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Why Are Whites Worried About Becoming a Minority?

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11 thoughts on “Why Are Whites Worried About Becoming a Minority?

  1. angel9loveu on said:

    Well he said alot of nothing.It’s not surprising the the words that come out of their mouths are no different than hot air that comes out their ass.Both sound like farts.But he seems worried with their usual jibber jabber about their overly inflated fragile ego.
    They’re feeling the heat.Hence why they’re even messing with the weather again.You would think a bunch of cowards so scared of the heat would try to change to miss their eternal hell fire.But they’re too stupid to figure that out.

  2. He just really wants to say, I don’t want to become a minority because I don’t want a taste if retribution. Talking a whole heap of shit. Just be transparent

  3. qnubian528 on said:

    I believe that ” your own actions past,present and future decided your own destiny!”
    I don’t care about their problems,instead to be focused on us,they should be worried about themselves because the reality it’s they are their real enemies!
    Now it’s too late to redeem,they decided long time ago to be oppressors,the only thing they can do is just “sit and watch” their failure!

  4. @ All

    Here’s the thing though.

    If racism doesn’t exist and minorities are just making things up, they should have nothing to fear.

  5. They are blinded by fictional tales.

    So sad, such a waste.

    I just pray to develop my full spiritual powers before the race wars start here in the U.S.

  6. Black Obsidian on said:

    They’re too weak for all that. Melanted ppl around the world is getting tired of pretending and social media and everything white folk has kept hidden is triggering us to wake up and ignore their ways. White folk need us to believe in them but it’s not working. All that hate is really self hate and they are KILLING themselves faster than ever. They are anxiety ridden because in their cells it’s telling them to kill themselves. They got so much genetic illnesses and allergic to life pretty much. I can only see an all out race war if we really think they are superior. We fallen spiritually this is how they were able to rule in the first place. But right now it’s important to align with nature and reality because to play on their game is to play in their fictional reality that they are actually something significant. When we get aligned with the earth and nature, nature will kill them with truth. Cuz that’s what I am seeing they hate nature because nature shows us what’s real

  7. @ black obsidian

    Excellent points.

    Funny how social media is working AGAINST them.

  8. @diaryofanegress have you heard of the website http://www.realhistoryww.com ?
    Ot explains how they are really Albinos and black men created the race by long ago having sex with the women cheating on their black wives while they were going to Europe. It seems that black men got us into this mess. This is why I am starting not to care anymore it’s a waste.
    Black women turned into that Royal wedding by the millions so proud that a biracial albino got married to a white Prince.

    Any fighting for black people is at this point a waste.

    I’m getting a new hobby.

  9. Robert Sanchez on said:

    He says he was born in the early 80s, sounds as if he were born in the early 50s. Guess things and attitudes are handed down. His whole take on nonwhite treatment in this country is extreame cherry picking. If he doesn’t want whites to become a minority he needs to tell whites to stop over doseing on opioids and start having more babies. With lower white sperm counts world wide he can’t blame ot all on radical feminists or Jewish abortion doctors. A lot of white victimhood. They should take their own advice and stop complaining and pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

  10. Negress you said it now its here an openly admitted pedophile running for congress.

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