Observations of an Invisible Woman

Dear Diary #11

One of the things I love about being so innocuous, so harmless looking, is how easily people tell me things.

My growth and development has depended enormously on understanding the hueman condition  and why people do the things that they do. My co-worker, another farmer, let’s call this person “X”, came up to me to air out her frustrations at the world.

She not happy right now ’cause things are changing too fast for her liking. Too many Mexicans are coming over here with free money, free housing, free training, free everything and it’s all being paid for by the “hard-working ‘Mericans of this country.”

I listened as she told me that her grandparents were so poor, they had to catch their own food in the woods. So poor that they had a little radio for entertainment and a pair of socks on her birthday was a great gift.

She lamented on how her one brother almost died from a tragic farming accident and there was no money to get medicines but “those people” get free stuff. I nodded silently as though I really gave a fuck and she continued to rant about how Trump needed MORE support to throw “these foreigners outta here” and rebuild ‘Merica to its former greatness.



Me: But didn’t your folks come here from Germany?

X: Yeah but we did it the “right” way through Ellis Island.

Me: When they got here and spoke no English and had no money, who helped them to acquire farm land?


She turned and looked at me from hair to sandal.

She took a step closer to me allowing me to see that one eye was a bit greener than the other and almost faded freckles splattered across the bridge of her narrow, bony nose.  She was a most startling contrast to my brownness and softness.

Then she spoke showing crooked teeth.


X: Ya know…the people that should get pregnant aren’t and the ones that shouldn’t even be allowed to mate are popping them out left and right.


This is the moment I’ve been waiting for! 


Me: You mean like drug users?  ( I so love to play dumb and can do it better than Britney Spears )


X: I don’t mean to sound racist but certain people should be sterilized. Look at my friend who graduated at the top of her class. Her IQ is about 140! Her and her husband are dying for a baby and they’re BOTH infertile!! Can you imagine that? They own a beautiful home and make tons of money and would give the child the best education possible but they can’t conceive.

Meanwhile, other folks are popping ’em out and can’t even buy diapers! Who ends up paying for that? Me! I support Trump and hopes he builds that wall.


Me: I see.


I nodded slowly as if I was taking it in. My face remained unchanged and I gave no evidence of my “Gotcha, you bitch!” moment.


Me: Well, in the end, only the Powers of Nature gets to decide who and what they want on this planet, right?


She looked at me then went back to her own stand and rearranged her perfect array of fresh dill. I peeked at her, looking at her bony profile, and felt a tiny and surprising tidbit of pity.  Sometimes I shock myself at the level of pity, however fleeting,  I feel for this tormented white race. How awful it must feel to know that you’re dying and there’s nothing, nothing, you can do except rant and grow angrier and more violent.

Between the opioid pandemic, yes…it’s worldwide, the meth craze, suicides, school shootings, sun cancer, low sperm count in 20 year old males, difficulty getting pregnant after the age of 30 for females, multiple miscarriages, erectile dysfunction in 30 year olds, interracial sex that’s literally changing the entire face of Eastern Europe and death rituals being conducted by our Priests and Priestesses ( I’m buddies with one in Louisiana and she tells me of the horrific accidents that only they have ) is it no wonder that they are in full panic mode?

The one thing that still baffles me though is their blatant refusal to acknowledge their Karma. Everyone sees it. Everyone called it. Everyone told them that “your day is a-comin'”. Everyone begged them, for centuries even, to make the playing field more equal lest their progeny suffer.

And yet they continue to deny what is obvious to everyone.

Michael Bradley, a white researcher, foretold of this as their (his) Inheritance.

If he saw it, why can’t they?







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9 thoughts on “Dear Diary #11

  1. Baron Samedi on said:

    This is so true; what some people don’t realize is that those who classify as white are albanoids, a mutation of a mutation. So it’s no surprise that their gene pool is rife genetic defects bc of their small numbers and inbreeding. Also the spiritual factor; you reap what you sow. You sow evil, it will come back to you times three. Now is their day of reaping. This is the most critical time for melanated people; our enemies (albanoids) are very vendictive, with a “if we die, we all die” mentality. It’s time for us to close ranks and be on guard for even more violence.

