent many a nights in tears about how I was treated by Caucasians and during my lowest point, I thought the unthinkable.

    But I’m no longer concerned about the monster OUTSIDE of my community. He will be dealt with FULL STRENGTH by the Great Mother.

    I’m eyeing the monster within.

  17. qnubian528 on said:

    ebony82 you and I think the same way about BM,it’s funny that the men who are supposed to lead our people,they went deep down below of the bottom of the degradation it is shameful! This the same for BW who have this kind behaviour!
    In history black kings had always lead their people and their kingdom, they didn’t have any reason or excuses to let themselves being degraded!
    Unfortunately the Moors were an exception because they did the same behaviour what BM are doing today!
    I saw the way they talk,their thinking,the way they behaviour,most of them are arrogant and narcissistic,they treat good and educate BW bad just because of their horrible experience they had and other excuses!
    I see them walking around,they show off their gold ego,how you said before because of their “phallus”,BM have reduced themselves to a miserable piece of meat!
    I don’t stop them,if they are happy and proud,go ahead!

  18. Im not deflecting, Sis. I know whats happening and whats going on as far as the “monster within “… im not saying to be with men who abuse us im saying that we shouldn’t let this trick us into passing albinism down to our children we are only ADDING TO THE PROBLEMS WE FACE by doing that. We are to gaurd our WOMBS WHICH IS THIS PLANET FROM INVADERS!

  19. I understand what has been done at the hands of our male counterparts but mixing with the ALBINOS and mating is not the solution to this problem! We cannot afford to keep birthing sleeper cell races out of our wombs for the parasite man and woman.

  20. Deborah Lynn on said:

    You got everything correct about the African American male/female/community dynamic. It’s a tight rope that the African American female will have to snap for survival of the new generations from her womb.

  21. A letter from a female reader:

    “Please do not post my name. I left black men alone for a long long time. I had dreams like many black women do. Marriage, children, a house, etc. I grew up in a very traditional conservative black household and wanted the same thing that my parents had. But as I went through school, I noticed that black men could care less about black women and marriage and family.

    All they they seemed to care about is getting sex from as many white and non black girls as possible. I fell in love with a handsome darkskinned black man who needed a little help going to law school. So I worked two jobs to allow him to study.

    I thought after school was over and he passed the Bar, he would get a good job with a firm and marry me. He left me once his goals were accomplished. I’m middle aged now and even though I’m happily married to a nice black man, I honestly understand the point you and others are trying to make.

    Never sell yourself short. Never build a man up. He is supposed to build for you and then you help him make a house into a home. I wasted part of my youth on a man that used me for resourses. I hope you find peace and find a man that will love you. And if he happens to be non black, then so be it.”

  22. kosi fefe on said:

    Hello I am a BW who is in her fities but looks late thirties. I have dated men of other races , mainly and i am highly attractive, and i experienced the same thing with men of oter races. Also my ex, who was younger than me and middle eastern i think has taken up with an Asian woman. He was a player to all different women in his life. in addition i spoke to him not too long ago and he was interested in talking about mine and his relationship and not his present relationship, withthe ASian.

    What i am trying to say that this kind of behaviour is in all races of men, beleive me BM are not the only one playing this game, also men of othre races. Alot of men of other races want to live off of women also, also as a collective these other races of men are no better than BM. What i say to BW is to take care of yourself, find happiness in yourself and in relatioships with people, and stop waiting for only romantic rleatrionships to make you happy. Because women in all races are being used by men, and are unhappy also, just like us.

  23. kosi fefe on said:

    One other thing I should mention about my ex, is that even though he was younger than me, I still looked younger than him, Even when I was fertile, he did not want any children, with me. even when he had a mixed girlfriend he, did not want any children with her. He did not even like his own middle eastern women. I think he has a child now with a Chinese woman. But he still seems to only want to talk about the relationship me and him used to have. I used to do the same for him like what many BW do for BM, such as supporting him economically, emotionally, when we were together.. He was too prideful for his own good, the sad thing is he was not that competant with business and very much else and it irked him that i was better in business than him, and he liked to control me. He was also manipulative and told me the things I had wanted to hear.. Also I have supported my white boyfriends in the past also. Though they are not controlling like the middle easterner, they were not all that competant in business or other things either. if BW want to date men of other races like I did make sure these other races, have alot more wealth than you and I do mean alot more wealth and can do more things than you. Because un beknownst to far too many of us, these other races of men who scout us out tend to know alot about the dysfunction in black communites, and they seek BW out to LEACH from us, the same way the BM did.

