Observations of an Invisible Woman

I Was Wrong



The great and humbling thing about life is recognizing when you are wrong and openly admitting it. I’ve spent years upon years blaming the white male for his evil ways and his unfair policies. What I’ve come to realize upon learning how this system operates is:

The system of white domination is ruled by white males by proxy. 


He may appear to be the king of lies, the sultan of disharmony and the emperor of chaos.

But he is not.

He acts out of his desire to appease his female mirror image.


He understands the very delicate and subtle nuances of rulership. Something that black people STILL do not fully understand.

You must appease, honour, worship and cater to the womb that gave you life. It is the only way that white life has any meaning and the only way to reinforce your male dominance.


I have gotten perhaps 50 or more letters by white males over the years telling me (privately) that they utterly despise the white woman they married, sexed, had children with and the white in-laws that live in their fully finished basement apartments with the expensive Berber carpets.

They tell me tales of how:

She emasculates them in front of his children and in public

She treats him like “a walking ATM machine”

She compares his lovemaking skills to her past lovers

She can’t cook

She’s  a “cold fish in bed”

She’s very dumb and can’t speak well in public

She follows him around the house and nags him


One white man who has given up on all white American females told me how SHE instigates arguments with him in hopes that he’ll strike her and she can call the police, file for divorce and go after his business.

For those of you that will misinterpret this post, please don’t. I’m NOT giving white men a pass on anything. The universe has spoken and both he and his woman will be dealt with accordingly.

This post is for me to admit I was wrong about who is really in charge.

When I saw this tape, it made me think of Emmett Till and how easy it is for black life to be snuffed out by the lies of a deranged white female. It made me think of the countless blacks who are now dead because a white woman “said so.”


As sad and very frightening as the world has become, I’m glad that social media is revealing to THE ENTIRE WORLD what black people have been saying for centuries.


One more thing to my white male readers…


Those of you that will fight for justice in the future ( because your lives are gonna depend on it ), maybe now is the time for you to reel in your woman. ‘Cause she’s gonna get you killed as well.

If you understand what I’m saying.





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19 thoughts on “I Was Wrong

  1. This has been the biggest revelation I’ve gotten about white people in the last few years. It is the white female who births and raises the white men that do the bidding for white womanhood.

  2. @ naturallymine 68

    Something I’d like to add is that the white male is TERRIFIED of her.

  3. that is what romance is really all about, the veneration of their insecurity and the root mechanism of masochism

  4. @ zakafya

    Well stated.

  5. This makes me think of the show Snapped, an entire show about women who kill (usually a spouse or boyfriend). 99% of the women are white and they ofttimes kill just to be with another lover or for insurance money. They are amazing liars and storytellers and can so easily play victim. This is very telling.

  6. @ kelley

    When I had a TV, there was a channel called Lifetime that I liked to watch. It showcased white females scheming to kill their husbands by cutting his brake lines in his car, rape their underage male students, poisoning their prettier sisters out of jealousy, killing their fathers for “choosing” his new wife over her and all kinds of mayhem.

  7. qnubian528 on said:

    I always got the feeling,that they have a strong hatred for their own physical appearance that driving them crazy!
    They are the only group of women who are obsessed to fix their physical appearance,for that they are willing to everything,kill their own kids,husband,family members,love rivals and especially for jealousy!

  8. @ qnubian

    It’s their desire to be “perfect” that’s driving them to insanity.

  9. Riiiiight… there is so much truth behind these “characters”, shows and movies.

  10. Good post! The Beast is female. In this case, the White Woman is the Beast. She has always been. She is the foundation of White Supremacy and the White Man is in charge of imposing it. She is the ghost in their “Holy Trinity”. Invisible but very active. White women are similar to white men and they make sure they get away with everything they do. White women feel entitled to everything in this world and believe everything belongs to them. Including people. Including Black people. The Black man is her sex toy and the Black woman is her slave, nanny, maid, etc. This has been historically documented. White women have loose to no morals despite their angelic smiles, grand speeches and so-called desire to make this world a “better place” (for them only yeah!). Many of them are extremely promiscuous and they prey upon men just to quench their sexual thirst. They travel across the globe just to fulfill their sexual fantasies and are willing to pay for it. Google or You Tube “white women, sex tourism” and see how White women are catching up with their male counterparts by invading Caribbean and African shores for the best “sea, sex and sun” experience. White women are no longer hiding and want to have their “groove on” too just like Stella… The Blacker and the Younger the man the better…

    Black women, please remember that these White women are NOT and will NEVER ever be your friend, your supporter and defender unless it benefits them. Don’t let the media and the Kardashian spell confuse you any longer. It’s all a front. They secretly/openly hate & envy YOU, the Black Goddess, and some are even programmed to take Black men from YOU because they know what they represent to YOU and to this Earth. Don’t ever be fooled by them. The Beast is hella slick! Let them be “nice” when they are “nice” but stay the hell away from them whenever you can and don’t trust them near your man, your cousin, or anyone male for they will try to get “something” at some point….
    More powah to you!

  11. @ fulani rebel

    I may write a post to follow up on your magnificent statement.

  12. Emmett Till reference deep. Imagine if he had a surveillance camera. Figuring since the camera is our new mode of combat, maybe we as a people should start investing in that sort of a business or manufacturing our own. We’d make pretty good commercials.

  13. Robert Sanchez on said:

    You know they have power when women of color try to copy their looks: blonde wigs or dye, blue contacts, skin lightening, eye surgery for Asian women, etc. Even white women idolize this appearance. Shades of Hitler’s Aryan racial ideals (none of the top Nazi leadership conformed to it themselves). I blame Hollywood, the media and the schools for this.

  14. @ Oni

    I’m hoping one of us that is into technology will come up with some kind of micro, almost undetectable activity based camera.

  15. @ Robert

    Well, white beauty *was* rammed down our throats for 500 years. Only the very strongest of us never bought into the madness.

    Even white brunettes are unhappy and dye their hair blonde and get blue contacts.

  16. I’ve learned to stop holding my breath.

    You’re an amazing writer, I’ll give an attempt soon enough, but can you explain to folk what Global Warming will look like when sea levels rise and they need to run inland to white country and what white folk have waiting for them? Since they already kill us during natural disasters, yet a tons of us aren’t swarming into their inland cities yet — and the disasters are only getting worse.

    If you can explain in an Africa edition too, that’d be great.

    Or even just a comment, I don’t mind. I just feel Black folk aren’t preparing enough and I know you tell us to prepare all the time, but forreal the message needs to get out there that this isn’t it.

  17. @ Oni

    You know why we’re not preparing enough?

    Because when disaster strikes, “someone” will come to the rescue. Think about when the power lines go down. We wait for “someone” to drive around with their trucks and lifts, climb up the tower and fix it so we can go on with our lives.

    Look at Hurricane Sandy.

    “Someone” will come around and hand out food and water and fix things so we can go back to buying our coffee and bagels in the morning.

    You can’t FORCE people to do anything. And by now if we haven’t gotten the message that no one cares if black people die, it’s already too late.

  18. Never lied!

  19. Hey doan, what’s the name of the video? It no longer works. I want to look it up.

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