Observations of an Invisible Woman

Dear Negress #6

A letter from a (new) reader…


” Dear DOAN,


I saw this post on a video that talks a lot about the things you’ve mentioned:


( continued )
I’ve also noticed that we are saying a lot of the same things word for word almost. And our energies are shifting towards each other and less and less for them. They can feel it too. On my job, they approach me just to ask me silly questions but I know it’s because they can sense a change in me. I watched the movie you suggested called The Host :

I know you believe in other worldly things so I hope that this doesn’t sound crazy but I truly think whites are from another planet. They came here because they need a host planet to live and feed off. Black people are so enriched in what they need to survive they keep us around to parasite off but it’s getting too late for them.

I’ve always wondered why miscegenation laws are still on the books as illegal but they push interracial sex and having biracial children. Why have sex with the person you hate, right? Why form unions involving children that look like the person you claim is beneath you?

I believe that something is happening to them and their getting desperate to survive. That’s why suddenly you see the black woman on TV with white males. Even in movies you see a very dark skinned black woman with not a hispanic man, not an arab, not an indian man, not a native man but a fair skinned pale white Anglo man.

After all the ish they put us through telling us that we’re the least desirable, ugliest, nappy headed woman on this earth, now they’re promoting us? Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t they lynch black males for whistling at their women? Now I can’t walk down the street where I live without seeing a white woman holding a brown baby by herself.

The question that needs to be asked by ALL of us is why?” 



Dear “X”

Thank you for your readership.

I’m going to make an unfortunate prediction.

I remember when Dr. Welsing stated very ominously that the (fake) Jews reached the highest level of integration with the Germans right before they were rounded up. I get the funny feeling that all those folks, they know who they are, that are PERMITTED to have the enemies woman, ( the opposite doesn’t hold as much weight due to the fact that this is still a patriarchy and men make the rules and enforce them) are going to be used as examples on a worldwide stage when the time comes.

I can’t give you FACTS on where Europeans come from because I can’t back anything up. All I have are reasonings, some literary knowledge (which may be falsified by agents of white supremacy) and my gut.

My gut tells me that EVERYTHING indigenous to Nature can withstand the high UV rays of the sun.

My gut tells me that everything Native to Nature has rhythm.

My gut tells me that it is NOT normal to be at war with the very planet that sustains you.

My gut tells me that even though Cultural Curiosity is NATURAL and should be ENCOURAGED in a positive fashion, it is NOT normal to hate and fear others for no reason.


Using that simple logic, I urge you and all my readers to surmise the answers for yourselves.


~ TruthBeTold




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10 thoughts on “Dear Negress #6

  1. i have the answer.

  2. please do tell.

  3. I’ve never seen The Host. I’ll have to check that out. It looks very interesting.

  4. epiphaney33 on said:

    Interesting…I will definitely check this out.

  5. qnubian528 on said:

    I noticed that they are not only jealous of black love also they are so jealous and irritate if they see another person of color in sentimental relationship with us, why do they think to have the right to own our body and decide who or which person we should choose as mate or have family?
    Everything you said, here in the UK (Europe) I see all of them with no white partners, yeah it’s funny what survival pushes to do!

  6. Man these beast are getting slicker and slicker with the promotion and marketing of bestiality.

  7. Powah to you my people,
    DOAN, I will not sugarcoat what I am about to say and even if it might sound crazy to some I know it is not and I know YOU will ovastand me.

    The White Race is a race of Alien Vampires whose planet has been long time destroyed by their own viciousness and wickedness. They are not from “around here” and this is why they have been hurting Mother Earth (which rejects them) and her Earthlings for so long.

    The White race is on the verge of extinction on Planet Earth and they know it. The opioid crisis killing American whites in tremendous numbers is nothing new. This “crisis” has been happening in Europe (and other places in the world such as Australia, etc.) for several decades and is now affecting the US in staggering numbers. Why do you think these species of people need such heavy drugs to survive in this Earthly world? To deal with the unbearable guilt resulting from their crimes and the subsequent curse unleashed upon them by those they hurt. The souls of the people they have crushed and destroyed for millenaries prevent them to sleep at night. Every night. We now know about their real motives because they can no longer hide them.

