Observations of an Invisible Woman

Mr. Riley



My reader sent me this.


Like it or not, black family, we’re gonna have to fight our way out of this. EVERY group of people on this planet knows that we are the most vulnerable group on earth. In order to align themselves with the Dominant Group, they will go to great heights to prove to us, and the world, that we’re on the bottom of the barrel.

This post isn’t about whether or not the music professor was right or wrong in defending himself.

It’s about this:

Do you think this underage hispanic student would’ve treated a white teacher, who is old enough to be his father, this way?

And if he had, what would be the consequences for him and his parents? And his entire community?

When you find the answer, then ask yourself WHY black people ALLOW this behaviour.


And finally, what are we gonna do about it?


Next year is a very important year for us. Those of you that are into metaphysics know what I’m talking about. When will we decide enough is enough?


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3 thoughts on “Mr. Riley

  1. This video has been on the news all week. Pretty much nonstop. It seems most of the students at the school like the teacher. They say he’s a great teacher. They’ve already raised nearly $65,000for the teacher. I admit the video looks bad whenever an adult is fighting a student. But we have to put it in context. I heard that the student called him a ni**er. Not sure if that’s true but it would explain why the teacher was so pissed off. Can’t say I blame him. And for those that don’t know Maywood,California has a high population of Mexicans and illegal Mexican immigrants. Black people are seriously outnumbered out there. So I would assume the racial tension is very HIGH.

  2. @ His Highness

    In context, it’s my opinion that the only thing the teacher did wrong is NOT beating his ass longer and harder.

    Try this shit where I come from and these island males, the rough ones with a lighting temper, will fuck you up to the point your mamma won’t be able to recognize you.

    We all know that if this was a white male, he would’ve apologized and came to class in uniform the next day.

    A little know fact:

    California is OVER for black folks!!!!

    ALL jobs are held by latinos and the gangs are killing us left and right. The rent’s sky high and Skid Row is full of homeless blacks.


  3. Yeah that’s all very true unfortunately.

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