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2018: A Time to Get Serious

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A 2017 closes in, I become somber and think about my wins, my defeats and lessons learned. Some lessons were sweet and delightful and much appreciated. Some were harsh and painful and very needed. Life on this planet is about learning and healing and growing and the worst thing in the world to me, at this point in time, is to remain stagnant.

Black Family, there’s no easy way to say this but you, The Originals, are being marked for extermination. Claud Anderson screamed his head off for about 50 years trying to get us to form a community where we have:

A food source ( multiple actually)

A source of water


Child care

A form of neighbourhood watch

A steady job network where we employ EACH OTHER

And a mentality of Do-For-Self


He warned us that we were being “weeded out” by the new wave of immigrants that were being ALLOWED to come here with a job in hand and a place to stay. And he told us that, soon, robotics will phase us out in the food service and housecleaning sector.

And after decades of yelling, all we did was nod and raise our black fist and murmur something about Marcus Garvey then go home and watch TV.

Donald Trump is being prepped for Impeachment so Pence can take his place. A brilliant plan in the minds of white supremacy. One female blogger emailed me privately to tell me that was “The Plan” all along and they needed the dominant society, whites, to go along with it.

If/when Pence comes in, I honestly believe there will be an “incident” that will lead some some type of Martial Law:

A hurricane

A flooding

A mass shooting

A racially induced event that will push the ALREADY angry white population to the brink of more insanity. Race relations are a known favourite tactic and it works like a charm, especially when it involves black man/ white woman. O.J. Simpson anyone?

I venture out quite a bit and I am telling you that whites are suffering under the Trump administration. They are losing everything, and I mean EVERYTHING…and the rage is growing. They are hearing us say that we, the “inferior” ex-slaves, want nothing to do with them. They are smiling at us and their smiles are not being returned.

They are sexually soliciting us and are being rejected. They are seeing us with nice clothes, cars, well kept houses, pretty jewelry and budding businesses as they gaze at their own dilapidated homes with drug addicted spouses. And one thought enters their minds:

“What the hell is going on? Niggers have more than us now?”

This white mindset of extreme ENTITLEMENT, mixed with Anxiety-ridden FEAR, swirled with boiling RAGE equals major problems for us. They are openly claiming that they “rescued” us from the dregs of The Rainforest and gave us the American Dream and we’ve proven to be UNGRATEFUL to them. This ire that they exhibit is a manifestation of their mentality.

The force of Nature that we called God/ Nature has decided that the white man’s/ white woman’s time on this planet is OVER.

Do NOT think for one second that they do not know this because they do. I FEEL it on their minds when I pass them on the street. This is why Trump was so welcomed by them. He promised to “fix” things for them and them ALONE.

White people, regardless of their bravado, are bone chillingly TERRIFIED of the future. They know they’ve done us wrong over and over and over. They know they could’ve fixed this situation so everyone has an equal chance and then maybe, MAYBE, we would have forgiven them and started anew.

But their insatiable greed for power prevented them from joining the Life Cycle of Nature. They have chosen to exist outside of the Ecosystem and are now clinging on for dear life.

Pence will usher in a New World Order where this movie comes to mind:

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For those of you that haven’t seen The Purge, please do so.

Did you know that Jamaica now has a new Identification system? Yes, black family, they now need a sample of blood and a National ID to travel. This is being tested on the Islands first before it comes to the U.S.

Did you know that Haitians are being rounded up and sent back to Haiti where they will perish under conditions implemented by the Clinton Foundation?

Are you aware that Puerto Ricans, the dark coloured ones, are drinking fecal water and eating junk food while the white ones have vegetables and fresh meat given to them by their mayor? Black Family, we have NO friends. We are alone on this planet where everyone has to gain from our demise. I’ve watched numerous non-black Coloureds cling desperately to white supremacy with their thick accents and ultra brown skin and silk garments. I seen them openly kiss up to whites as whites look on in a fascinating mix of contempt, pity and amusement.

Self preservation is their driving force. Survival by any means necessary.

When will we implement the same driving force?


