Observations of an Invisible Woman

And So It Continues…

There’s always a tiny few that email me on my views.

There’s always a tiny few that quote the bible and how I should forgive and “let go” of the past.

Then as if by magic, someone sends me an email, a video, a link and all doubt is removed.


I was homeschooled once I became awakened  and never looked back.

This is what is going to happen MORE and MORE as blacks OUTPERFORM whites in their own territory:




Did you see the look of satisfaction on the cops face as he KNEW she did indeed live there but harassed her anyway?

And once again the white female is the culprit.


Please pass this on and let this be known by all Melanin Peoples.




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6 thoughts on “And So It Continues…

  1. I’ve seen so much Black Excellence lately either being denied or overlooked until I just write it off as hate, jealousy or the Bigfoot syndrome. They don’t believe it exist no matter the evidence. We gotta keep uplifting ourselves for ourselves and the hate be damned.

  2. The white woman has always been more dangerous than white men historically. She is the one who spews our enemy from between her legs.

  3. Yes Negress, it will continue. As you said they feel threatened. There are more blacks attending college in Oxford University over in England. I suspect that the hatred will get more intense with the 400 year anniversary of the first slaves arriving here in America next year. President Trump signed H.R.1242 commemorating the achievements of blacks, but by no means does this let them off the hook. Glad you are back GOD BLESS

  4. Hello, I’ve been following you for a while and could never comment until I made an account. Well… I finally did so here I am. I think you really are onto something, you are profoundly in tune to this matrix and all of the deviltry unmasked. I hope to share some of my knowledge too, and to help get others thinking. Thank you for all the enjoyable reads, and the mental stimulation. I love your work, and please keep up the great work!

  5. I love your state of mind. You are truly connected to the source

  6. qnubian528 on said:

    Back planet will rise again!

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