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A Letter From a White Reader

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I regularly get (long) emails from whites, mostly Americans, asking me to stop judging all of them by the actions of a rotten few. They implore me to “think rationally” with “zero emotion” and stop relaying to the black masses that whites do indeed have some type of power to devastate black people.

Those that are truthful, and there have been quite a few over the past few years, admit shocking racism ( shocking only to them) from their family members, friends, co-workers and even from their children. The main question coming from them is always:

“What can I do?”

Which leads me to this recent letter from a white reader:


“Dear DOAN,

I’ve subscribed to your blog and have enjoyed reading your thoughts even though you paint me with the same brush as everyone else. I’m a white male, in my fifties and was born here. Even though I know the playing field isn’t equal, you and others make it seem as though it’s more severe than ever.

I know I’m not the popular person on here, but I have a serious question to ask you.

What exactly do you want from white people? Is it money? Is it an apology? How can I make it so you don’t hate us? Slavery is over and I know the after effects with the prison system caused you a lot of grief but seriously what do you want from us as a collective? Not being rude or intrusive but just asking a serious question to stop all the hate directed at me just for being white.”





I, along with countless blacks, have written well thought pieces and video responses on the many, many ,many ways whites worldwide can stop this insanity. But for those of you that still don’t understand…here’s a response:


Dear “X”


As a white male, you are the single greatest contributor to this system we call white domination. What can you do EXACTLY to end this insanity, you ask? Well…


  1. If you see something racially amiss, speak up against it out loud.
  2. Take the time to educate your children on racism and explain to them why it is wrong
  3. Admit you do indeed have white privilege and use it to erase barriers
  4. Stop pretending that the things we say don’t count, didn’t really happen or we’re being too sensitive


By denying others the right to their huemanity, you ostracize yourself from huemanity.

In the very near future, whites will find themselves alone with zero allies. Whites in Europe who wish nothing to do with American whites, have already began distancing themselves from you. I know this for a fact.

Have you ever thought what the world will look like when EVERYONE realizes that you and your female counterpart is responsible for their condition economically, agriculturally and otherwise? After all, you are the ones that run things, are you not?

Your vote, your voice and your opinion is what counts, isn’t it?

If you truly desire a level playing field, you’ll find a way to do it.












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10 thoughts on “A Letter From a White Reader

  1. Excellent! Very well said 😊👍🏿

  2. epiphaney33 on said:

    Agreed! Moreover, I have said this for YEARS. And when I have openly challenged whites about their racism and ethnocentrism, it always results in deflection. I have yet to see a white individual waving a placard exclaiming that racism is evil and wrong. If anyone out there has seen a white individual waving this placard, please inform me of such. Good response to your reader.

  3. @ His Highness

    Much obliged.

  4. @ epiphaney

    I’ve seen a FEW videos on Youtube but in real life, in the flesh…NEVER have I witnessed it.

  5. White people always pretend like they really want to help black people in ending white supremacy and act like they don’t know why black people hate them. We really don’t have to explain anything to them. They are full aware of what they have done. We explain it day in and day out. History books, Internet articles, and movies have talked about IN DEPTH what they have done. They are playing dumb and innocent as a manipulation tactic. If they really cared about helping black people, they would’ve destroyed this system that they built A LONG TIME AGO!


  6. dilatedmindmind on said:

    I’m suprised that you didn’t mention them voting against legislation that has racist affects, voting in favour of getting rid of private schools in the america, voting in favour the $15 dollar minimum wage, etc.

  7. How about just leaving us alone to strengthen and love on each other? Stop so comfortably invading our neighborhoods and safe spaces. Stop trying to prove you’re not racist or that white people don’t benefit from the all the dis-ease colonialism has spread. These seem like easy fixes.

  8. qnubian528 on said:

    Instead crying fake tears,why he doesn’t realise,that his own people have created this society in purpose because they wanted to be privilege and feel safe,and other around them “the people of colour” have been designated to be their servants and slaves to benefit them?
    Also if they are so happy how they say,superior and better than other what in hell they want to procreate with us? What in the hell they are promoting this bullshit of IR? The majority of black people want to be together,and they don’t want to procreate with them! Just leave us alone!
    I mean,they don’t need our DNA to caring out their evil legacy,how they said,they are perfect,they can easily to by themselves!
    The true is,his own people they aren’t nothing without us!

  9. How many more years do they need to get it right they had plenty of time. I’m sure there’s good white people but I’m not taking any chances. They have to go! tell those readers who want to help so much the best thing they can do is jump off a bridge and die and to be extra nice they can also sacrifice a few of there family members. IT’S too late don’t cry now it’s over for you let’s get this over already.

  10. justaxin on said:

    There are around 50 Black-run nations in the world today. 🌍 From the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean. So. Where’s this mythical nation where Black people are doing any better? 🤔 It doesn’t exist.

    Black Americans are the most economically and socially propped-up bunch of Africans in human existence. 💰🚶🏿

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