    I personally know WM, who are and were married to Chinese women and who have kids with them who also cheat alot on these Chinese women. These WM thought the Chinese women would be better that their own WW and found out that is NOT the truth. People are people. In my opinion there are too many men in all races who are weak, lazy, and haved no ambition. I see that in WM. AM, HM, and BM

    The media had lied to these WM and other races of men, telling them the Asian woman is the new trophy wife, and many of these men gobbled up the propoganda only to find out that women are women regardless of race.

    So many men want to live off of women, so many men lack ambition, so many men can’t do for themselves. Many men want convenience not relationships.

    Once again BW, take care of yourselves, look after your finances, and if you want to be with a man, make sure and I say make sure, he has ALOT more wealth , resources and skills than you do. Because when men get tired of you, they cheat on you or move on. Any BW who says that it will never happen to them, believe me , you are the one it will happen to . One again take care of yourself and your finances

  24. From “X”, my reader:

    You may like this:

  25. Thank you for this because its true. As soon as I got into college, 7years ago, I was in a predominantly white institution and was a social justice warrior. Everything was white people’s fault, and to an extent it is, but now I’m at a point where I can’t deny the facts anymore. White people may have started things, but black men finish it, time and time again. From the disappearance of the moors in history and genetically (my African family doesn’t even know that african’s once ruled Spain, and the men refused the African women they took power with and instead would only have sex with the white spanish women) to the Black Panther movie cast (only one or two of the black male cast arent dating or married to white women, lol). I won’t fight for someone who won’t fight for me. I am a prize, period.

  26. A letter from my reader:

    “Something that many black women fail to comprehend is how this entire system is predicated on our failing in life. EVERYONE has a hand in keeping us at the bottom, black males as well. Right now he feels that the only person lower than him is us. And that secretly makes him happy. Once we level up and begin to choose a mate that is best for us based on how well he treats us and NOT based on his color, we’ll move up in the world, our children will move up and someone else will have no choice but to take last place status.”

  27. Melanie Temple on said:

    It’s great to have you back Negress!

    I agree with everything you wrote. You are a wise woman. The best thing for Black women to do is have self-respect, take care our ourselves and reciprocate the love we receive. (In other words. If someone is mistreating you ladies, cut tries with that person and don’t look back.) We can do this by having a close personal relationship with our Creator, nutritional and physical health and wellness, enjoying nature, helping other Black women and nurturing our own gifts/talents. We all reap what we sow. Not all men are toxic but the ones that are will receive their just due.

  28. qnubian528 on said:

    What I have noticed it’s how BM enjoy to verbal abuse BW in public.
    I have been verbal abuse and physically threatened by BM in front of wp,I think they were so happy to show their white masters “look I am black Caucasian and
    I am not ashamed to disrespectful this inferior BW!”
    I am not afraid to say the truth,what I think if there is something that I don’t approve but this my black ex-supervisor he wasn’t happy with my “Attitude”.
    How my black ex-supervisor he verbal abused me,
    how he was so close to physically attack me,how he invaded my private space.
    I wasn’t stupid to realise that this low self-esteem COON he was married to a Becky and he was after other WW!

  29. OilandStone on said:

    This does not mean produce with a Vampire.





  30. Layla Melodie on said:


    So people aren’t allowed to change their minds about certain narratives that don’t serve them anymore?

    That’s just life. It brings changes and with that, it shifts your ideologies about certain things.

  31. Layla Melodie on said:

    “choose a mate that is best for us based on how well he treats us and NOT based on his color, we’ll move up in the world, our children will move up and someone else will have no choice but to take last place status.”

    And, a different race will come to being, yet again from the wombs of black women and non black men. This has happened before in human history…

  32. A private comment from a long time reader:

    ” I’m so happy that you’re finally speaking on this!!!! I feel a change coming too. Black women are tired of being punching bags to the world. It’s a man’s role to provide and protect and we’re that only women that are left defenseless. This is all over not just in America. In Europe black males are single handedly changing the face of London, France and Germany in some areas.

    They basically go around having children with white females and leaving them to fend for themselves. I thought white women are supposed to be better?”