    Have you ever wondered why billionaires like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk are investing billions in space ventures? Why these billionaires are so adamant in conquering space? What’s out there so important for them to invest half of their colossal fortune to “explore the galaxy”? They are now talking about helping governments in establishing COLONIES on the Moon and on other planets and will use all their financial power to pursue their secret missions with complicity of the NASA. Better watch their next moves closely…

    Hollywood, the temple of entertainment and visual manipulation is also showing us in subtle ways what these people are up to, which is why it is important to watch certain films not as films but as documentaries. Within white people exists whistle blowers and they are as hunted down as would be any “traitors” so they always gotta be careful when trying to tell us the truth about “who they really are”. As in any sophisticated Vampire society, it exists a very strict hierarchy, you have the very poor at the bottom i.e, the servants that are here to make an example of the System put in place by the ones on top, the Elite vampires. Within this Elite, you have royal families, banking & business dynasties, including celebrities, etc.

    Whereas miscegenation was totally prohibited for centuries because the White race had to stay pure (the basis of the Aryan race theory and a strong tenant of White Supremacy), White people realized that in order to maintain their presence and supremacy, they had to breed with another race of people (preferably with the strongest and the oldest race on Earth) and create a new breed of individuals that will be under their mind control with the strength and power of… Black people, their fearful enemy. Mixed people they say are the “future” of this society. To whom? Not really for Black people, the Original Beings who didn’t need to mix with any other race to thrive, prosper and multiply for *millions of years*.

    White women can no longer procreate the way they used to and white men are no longer in position to breed with their female counterparts. The two are responsible for their own demise. But White people as I said earlier are a very cunning species. They cannot disappear in the face of the Earth “just like that”, they have to find ways to survive and “bounce back”, and who can help them in their “racial endeavors”? Again, Black people.

    Let’s take the Kardashian-Jenner family for example. Here you have a famous American Caucasian family of Vampires whose powerful female members are relentlessly preying on Black men to establish their legacy for the years to come. From the Alpha Vampire mother to the youngest children, they are feeding off Black blood because they need Black DNA to survive and to infuse in their offspring. They are protected by the White Supremacist Order put in place in Hollywood and they get away with almost everything behind a glamorous life that they know will influence the gullible masses in their favor.

    Let’s take the British Royal family as another example, a very ancient race of Vampires (the “Blue Blood”) and the recent incursion in their elite rank of Meghan Markle, a mixed breed woman whose mother is Black American and whose father is White American and who recently got married with a direct heir of the British crown, Prince Harry. Such scenario would have been impossible to even fathom in recent years as it didn’t happen in thousands of years. But the British royalty race is also dying and needs new blood literally speaking. “The Queen” had to meet with “her people” to discuss the future of their Convent. They couldn’t go “all Black” so they put Prince Harry in charge of finding the perfect Host in order to create a new breed of British royals that will be under their power while pretending to be opened to the rest of the world. Don’t believe the hype of such fairytale. The Beast is only making sure to keep more effective agents on the ground to pursue it’s wicked agenda…

    Thanks for reading. I know it was long but some things just need to be said.
    Stay alert my people. Now more than ever. More powah to you.

  8. @ Fulani Rebel

    You know….

    I sometimes hear things that have “the ring of truth” and it settles deeply in my consciousness.

    A movie that I keep on watching over and over is Dracula Untold:

    Especially the scene where Prince Vladimyr went up the mountain to meet with the “Devil” himself.

    I’ve been told that I am crazy too many times to count but I hold to my convictions that there are indeed two distinct species on this planet.

    Where EXACTLY did whites come from???

    I don’t know.

    But then again, I still don’t know what *exactly* are black people either with our ever-evolving genetics…

    So many theories, so little factual tangible proof…

    I do enjoy your posts!

  9. it’s all about the seed (of life) that has been transported here and the necessary mutations to preserve that strain. hosts, yes, many willingly, others seduced and still more subdued. keep in mind that parasites are not necessarily consciously malicious, but still … i can only look to agree to most of what has been posted by others … as far as tangible proof, the rh negative and dna already set it …

  10. also … there are more than one strain of ‘whypipo’ on the planet earth today and as there has been for thousands of years now, just as there are (many) more types within the black genetic population, both exinct and existing, aside from sexuaul productive methdods.

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