Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Audio Tape Black People Need to Hear

I have the most wonderful readers and blogger buddies that help to keep me informed of current events.

Thank you all for helping me to gain further understanding of the fight ahead of us.


For those of you that missed it, another white female revealed herself.

They dubbed her South Park Susan.


Here’s the first video:







Nothing new here.


But grab a pen and paper and take notes of the audio tape to Police Dispatch.



This, black people, is what really goes on in white america.


This, black people, is what your black children are up against.


This, black people, is the real reason why so many blacks are incarcerated worldwide.


This, black people, is the underlying reason why many blacks are unemployed, under-employed, scared to go back to work and prefer to “hustle” to make ends meet. This example is especially true for me and a wonderful black friend of mine that now suffers from severe anxiety.


This needs discussion and serious understanding if you wish to survive the next 20 years.


Pass this on and be educated.

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4 thoughts on “The Audio Tape Black People Need to Hear

  1. Sigh! Dont have anything much to say, other than we continue to be too polite to these fucking savages.

  2. @ blackmystory

    Isn’t bribing an officer of the law a criminal offense? Isn’t making up stories with malicious intent a criminal offense?

  3. You are right beloved. However under white pathology, legal doesn’t necessarily mean ethical, moral or right. And thus legal can be based on things like skin color, wealth or comfortability

  4. Phyllis Durham on said:

    So, if us trouble causing Black ppl need to leave because SHE said so…..she insinuates that we need to go back to Africa well maybe she needs to go back to whoever in Europe she and her ugly assed ancestors came from….(hollering about she ‘hot’…..she better be talking about being temperature hot and not ‘Beautiful’ ‘hot’ cause I see NO reason she should be calling her man-looking ass ‘Hot’ in any sense of the word…..ugly on the outside AND ugly on the inside…..

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