Observations of an Invisible Woman

Protect and Serve Act



Thank you “X” for this video.


It’s gonna get worse, folks.


Summer’s almost here. Time to ramp up our Rituals.

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2 thoughts on “Protect and Serve Act

  1. Damn skippy. I got a dandy coming up to ruin the royal wedding on next Saturday 5/19. Here’s a snippet from my blog post about the astrology. Work in progress…..

    “Think the psycho parasitic elite haven’t planned that date of the upcoming “royal” marriage for a reason? It’s on Saturday (Saturn’s day or Satan’s day) 5/19 one day before the sign of Taurus the bull/Orion of money ends. Mars will have just moved into Aquarius giving them more energy in the Age of Aquarius we are presently in. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn again and also Uranus the planet of chaos. Mercury, the lower octave of Uranus will also be in Taurus and trine Saturn in Capricorn where it is home….more communication about money, power and false authority or government. Jupiter in Scorpio (expansion of transformation) will be trining Neptune in Pisces (subconscious selflessness). Most importantly, however, is that Venus will be moving into Cancer with the Moon where the Moon is home and opposite Pluto in Capricorn. That’s three planets in their home signs: Saturn in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces and Moon in Cancer. It’s the Saturn-Moon Matrix that David Icke talks about. It’s more power for them since people keep worshiping them to their own demise. Royalty has no power. They are merely used as symbols to keep the Rothschild and their ilk in power.”

    These people are all animals in humanoid flesh bodies created either with black magick or thru genetic manipulation by some entity that hates God so much that it created a race of people to make his people suffer. Yes I know God is not a man or a woman but rather the great he-she just not in that way ūüôā

    Also this wedding also ties back to the inbred wedding of cousins William and Kate. They may even go so far as to sacrifice Queen Elizabeth because she cannot control her transforming into a reptile in public anymore because of the increased UVC radiation from RA!!!!! From William and Kate you can go back further and see how it ties into the murder or Princess Di. They know what is in our collective subconscious so they re-enact it using these crackazoids and then because many of us still worship the mythical Jesus it sends them our energy so they stay in power instead of us rising by worshiping our own gods and ancestors that live within. Hell fam I practice Neterianism, Gnosticism, Yoruba and a little Buddhism and Hindusim but understand KEMET FOREVER!!!!!!! Fuck Wakanda……..

    Understand fam that WE ARE THE DAMN ROYALTY!!!! These maggot faggots pulled a Trading Places on us during the fall of Kemet. Kemet is in America not Egypt and it is rising again!!!!!! Everything in Egypt is fake including the pyramids and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Everything is here and has been put in museums we never visit, sent to the Vatican to be stored in the catacombs of the pedophiles, is hidden in plain sight like a strangely shaped mountain when they are really OUR ancient cities, simply covered up and/or destroyed or labeled as federal lands off limits to us. Do you see what the hell is going on now?!?!?!? You cannot keep us asleep forever!!!!!!! We rise!!!!!!!!!

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