Observations of an Invisible Woman

This is How it’s Done

I got angry emails from black men regarding my last post. I was questioned about:


My “true” loyalty

My motives for writing the post

Why I was purposefully avoiding their questions


Black My Story, a long time reader and educated blogger buddy, claimed rightfully:

We have no authentic examples for black masculinity. 

Perhaps this is the reason why so many black women tend to gravitate towards the “thug” archetype.


This video is for the black males who wrote to me privately to cuss me out and tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about because the white man “won’t let them be men” in a system of white domination.





This Black Man didn’t need permission.

He knew that little black girls would feel inferior and unattractive playing with a toy that didn’t resemble them. He knew that the indoctrination began at childhood and did something about it.

For his women.

For his girls.

For the girls that would one day grow up and be wives and girlfriends and mothers and grandmothers. He is now on a campaign to remove ALL white dolls from black spaces. 


Thank you, sir.




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10 thoughts on “This is How it’s Done

  1. They are allowed to be disloyal , dismissive, and to diss us but we are not allowed to speak up about it.

  2. epiphaney33 on said:

    Black girls and boys have the RIGHT to not only live in Black culture, but to surround themselves in it to learn more about themselves and our people. Other races do this, so why is it a problem for us to do this as well? Apparently this brother is cognizant that children DO need to see things that represent themselves and has done what he sees as a positive for black children.Who knows, maybe this will encourage MORE of our people to make “home-made” gifts, for example, as opposed to supporting what I call “Merchant’s Day” in society. White supremacy IS relentless in curtailing progression of black males, however it does little in stopping black males that do demonstrate that they ARE men. Some black males are about their business and some black males are not. This applies to the black female as well.

  3. angel9loveu on said:

    Loyalty?!?!?! It’s 2018 the black woman has been loyal for a very loooong time.What has she got in return? Nothing,zero,zilch,ningun. The question is where is their loyalty?
    This is why I read the scriptures because it makes more sense to explain why black men are so dismissive, and love to shift blame to us the so called weaker sex yet they expect us to carry the world on our shoulders by ourselves. Since the begining it shows black men like Adam not having any accountability for his erroneous behavior in bringing sin into the world. And instead of apologizing he side steps and blamed the Almighty and the woman.He said it was the woman Elohiym gave him that caused him to sin as if he didn’t have the choice like she did to refrain from disobeying.As the one who was created first and given dominion over all the things and to protect the woman he still shouldered blame to the woman, who he promised to love and protect. Yet still he left her to be beguiled by a snake. But they’ll run to protect the most protected women on the planet the white woman/heathens.As if they need any more protection.

  4. epiphaney33 on said:

    Angel9luv has a definite point and I agree with her statement. Given the history of these snakes, many ignorant black males still flock to this snake and will protect her as opposed to their own women. All black females are NOT “LESS THAN” and should be treated with respect if nothing else. And given recent years, I have observed this in black males a lot stemming from single parent families. The black female needs to be MORE DISCERNING in the “type” of black male that she chooses to interact with. Phazex_Female

  5. They will come after you, a black woman, but not one will grab his nutz and step to a race soldier. Before the revolution can be implemented, we who carry authentic masculinity, need to deal with the race traitors and useless eaters. Mark my words.

  6. David Yisrael on said:

    Diaryofanegress I have been wondering if you were an agent or at least a troll by some of the things that you have posted in the past but I from you previous article I can safely conclude that is the former. I love how you pin the blame squarely on the shoulders of the so called black man for the division in our communities but fail to even in passing mention the “Strong independent woman syndrome” that has reached pandemic levels thanks to the mass of our women relying on big government in the form of welfare handouts. In my life have been disrespected by so called black women of all ages even when I have tried to be civil. I know that there are good sisters out there just as there are good men but it seems that in these days all so called black men are guilty by default.

  7. timothy9876 on said:

    I know of you commenting in Trojan Pam’s site with Courtney and others. I am Timothy, so I know certainly you are never an agent. As a black man, I salute your efforts. Now, the black man in this story courageous my did the right thing.

  8. Truth Over Tradition on said:

    Great post. A real man does not need permission to protect his women, he just does it just like the brotha did in this video. And there are many brothas out here like this. I am one of them. We just need more! Much more!

  9. PHOENIX SUN on said:

    I really enjoy your blog. I just wish that you would stop calling the ORIGINALS Black or African Americans. Many of us do not want to be referred to as the colonizers/oppressors property. If some of us are unaware of this…well…it does not matter! Calling us black is like saying we are the absence of color, fierce, terrible, wicked, without light, moral or spirituality. Most importantly, calling us Black = CIVILITER MORTUUS. African American = Means you are NATIONLESS.
    I hope you don’t take my word for it…. but you can look into it and find out if I am wrong!

    Peace and Light

  10. 💯💯

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