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On Borrowed Time

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My phone blew up when Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed as Supreme Court Justice.

I wasn’t the least surprised though.

I fully expect white America to do as they are supposed to do:

Prolong their survival by any means necessary.

As their demographics continue to fall, as drugs continue to ravage their small ( and big ) towns, as their crops continue to rot in the fields due to brown people being rounded up and deported, as their workforce continues to sink into despair, I FULLY expect white America to vote for the most ruthless, savage, totalitarian dictator imaginable who will openly rob them, brutalize them and enslave them.


Because this race of people, who know better than we do how they came to power, will sacrifice their freedoms for the tiny perceived privilege called whiteness. 

And it’s all they will have left.

As funny as it may seem to my long time readers, I no longer hold raw anger towards ANYBODY. Time, meditation and understanding truly helps to heal one’s soul. I understand why America voted for Trump. I understand why Kavanaugh is on the bench. I understand why white women, who scream the loudest about misogyny and unfairness, will gladly sit next to and uphold the regime of men who seek to brutalize her and her daughter.

How do you justify centuries of racism and then turn around and fight for justice for all? 


You don’t.


You keep on fighting for yourself and those that look like you even though YOU no longer believe in the lies. Is it no wonder why a huge chunk of white America suffers from some form of depression/ anxiety? Is it no wonder why white males LEAD in suicides?

This tormented race knows they are on borrowed time and they are frightened beyond words.

My good buddy told me that mulattoes will “take over” and become the new black as whites seek to prolong their existence by sexing us and having children.

I disagree.

This planet is getting hotter and hotter. The UV rays are so strong, so powerful, only the strongest, most heavily melaninated people will be able to withstand this new and changing EcoSystem. Therefore, mating with non-melaninated people will only BACKFIRE.

To those that love that light caramel, mocha latte complexion with (hopefully) green eyes and sandy-coloured hair and INTENTIONALLY seek out partners who will give them “pretty babies”, sorry luv, you’ve made poor choices to continue your lineage.

I could post letters from black males who have written to me to tell me how “sorry they were to have mated ( their words) with white women and produced offspring.”

But I won’t.

Old news.


As we speed towards 2019, more and more blacks will take their children OUT of public schools and homeschool them.

We’ll open more businesses that will rival theirs.

And the planet will RESPOND to our new mindset and open more doors for us.


That is why, 2019 will be a very serious year for the black race and we must prepare for anything. And I do mean anything. As my ex-friend used to say:

A scared muthafucka will kill y’all.


Black women, now is an excellent time to discern who you sex and if you wish to have children. If not, take stellar precaution not to get pregnant. Those outpatient facilities you take for granted WILL NOT be available to you much longer.









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8 thoughts on “On Borrowed Time

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  2. angel9loveu on said:

    Thanks DOAN.A very timely and much appreciated message.I see them in droves in the cities with their placards begging.Some can barely even light their cigarettes.Completely bugged out, still won’t stop them from asking for money for alcohol which will eventually be used for drugs.I would like to donate to their opioid or fentanyl addictions in bulk but they can do bad all by themselves and I need my coins 🙂
    And yes they’re scared and like scared animals backed in a corner they’ll claw themselves out savagely but I avoid them as much as I can. Cause they want to stick around and be evil more than ever.

  3. Robert Sanchez on said:

    The only options for the white ruling class is polygamy, cloning, surrogacy, and artificial wombs at least for their small clique. On a larger scale they will try to loosen their definition of who is white. Hispanics, Arabs, East Indians and North Asians. They did this with the Irish, the Italians, the Jews and Eastern Europeans. Mind you not Northern European whites but white enough for certain privileges in exchange for upping the numbers.

    While numbers alone don’t determine power relationships (remember South Africa – white minority ruling over a black majority) there comes a time when numbers have a dynamic of their own. The white elites will use Gerrymandering, voter restrictions, and other forms of neo Jim Crow methods to hold on to political power. Take a look at the governor’s race in Georgia.

    Hold on tight it’s going to be a bumpy ride next few years.

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  5. @ Robert

    Would that really work though?

    Even European whites are (trying to) distancing themselves from “whiteness” by identifying themselves as Polish, Dutch, etc…

  6. “sorry luv, you’ve made poor choices to continue your lineage.” LOL on point!
    Even the Bible tells you not to mix your seed.
    I couldn’t water down this godly DNA that would be disrepectful to my mom and pops!

  7. Robert Sanchez on said:

    To answer your question whether the white establishment can broaden their numbers by revising i.e. lowering their standards and continuing the practice and ideology of white supremacy, I would have to say I don’t know. The fundamentalists would have to overcome their religious biases as well as racial ones. They would land up wasting their time trying to convert the Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist. They have been trying this with the Jews for nearly 40 years or more with no luck. At best Jews think Jesus was a good man that taught high morals and ethics. At worse they view him as a blasphemous sorcerer of questionable birth and parentage. The Evangelicals would need to brush up on Talmud and Rabbinical literature. I digress but I think the white establishment will try to exploit other groups home grown anti black racism with an overcoat of white derived anti black racism. In the end will white enough or honorary white be sufficient to keep white supremacy in business, I can’t say. More medically induced births will have marginal utility.

  8. @ Robert.

    I see.

    They have already started this with pale-tannish Arabs and to some extent, pale Indians from India.

    A man from Saudia Arabia told me that he was told to put white on his form when he came to this country.

    He said no.

    It’s funny how everyone wants white privilege but no one wants to claim whiteness. It’s almost as if they know the stigma that being called a “white person” will bring…just like being black when it suits certain ethnic brown people.

    Right now, even the fertility clinics can’t save them. Their low sperm counts, even in 25 year old males, will knock off at least 20 years of their time here on earth.

    This reminds me of how even though Italians are white, they are still considered the “exotic other” of whiteness and are still subjected to ridicule.

    My belief is they’ll become so desperate when they realize they’ve run out of options, they’ll just start this “thing” , economic collapse, air borne disease, etc that’s been looming over our heads and have it run full blast.

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