You were warned…



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6 thoughts on “2018: A Time to Get Serious

  1. We have been warned many times and from many sources…..even whites themselves. The ones who listen are already prepared. Those who are not never will be. FEAR is false evidence appearing real. There is no reason for Gods to fear the Devil. Our thoughts create our reality. That is why whites are dying out. We are thinking them into non-existence in accordance with our own prophecy that we are fulfilling for ourselves. We are not separate from God just because we are in temporary physical bodies. Whites live one life and die like an insect. We are eternal people. I would much rather go down fighting. I take time each and every day to focus mental and spiritual energy into the extermination of whites. I do altar rituals, mantras, Kemetic execrations against Set and Apep, etc. This collective energy will annihilate whites in a few years from now…..but it’s always darkest before dawn.

    Notice how Trump playing to his “base” by sending announcing end of TPS for Haitians right when 1804 movie came out? Also right when Mugabe deposed in Zimbabwe. Any attempt at black liberation is met with the most intense, swift and harsh aggression. They know black liberation = white death….even if only instinctively. Whites are animals so they only operate out of the reptilian brain and the lower three chakras of fear, greed, perversion and control. How do I know they are not humans? Because we made them near the end of Kemet and the genetic experiment went awry and here we are. Our punishment was what we have been experiencing. Never screw around with DNA is the lesson and whites will never learn it. We are gods in flesh but we are not the Supreme until we reach that level.

    Understand we have NO friends because we do not befriend each other. You cannot have friends of other races until you are a friend of your own. Those phony friends will laugh at you behind your back because your race is so weak and pathetic. The Haitian national motto is “L’union fait la force” For those that do not speak any French that means Unity is our strength!!!!! or Strength through unity!!!!!!! Without it we all fail. All we can do is dog paddle until we die and then reincarnate to this same mess all over again.

    Whites cannot exterminate us because God would never allow its own extermination because then nothing would exist except the absolute where the Supreme exists. What they can do is keep upping the ante of fear. Even whites have said there is nothing to fear but fear itself. We can survive just fine without Jewish Federal Reserve debt notes (it’s not real money) if we unite and pool our resources. Anything else will result in the end for most us. It’s time to grow up people. Destiny awaits. It is time to resurrect Osiris (Asar) through Isis (Aset) and give birth to Horus (Heru) so that he can kill Set (coons) and Apep (whites) once and for all.

    Then we can have a party. You don’t party when you’re at war…..unless you’re a fool.

  2. Once again forgot one of my most important points. GIVE UP JESUS PEOPLE!!!!!! It sends energy intended for Heru of Spirit to the white Jesus of materialism that keeps them energetically in power over us. Whites are literally living off of our melanin because we give them a huge dose every Sunday at 11am during that Satanic ritual called church. Black Christians are exterminating the black race just like whites and Jews are attempting to do. God will not allow whites to destroy us (because we ARE God just asleep) but God will definitely allow you to destroy yourself by worshiping false gods of the demons we created in ignorance. We are the parents. They are the children. Their behavior worldwide demonstrates this clearly without a word more being said. Time to grow back up and be the parent family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can’t let a bunch of crazy kids run the damn planet!!!!!!!!

  3. @ Djelari

    A most magnificent response.

    I too do many rituals on our freedom and their demise. As for giving up jesus…

    Many will go down with the ship and I’ve learned that’s a good thing.

  4. dUa neteru……ee em htp.

  5. This is informative but very unsettling. You always come through with great information. You never disappoint Negress. Thank you again ūüôŹūüŹŅ‚̧ԳŹ

  6. You are spot on as usual. I have been directly affected for the worse. I served eleven months of prison time for the worst kind of crime (Mind you I was set up by a pro-Trump white mother) after I taught her child how to read and put puzzles together. She is above average in school thanks to me and her mother seethed with jealousy. They originally wanted me to go away for ten years but had no evidence except a manipulative “confession “ after taking my Miranda rights away during interrogation and bluffing blatantly lying about evidence. KDNA was negative. Karma exists because now they look stupid and show their wickedness for supporting real white male predators. I turned my life around. Regardless of being on parole I have two jobs and going for my Masters in Nutrition and a budding business. I now literally feed the needy and wealthy alike in a very Alt Right County

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