  33. ebony82 on said:

    OilandStone, people, as individuals, have a right to change their minds, based on their observations and experiences. Rather than focusing on keeping black women from leaving, focus on what needs to be done to create comfortable, stable, safe and productive environments so they stay (if they want to). For those black women who have left or have made the final decision to leave for more suitable ecosystems, words no longer suffice. There will be plenty of black women remaining behind to fight battles to the death and who are willing to sacrifice themselves for “the revolution”. Everyone knows the black community, as a collective, has been on the path of self-destruction for a long time and it has everything to do with the monsters within it than the unknowns outside of it. It’s time we acknowledge and accept it. Once that is done, there are two solutions: cast out the demons and rebuild or watch it fall.

  34. A comment from a reader:

    “Funny how you caped for the black community for years and not one peep about black mens tendency to date out and procreate out. They are literally sexing themselves out of existence as we speak. Persia and Egypt used to be DARK skinned Africans before black men sexed their way out of existence. Now the modern day Egyptian looks nothing like their ancestors.

    But TWO articles on black women realizing their potentioal and wanting better for themselves and the whole world is on fire. “

  35. angel9loveu on said:

    Wow all you did was produce the facts and how quick are the BM are to jump at you and accuse you for jumping ship.All it shows is the cowardice to rather beat up a target you know you can defeat cause the white man has his foot on your neck and you can’t comeback but to think sleeping with his woman is a way to be equal when he could careless.They will use their women as long as they can continue to manipulate and keep you powerless.The others she quoted were the ones jumping ship. All she is, is the conduit to show black women have had ENOUGH. We are by your sides all the way yet are treated treachorously.Because of misplaced anger.

  36. angel9loveu on said:

    Also I empathize with the plight of the blackwomen who have been abused by black men.White women I could care less you all wanted the black men so have at it.And the white males will ALWAYS be the most dangerous choice NEVER most safest as long as I am a negress. However, what I find extremely disturbing
    os any BW who would claim to be giving good advice yet agree to go and get with other races. All you are doing is suggesting BW take on the defeatist mentallity these coward BM have easily stooped toward.I’m not about to join in my enemy and make them happy nor live longer from sucking on my pure energy. Any sane woman would reallize in the law of life that will only bite you in the ass and eliminate you off the planet into isolation.No one should cause you to lose yourself nor mind because of their selfish actions and take on the if you can’t beat them join them foolishness. Some of these women are hurt and possessed by demons cause of their hate and broken heart.They’re lost to divine wisdom. I will keep my divine womb intact and I don’t know where these other races came from and considering their nearest relative is the rat….lol.Enough said. Black Women, DAUGHTERS OF Zion need to seek wisdom and understanding from the Most High and stop depending on a man and others to make them happy.
    Some of us really need to get a backbone and not be afraid to stand alone and fight. Anyone who thinks “swirling” or Kristelyn Karazin the demoness’s advice is actually sound advice deserve to weaken their genes and bloodline and be wiped out.I don’t consider weak black men or black women family not brothers or sisters. They are demon possessed to suggest marrying to the bloodlust demon filled yurugu. No one is going to lead me off a cliff they’ll have to jump off by themselves.My existence is n ot based on the black man but my belief in the Almighty Elohim.Who is the begining and the end. Those marriages say until death do us part.So after you part in death in the afterlife , you’ll have to answer for your missteps and lack of courage in the face of adversity.These ppl keep telling us they are part dog,rat(the nastiest creatures on the planet) pigs, and have bugs living in their heads I’ll be damned and completely insane to lay down and surrender to that. They might think I’m insane to not want to give in with all the hits from black men.But if black men won’t have some balls that’s their problem. Some of you need to turn the TV off and quit getting programmed by this world to feel you need to live like white ppl to be happy and they’re not even happy.Even they’re white men say it and the white women also say their white men are savage and wicked(why do you think they have feminists) but they won’t turn on them. They are the race of ppl who came from a generation of the evilest acts. And black men instead of putting an end to it they perpetuate it.The best thing to do is separate from the madness to find some peace of mind.I will starve the white man and any man not worthy of my diviness from the Creator.White males wil always be the evilest as they hide more information about us than we know and are enjoyinwatching us explode. Read the book of Jubilee from the Apocrypha it tells you how them marrying and defiling having sex with us BM and BW of the Deut 28 slave trade which scattered us to the four corners of the earth a prolongs our captivity and their rule. So no to these other nations or races.And to silly women filled with sins/lusts and demons.

