Observations of an Invisible Woman

For the Love of Black Coffee


In 2014, a former co-worker wrote in a Facebook post that she wished Hylton was still in the store to help her translate for customers who only spoke Spanish 




I wasn’t gonna even do this but my phone blew up over the last 2 days so here goes.


Are we surprised?

Are we shocked that it’s…


Are we surprised that black people will still go there and support this company?

Are we shocked…I’ll stop now.


Black people,

Black power isn’t a raised fist.

It’s intra-racial buying power.

When we finally learn this, they’ll go away.

When we spend our (current) TWO TRILLION dollars on each other, they’ll go away.

When we bypass them and look for us, they’ll go away.

When we stop asking them to love us and learn to love ourselves, they’ll go away.

When we channel our energy towards each other in a loving way and stop throwing it away to everyone else, they’ll go away.


Boycott these companies and watch them fail like H&M.


Pass this on and spread the info.




In case you think whites give a fuck about your feelings:


Police officers monitor activity outside as protesters demonstrate inside the Starbucks store where the two men were arrested last Thursday


Faithfully guarding their own.







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10 thoughts on “For the Love of Black Coffee

  1. Beautiful post! You said it all. Thanks Negress!

  2. Starbucks coffee is crap anyway. Grind your own at the store or at home and taste the difference. Anything roasted like that is not healthy for melanated people anyway but the devil dog can and will eat and drink anything since they have no connection to nature. We need separation and separation cannot happen without land. We cannot have land without unity….unity of dollars, unity of mission, unity of consciousness. If not then I’m just going to 10 acres in Tennessee or maybe North Carolina and do it myself since we continue to not trust each other. They key to defeating whites is singular: Black Unity…….not all blacks…..just all conscious blacks. It’s time to summon the Sekhmet inside of you. She is that burning fire that purges the past from our minds and promotes our economic unity.

    Whites know this is our homeland (after the continents separated) which is why they reneged on the 40 acres and a mule. Why do we even ask them for anything at all? Asking for anything more than once is begging. That’s pathetic. I’d rather starve than beg them for anything because they poison our food and water anyway. Consider it a fast. It’s good for you. They will never pay us what is owed and in return they insist we shut up and forget about slavery because “everyone gets paid except you cursed ass niggers”. The only curse on this planet is Eurotrash demelanated simian crackazoid crackheads. Their death is imminent.

  3. @ Prince

    Much appreciated.

  4. @ Djelari

    Land is a must!

    I have some and got it cheap. Having a homestead should be on everyone’s list and farm animals, even simple ducks, chickens, quail is a necessity.

    I urge you to grab it while you can and begin slow working on your garden. IF you must go at it alone, so be it.

  5. You hit it on the nail! One day, people will wake up. One day.

    Thanks Negress.

  6. So it was melanin deficient, pig skin, pork rind demonic ogress, honkstress who caused this massive racial civil uproar!? Well what did every black person expect this is who they’re?! White people are savage demonic animals they won’t change they always have they always will be. It’s time for separation and it’s time for black people to establish their own black settlements, and don’t give your hard earned black dollars to people who patronize you!

  7. @Djelari Ghana

    I find it ludicrous from these melanin deficient cave demons to troll black people who demand separation from the evil white race, telling us “If we separate you don’t have good places to eat or drink from, you’ll starve”, I forgot to mention white people put nasty stuff in the foods or drinks they serve to black people, all because of the coons who forced themselves in integration, and believe in the fantasy that those cave demons are the same, and another bullshit these devils say to demean, impede black people “Most black businesses are not successful anyway, blacks can’t help each other”. These cave demons are so obsessed they want to humiliate black people and benefit from black opression, black societal prejudice, racism! We call white people the devil for a good reason.

  8. @ All

    My friend called me last bight to tell me Starbucks will be closing all of their locations soon ( I forgot the date ) to give something called Bias Training…whatever that is.

    Ignore this feeble attempt at damage control and refrain from buying their coffee. I make coffee at home in my percolator and it’s delicious and I can customize it to my own preference.

    Buy your own beans from the Diaspora and support us.

  9. Let’s be honest most of our or should I say a lot of our folk don’t really want white people to fall. All they want to do is march (cry) and ask them to be let in the door. Nobody wants to put the work in to build from the ground up. And no matter how many times they spit in our face, we just turn the other cheek. It’s quite sickening. We need a code amongst us that we MUST live by. I know you’ve written things before. We need a code that is only known by us. Not written anywhere. And if it is written. The person receiving the code HAVES to burn it and leave no evidence. But Imma quit putting it out there. I’m giving them too much. Best believe they read you’re site more than we do. SMH

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