  2. epiphaney33 on said:

    The time for these edomites to receive their karma has been longgg over-due. Power only respects MORE power as the teachings and writings of Sun Tzu has shown us. Before we go into battle with an enemy, we must learn all that we can about them. Our black people have had over 400 years to “learn” our enemy, yet many of us still refuse to do so. Too many of US are “emotionally driven” and will not engage our critical thinking skills. Jared Taylor, a known white supremist thinks that it is better to WIN, than to be morally right. This speaks volumes and maybe, just maybe, more of US will abandon the mind-set of the guvment and it’s systems is gon take care of me. When we were considered cattle and chattel, white supremacy had very little problem feeding, clothing and putting a roof over our heads. Post so-called emancipation, all bets were off because we were now “free.” I have always found it bewildering that many of our people have accepted as well as feed into our so-called second class citizenship. And the lowest of the low, illegal aliens are perceived as the “new labor force,” partly due to racial prejudice and partially due to the cheap labor and under-cutting that illegal aliens provide. Truthfully, illegal aliens have displaced black labor and, are helping to ensure that Blacks are moving to a permanent position on the economic ladder because many illegal aliens are white identified, seek white validation and approval. Blacks have always been a warrior class. We have went back to the blue-print and realized that we need to build, manufacture and head our own communities. Also stop buying product from other ethnicities that only head our way to economically exploit us. And half of us suffer from “material therapy” knowing dam well that you cannot afford something, yet front to be perceived as ghetto fab. Last time that I checked, I see NOTHING positive about living in abject poverty. Nothing.
    That wall that Trump has promised? It is possible that it will never be a reality. Clashing of social classes is what politicians and bureaucrats live for. For in this capitalistic society, the proletariat must always serve the bourgeois. Lastly, no one is giving us anything. And that includes Reparations that many are thinking will be ultimately paid out. Monies have been paid out, only not to US. And will go “on a ballot,” before it is disbursed. Watch.

  3. @ Baron

    Up here, they’ve been multiple “almost” shootings with “good white kids that suffer from mental illness” to the point that even their own kind are pulling their children out of school.

    The planet is in Retrograde so we’re going back to the beginning. Things will get bumpy so hang in there.

  4. @ Epiphaney

    Do you think that Trump was put into office to lead whites to their own destruction? I dreamed of this…a white knight who’s so blatant in his racism that he’s almost comical yet they love him because he represents them.

  5. qnubian528 on said:

    The good thing they do it’s just complain for everything, I like how that dumb lady said “sterilize”,they always have in their mind these word “destroy”,
    “kill”,”remove”,”war”,”genocide” “invent”new powerful diseases in their laboratory
    to wipe out inter people!
    That woman should check her ass before being so hypocrite,their problems aren’t only their genetic struggle and compete with other cultures who have more babies than them,the truth is they like be drug addict,on drug prescription and also her people don’t want have kids before they have f##k everyone and everything before that time is coming!
    Yeah her people like have fun and sleep with everyone when in the same time they infect or have been infected with some disease!
    Why she doesn’t talk how in reality they don’t have desire to have children or family?
    The majority of them think only about have more money as much as they can,work career,nice houses,nice cars,casual sex,fun and more fun!
    She should realize despite all the lies that the media promote the white family model doesn’t exist,because WM and WW aren’t attract to each other so how they can have kids? She can stick her hypocrite ass somewhere!

  6. @ qnubian


    I’ve noticed that too. They marry for money purposes not for actual love and attraction.

  7. epiphaney33 on said:

    Negress, I agree. For that almighty dollar IS their God and everything is predicated on money and power. I have ALWAYS believed that these edomites have no SOUL.

  8. Robert Sanchez on said:

    I liked your response that only God, Mother Nature or the universe ultimately decides who lives, who dies and who reproduces. Ends a lot of needless debate, discussion and argument. I need to remember that. When a Trump supporter tells you of all the good things he has done one should say, “I can’t wait until he works on this nation’s fertility and low sperm counts.”

  9. Just a note – black women (and men) ALSO experience infertility. For black women, it can be particularly difficult because it is shrouded in shame. The assumption is, for various reasons, that we black women are infinitely fertile. That is far from the truth and it also gets worse after age 30. As an example, there are various online support groups for black women experiencing infertility – this is NOT just a white woman’s disease. Peace and blessings.

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