  37. angel9loveu on said:

    @Negress you wrote a segment on why black ppl/Specifically those of the slave trade are so stuck in Cement.And biblically it tells why. They abandoned their Almighty for sin and idolatry and broke the laws of Deuteronomy by running to the women of the other nations (what we might call races today) The Book of Jubilees answered why we were put into 400 Yrs of stuckness in Spiritual Egypt and Surprise,Surprise the biggest one is Breaking the Covenant they made with their Elohim which He never did and that Covenant similiar to a contract provided protecttion from the darkness of these other nations. If the covenant is broken well Deut 28 Happens and none can free them but MESSIAH the people are refered tp as a female in the book of Revelation they are called Israelites or Yashrayal but first they have to stop Unequally yoking themselves with these other nations.

    Which as you can see is an epidemic you have BW writing you some probably sent from their white or non black mate to write you to change your perspective.
    BM started this by leaving (according to the book)the other nations knew their women would be the best way to lure the men out of the protective covenante which when broken all sin and wickedness would enter as we were given free will the Most High wouldn’t destroy us if we repented.Instead we are given this time to repent but many BM and now BW are really going down a slippery path of no return cause they are followers. Now you have BW defending the same foolishness .The 400 Yrs are slated to end this year Trump signed some contract commemorating the almost 400 yr of black ppl being here and in the Caribbean wherever last year.
    This stuckness is highly spiritual. These women need to repent and heal their broken heart as the Kingdom of our own people who have been faithful and true is near.The kingdom isn’t gained by self entitlement or pride but submission to righteousness and the higher Law Of Yahuah Elohim.

  38. bedwenchesrus on said:

    You’re a coon imigrant bedwench islander. You’re not ados and that’s you coons have no voice anymore. Your musty dusty asses come here and reap benefits off of our hard work. Then coon for benefits. Fuck you bedwench go get a white man so he can slave sex u and leave your dirty ass for nothing.

  39. angelaroselle on said:

    Personally, I don’t think that there will ever be a mass exodus of African American women dating and marrying non Black men particularly White American men. Most African American women still prefer African American men as mates and partners. And are still loyal to a fault. But things are changing with the younger generations of African American women coming of age. These younger African American women(such as myself) have witnessed the constant degrading of their image in the media and community by men that look like them. Many of these younger women have also seen the repurcussions of Black males’ failure in leadership has had on the women in their families. Or they faced bad relationships with African American men. Some of these women even grew up in mostly White and mixed environments and gravitate towards non Black men for that reason. Despite the younger generations of women changing their minds about interracial dating and marriage, these women make up a small minority in the dating world when it comes to African American women.

    As for the divestment movement, I don’t understand it. What are these women trying to divest from? I guess it is easy for me to say because I grew up in the suburbs and never experienced much of the stuff that these women say that they experience at the hands of Black men. Most of my experiences with Black men have been quite positive. Unfortunately, many African American women can’t say the same, If this divestment movement is about escaping Black men’s brutality and the pitfalls of growing up in the ghetto, I think it would be beneficial for many Black women. Or is this divestment movement really about capturing the eyes and attention of a non Black man particularly a White man?

    Substantially, I am not against interracial dating or marriage. Nor am I against those who choose to stay within their own for love. People can do what they want with their bodies, and can choose who they want to date, marry and procreate with. But the idea that dating and marrying non Black men especially White men is the answer to the problems African American women face in society is asinine at best. it is the White men that has created many of the social and economic ills that the Black Community continues to go through. It was the White man that holds the image of his own woman as the standard of beauty. This is the same White man that denies Black people access to adequate healthcare, jobs and education. I can go on and on, but it is also good to know that Black men are also held accountable for the way they treat Black women as well. After all, colorism and misogynoir are correlated with White supremacy.

    If a Black woman finds love with a White man, Asian man etc, good for her. If she finds love in her race, good for her. Instead of running away from who they are, why can’t more Black women look within herself, meditate and find content with herself instead of finding validation in a man’s opinions? I am not here to deter anyone’s dating choices(it is none of my business) but one can stop and see the beauty of themselves before others can.

  40. Layla Melodie on said:

    why can’t more Black women look within herself, meditate and find content with herself instead of finding validation in a man’s opinions? I am not here to deter anyone’s dating choices(it is none of my business) but one can stop and see the beauty of themselves before others can.

