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Heatwave and the Power of TransMutation


Did I ever tell you about my little experiment one weekend?

I read an article once on TransMutation. Basically changing from one element, species etc, to another at will and back again. A good example of this is her:


Image result for mystique gif

TransMutation can also mean ABSORBING something, say negative or bad emotions, and changing the negativity into a positive energy by tapping into your Chakras and your Third Eye. One night, I decided to try it. I never thought it would really work but curiosity got the best of me.

I set up my Spiritual Altar just the way I like it and proceeded to:

Bathe with salt soap, washing my hair all the way down to the soles of my feet

Drink my energy infused tea

Burn Cedar, which is a powerful Male Element ruled by Fire and Earth

Light my candles

Sit with my offerings in front of my Altar

And meditate

I simply thought about what I’d like to accomplish, which is to take all the nasty, negative energies I’ve received and trans-mutate that negativity into a potent fear-inducing aura. In other words, I’d like to inspire fear and anxiety to those I wish just by simply being.

No words.

No gestures.

Just by existing.

I sat and meditated on this for many, many minutes til I lost track of time and began to feel a floating sensation all around me. The tiny hairs on the nape of my neck stood erect and my arms were littered with goosepimples. When I opened my eyes at last, it was past my bedtime and I needed to sleep.

The next morning, I awoke feeling high and strangely wired.

I slept deeply and had no dreams at all, which was odd for me. I plaited my long locs into two braids parted in the middle and tied them with a feathered twine at the ends.

I wasn’t really hungry that morning so I skipped my meal and just had tea. As I ventured out, my mind was whirling. I felt energized. Almost manic. But still able to concentrate and was exceptionally calm. At the marketplace, the man at the front entrance collecting the cash saw me, locked eyes and quickly looked away.

As I went closer to him, he took a step back, collected my money, making sure he didn’t touch my fingers, gave me my ticket and quickly left. That was just the beginning.

Would you like to know how my day went?

NOT ONE person approached me.


I was my usual calm, laid back self.

Just sitting there, looking at the early morning sky with a bit of moon still visible, enjoying the bustle of farm life and farm smells. A man who was unloading his meat truck turned around slowly to look at me then lowered his hat further onto his huge forehead, turned, gave me his back and proceeded to take his time unloading his meats and sausages.

I sat there looking at them trying hard not to look at me. I looked at my reflection in my pocket mirror. No hideous transformation had taken place. I was still me. I checked for fangs and horns. Nope. None there. Yet everyone keenly avoided me. Patron after patron passed my stand with nary a glance in my direction. It was as if I didn’t exist.

Since the selection of Donald Trump, the police have been surveying the area much more often and pulling over the tiny but growing black population up here in Farm Town. Today, they passed me, scurried away, refused to look at me, wanted nothing to do with me.

I went home, penniless by the way, not one dime was made and I wondered how I would afford to buy fuel. I thought about what I had done, the impact of it all and how to do it again and turn it off AT WILL.

Black Family, you are not powerless on this earth.

Your secret weapon is the nourishment that lies in your skin, hair, nails and your inner organs. Your Ether is your strength and your weakness. Use the power of the Sun to charge yourself and weaponize yourself.

For those of you that are “heightened”, let me ask you a question:

Ever go into a public place with your senses at 100% and watch just how uncomfortable everyone becomes in your presence?

This is why they call the police.

This is why they see you just sitting in your car, doing absolutely nothing and feel the need to open fire.

This is why your very presence threatens their existence.

Dr. Welsing was correct indeed about the unconscious fear of genetic annihilation but I personally believe that there’s a Spiritual Component to their hatred of you, Black Family. You have the power to do ANYTHING you wish with just a mere thought.

That in of itself is enough to inspire intrepid fear, no?


Why do you think they continuously tell you who you are in film:





I’ve witnessed the power of the Melaninated Mind at work. The fright it brings when concentration brings forth results that defy explanation:


Image result for melanin


We just have to tap into it, surrender control and allow it to manifest itself in this realm.

This summer, which is right around the corner, I’d like you, Black Family, to join in a concentrated Melanin-Rich Meditation Session based around the Sun. Meditate on your deepest desires and watch them come to fruition.


Of course they can harm you physically.

Fire you from jobs, torment you at work and spy on you in your yard and yes, kill you with their beloved guns. All these things are trivial in the grand scheme of things and are done to make you lose control. When you don’t give in and tap into your power, they lose.


Let’s mediate on it and see what happens.










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7 thoughts on “Heatwave and the Power of TransMutation

  1. Maakheru. This works. I charge my eumelanin each and every day the Sun is out and even when it isn’t because the energy still comes through the clouds. I’m darker now than I have ever been and I can feel the presence of that oneness that we all share. My Mars is in Aries so I am a born spiritual warrior and my Sun is in Aquarius so I am always coming up with new ways to hurt the pink people. Even when standing in line I focus my melanic energy and shape it into weapons to attack whites and make them sick. I try to give them cancer. I walked past one walking dead pinkie at CVS and made her trip and almost collapse on the floor….ALL WITH THE INTENT OF MY THOUGHTS.


    VERDICT?!?!? ETERNAL DEATH!!!!!!!!!!

    Screw peace. WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. And don’t forget Sekhmet. I’m doing my death ritual right now. I do it every Sunday am while blacks are throwing away their souls on that mythical Jesus……not only to hurt pink skins but to awaken these fools out of their collective ignorance. This should be a good one today. I’m in Florida so lots of Sun almost every day. Time to charge and burn these devils up.

  3. @ Djelari

    You made her trip?

    Well damn.

  4. Hetep Sis.
    Great post. We could really turn the tide if our folks just believe. Thankfully, it is not going to take a whole lot of us to do it. The goddesses and gods have awakened.

  5. @ Kam

    That and the fact that the ones standing in our way are perishing right before our very eyes.

  6. I think I’ve noticed this happen with myself. There’s so many things I think about wanting & I always end up getting it. If I’m at a job & there’s someone there that bothers me & makes me feel uneasy, they end up leaving the place or getting fired almost immediately after me thinking that I didn’t like how they made me feel. I didn’t want to think it was me doing this with my mind because I didn’t want to feel like I was crazy or that the universe revolves around me. But now after reading this, I know for sure that it’s true & that I can make a lot of things happen simply by thinking it.


  7. @ sparkling thoughts

    Imagine yourself getting the job/ pay you wish and watch it happen.

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