Observations of an Invisible Woman

The KAMTA Primer by Derric Moore

It’s been awhile, no?

I’ve received several letters asking me what have I been up to for the last few months. Well, I usually take a much needed winter break to rest my soul, mind and body after a long planting and harvest season. This past winter, my days were filled with snow and ice and my nights were filled with wine and a roaring fire.

And a stellar book called Kamta by Derric Moore.

I began my Spiritual journey over twenty years ago. It was fraught with intense pain, confusion and the one constant companion I’ve had my entire life. Anger. I began life angry before I could identify it. I knew something wasn’t right with this world but couldn’t explain it. Anger became my best friend and lead me to solitude and anti-social behaviours which I still exhibit today. Despite the fact that Anger is thought of as a “negative” emotion, it served me well throughout my life.

It prompted me to do better, to try harder, to excel in areas where others foretold my failure. It made me develop a rock hard, alligator thick skin and an air of aloofness that many mistake as nonchalance. I was able to become invisible in public and that became my greatest strength. People chatted freely around me, spilling secrets, showing their true selves and to my benefit, I soaked it up like a thirsty sponge and began my blogging career.

Being black and female and NOT falling into traps in a place like America, is perhaps one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do in my entire life. Everyone, of all races and religions and both genders, came for me. Even the elderly. As if my ambition threatened them at the ripe age of 80. This eventually took its toll and I dropped out of the system as best as I could fearing my sanity was slipping away.

The wonderful thing about hitting rock bottom is the only way out is up.

KAMTA explains this beautifully.

I was contacted by my fellow blogger and friend asking me to read his book and write an honest review. I was deeply humbled that a poor, simple, island farmgirl was honoured with this request.

KAMTA is a well written, well-explained book on the whys of life. It explains, metaphysically, why some of us are able to properly manifest our desires and some aren’t. It tells a tale, with raw and heartfelt honesty, about the reason some of us live embedded in the lower chakras :


Image result


and how The Universe responds to those actions.

Take a look at the Chakras in the picture.

Can you imagine an existence solely based on Primal Need?

Imagine being around a person that lives their life for love of money. For Insatiable Greed. Pulse pounding Sexual Desire. Blood Thirsty Envy. Ignorant Arrogance and Raw Destructive Anger. What kind of energy would that person emit?

What kind of parents would they turn out to be?

Imagine that person having dominion over others.

What kind of leader would they be?

And finally, how do you think the Great Mother/Father would respond to them through the Ether?

Remember when I stated that I am the First Cause? That means that I make choices based on my Free Will. Those choices then come with (negative) consequences or (positive) rewards. I’ve been subjected to both blinding pain and toe curling pleasure based on bad and good choices. But here’s the funny thing about life on this planet that KAMTA explains quite well.

I would have never learned how sweet a ripe apple tastes unless I experienced a sour one. I couldn’t have loved my tiny home more til I experienced the fright of near homelessness. I appreciate my fireplace every winter once I lived through a freezing January with no heat. And I couldn’t have found some measure of healing til I had the displeasure of being wounded.

And for those that write to me constantly and ask me how I’m “managing with things with all these new laws in place”

I’m fine.

I’ve always been fine.

Even in my darkest moments with my most formidable foe, I’m fine.

And you’re (all of you, Black Family) will be fine too. We weathered the storm and those that were meant to survive did and the rest returned to the Spirit World. Life can be painful and experiences can hurt tremendously but the key is to learn from them and to reach a higher level of vibration.

For those of you that need deeper understanding of self and how to tap into your own power, I highly recommend this heartfelt book by Derric Moore.


Amazon link below and please leave a review to help build our family up:





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5 thoughts on “The KAMTA Primer by Derric Moore

  1. Casie Price on said:

    Your presence has been missed. I want to thank you for the meditation (during the summer solstice). I can see so clearly.

  2. @ Casie

    Much appreciated.

    I can see so much results as well. Mercury is in Retrograde. Time to make your demands heard by the Great One.

  3. @DOAN Welcome back Queen! 👸🏾🖤🌷🌹🌺🌸💐

    It’s been awhile, it’s good to see you back! Alot of incidents have occured lately! Some of it is good and some of it is detrimental to our black progress. But optimism is in the air, DOAN I implore you and everyone pro black to watch this video whenever I came across a white person that I dispise and loathe, I remember and I go to watch this video.

  4. @ W.C.D.V.

    Much appreciated.

    Cyn, doesn’t mince words, does she?

  5. Tino's World on said:

    I was doing research for my Thesis and found a comment of yours about slavery in America. It blew me all the way away. I wanted to ask to visit my page and tell me what your thoughts are?
    Thank you In Advance

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