    This is not the issue. If a black woman desires meaning companionship, this does not equate to low self-esteem. Every time black women attempt to have this discussion, there are always “well-intentioned” people who ask her to turn the mirror on herself and practice self love, all while ignoring that the whole idea of considering all of her options and deciding to act on them IS owning her beauty and showcasing that to world. While there are times that dysfunctional behavior in the community is the fault of black women, Sis, this isn’t one of those times. And, it is very condescending to imply that even if a black woman is struggling with self-image, she doesn’t deserve love.

    It’s like people want us to be different from every other race of woman. White, Asian, non-white Hispanic women are NOT told to stop for a moment, and forget about being with some man, yet this is preached at black women constantly and people wonder why their is an astronomically high OOW birth figure among us and declining marriage rate to boot.

    This is insanity.

  41. angelaroselle on said:

    You mistook my last paragraph. I never implied that women seeking companionship have low self esteem. Everyone desires some kind of companionship whether they are male, female, and regardless of their sexual orientation. Like I said before, it is not my business what another woman does with her body. I never said that a woman suffering from self esteem issues doesn’t deserve love. What I am talking about is the importance of self love and knowledge.

    Interracial dating and marriage should be seen as a choice for women who want to broaden their pool of mates, and find a suitable partner to settle down with, Dating and marrying out shouldn’t be a way for disgruntled women(and men) to run away from themselves and their problems. The troll above seems to fall into the latter category.

  42. angelaroselle on said:

    “It’s like people want us to be different from every other race of woman. White, Asian, non-white Hispanic women are NOT told to stop for a moment, and forget about being with some man, yet this is preached at black women constantly and people wonder why their is an astronomically high OOW birth figure among us and declining marriage rate to boot.”

    I don’t care what other races of women are doing and not doing. Again, you come across as insecure and wanting to measure Black women against other races of women. Who cares what these women are doing? And I do happen to want to see more Black women in happy and loving relationships. Unlike you, I don’t see the White woman or other non Black woman as a measuring stick on how to go about relationships.

  43. Layla Melodie on said:

    “I don’t care what other races of women are doing and not doing. Again, you come across as insecure and wanting to measure Black women against other races of women. Who cares what these women are doing? And I do happen to want to see more Black women in happy and loving relationships. Unlike you, I don’t see the White woman or other non Black woman as a measuring stick on how to go about relationships.”

    Well, I do care about what other races of women are doing because guess what, they care about what other women are doing and how other women fare in a patriarchy. They (non black women) can and will influence/manipulate men who can sit at the table of men to determine which women will be protected and those who won’t, so yes I give a damn about what other women besides black women do because more often than not, they are the ones who make many social decisions for black women. Mind you, I have no love for the patriarchy, but that’s the nature of this thing. Any woman dead set on closing her eyes to this will lose and in more ways than just “romance.” We’ll have to agree to disagree.

    “Again, you come across as insecure ”

    No dear, this isn’t about my insecurities, see above.

  44. angelaroselle on said:

    You sound like you frequent the BWE/swirling spaces. The women who frequent these spaces regurgitate the same ol’ things about Black women, swirling, the Black Community etc. They are all influenced by the likes of Christelyn Karazin, Bruekelen Bleu, Simone56 etc. Group think and polarization is highly encouraged in those spaces while people who think for themselves are either silenced or ostracized. Many of these BWE women love conflict, drama and online bickering. They see Black men and Black women who disagree with them as the enemy. If these they are so happy with their non Black men, why are women like you arguing with random Black people online? Often times, these women aren’t even in an romantic relationship at all. If they were, you wouldn’t see so many of them trolling and harassing people like that one troll above is doing to me.

    I know all about the BWE/swirling spaces because I used to frequent them. Trolls like Lala whatever her name remind me of why I left the BWE in the first place. These women never know how to agree to disagree, always trolling people for sport, and always look for drama. Always. If you don’t believe me, look at the amount of backbiting, rumors and gossip within the BWE. Along with the fact that I didn’t agree with much of their views on divestment, always promoting classism and respectability politics about (certain)Black women and promoting White man as the savior coupled with the drama, I left the movement behind for good. And I haven’t been happier for it.

    No, we don’t agree. It is okay. I don’t want to rejoin the cult.

    Have a good day.

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