Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Paradigm Shift is Officially Here Part 2



I wasn’t going to write this but the Spirit guided me to.

Now that Nature has made her official decision, it will happen this way:


For every one of us that is unjustly murdered, beaten, stalked, harassed, bullied, embarrassed, molested, raped, abused and overall mistreated, thousands of them will perish at once. They’re losing their jobs at massive rates due to their zealotry and it’s being caught on tape for the ENTIRE world to witness. Of course, this will be in our favour but we need to be more careful than ever.


Get ready for more mass killings, school shootings, bomb threats, stabbings and all kinds of Nature/ Animal attacks that will “suddenly” pop up in the media, both mainstream and grassroots ( Youtube). Karma is at an all time high so with each attack, they’ll immediately feel the swift justice of the Mother-Father.

Now is the prime time for you to buy land, grow your own food and start businesses!

The planet is giving you a window of opportunity to take back what is rightfully yours.

Seize it and do not be afraid.


The time to distance yourself (psychologically and physically) from your enemy is now.

By being in their company, you will get caught up in their crossfire. With the exception of work, I keep my personal time to myself in my garden. They can sense this and invite me to all types of backyard shindigs, miniature golf, horseback riding, dog parks and hiking trails. I always have an excuse ready as to why I can’t partake and their disappointment is evident.

Move away slowly and take your children OUT of public schools and homeschool them. I was home schooled and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Eat at home, drink your beer at home, never get gas at night and be aware of your surrounds.


Good luck and stay safe.



August is coming so get ready for “a televised event” that will spark your ire and antagonize you. After all, the hottest month of the year needs melanin to thrive and the beast is very hungry.


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4 thoughts on “The Paradigm Shift is Officially Here Part 2

  1. I can feel when Im in the presence of an especially evil one. But I skirt all of them as if I just spotted a vicious hyena or an evil snake, because I have. Just know that evil cannot sustain itself. It WILL self destruct from the inside out. Sure it may take a few centuries.
    And please please please take good care of our bodies. You do not want your life to end up in the hands of these “healthcare professionals”, needing some kind of surgery or help from them. The AMA and all its minions is one of the most wicked organizations around.

  2. epiphaney33 on said:

    I agree. Retribution was in the air…now walking the earth. Time is up for these edomites and they know it. From “seeking and finding favor” with those of us that steadfastly and stubbornly remain asleep to their war tactics, the continual sullying of our race with those of us that cross-breed with them for THEIR survival, nonetheless the edomites continue to fight for their nucleus of power, yet their numbers continue to dwindle. “Anger” at the edomites serves us no useful purpose. We must THINK WITHOUT EMOTION, analytically and strategically to be able to counter their moves. You are either on the frontlines or the sidelines. Good post.

  3. @DOAN

    I digress from the topic you’ve typed, but have you seen that evil cave white nurse from the U.K.? She was murdering newborn babies, I guarantee you those babies who have were murdered by the hands of that evil demonic white nurse were all black and brown babies born to People of color and immigrants. Nothing is safe right now we’re in a spiritual warfare and a race war with the recessive demonic race. This world or reality we live in is literally hell on earth, because of white people.

  4. “A televised event” they always do this to raise the emotion/ energy in us. We have to quit falling for these traps. A lot of the stuff be made up.

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