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New America in 2018: A Video of Raw Truth


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Thank you to His Royal Highness for sending me this video.


“New America… as we move forward whites will become more and more unapologetic about their crimes against humanity. They will refuse to be “guilted” out of power. Masking their push for their own white interests will be a thing of the past.


They will increasingly define their vices as virtue, and continue to parade their colonization and conquests as humanitarian aid to an ungrateful world… Their unwavering policy will be reflected in their clear but unspoken sentiment: “look, we stole this land fair and square.” Or in the words of Hillary Clinton, “This is the 21st-century. Get over what happened fifty, one-hundred, two-hundred years ago.”


Let this message be a wake up call to negroes who Believe that the only reason we still remain oppressed is because we have not done enough marching, singing, begging and pleading for whites to recognize their faults. They recognize them even better than we do, and they will not be moved to correct them, instead they are tightening down! and projecting them as virtues. They are recruiting their army, and we’re not even conscious of it.”



I must say I am tickled pink to see this video from a young, white female.

Throughout history white females have been the catalyst for multiple deaths, lynchings, beatings, rapes, the destruction of towns, laws being passed against the interest of blacks and yes, the real ROOT of Jim Crow.

Her innocent appearance and her cries for justice from her own offspring has lead many a nation into ruin. And yet, despite it all, many blacks continue to feel sorry to her, ache to protect her from her own man and will fight to defend her.

Maybe we’ll begin to awaken to the real source of evil when we physically hear her give her white man the command to gun us down in the streets like dogs.

Maybe we’ll begin to awaken to the real source of evil when we physically see her openly plotting to murder us and get away with it then cry great tears of false regret.

During my tenure, the white female has been my most formidable opponent, my deadliest foe and the most underhanded entity I’ve ever met.

I’m awake.

Are you?

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15 thoughts on “New America in 2018: A Video of Raw Truth

  1. Notice they never say who exactly is denigrating them for being white

  2. White females feel entitled to ALL black men. When they get rejected then they get on the KKK wagon. White females are opportunists and nothing more. They have no loyalty nor allegiance to anything or anyone except drugs, sex and money. They are HOLLOW.

  3. @ knutz

    That’s the beauty of it all.

  4. I talk to my boys everyday on how they start a problem then magically make themselves the victim of the same problem they started. White people are deranged.

  5. dilatedmindmind on said:

    Hi negress,
    You should put innocent in quotation marks because in no way is this albino innocent.

  6. BLACKA BLACKA on said:

    This is a race in its death throes scratching and grabbing at nothing, but racist and xenophobic phobic air. That whole “we found and invented everything” is as tired as the bitches that say it. Truth be told this recessive colony of heartless savages are scared and scared people do crazy shit i.e., shoot up the place and kill by the dozens.

  7. “We Europeans built big ships traveled across the oceans used the stars to guide us and we came and we saw and we claimed it”.

    BULLSHIT! All of this purported false discoveries, and inventions that whites brag about they couldn’t have it, nor done if it weren’t for Black people teaching them how to built it, and invent it in the first place!

    This is an ambiguous deceptive video aimed to persuade the world to sensationalize with white people! Whites will continue to be unapologetic about their crimes against hue-manity. Whites will mask their vices as virtues. This caucasoid devil woman in the video is delusional, white females of her kind had birthed historical genocidal figures, who caused the death of millions, white women instill racism and hate in their spawns. White women are deceivers and they’re damned! That’s why the God of this planet is shutting down the wombs of white women! White people are causing their own genocide!

  8. Shekinah Glory Remnant on said:

    The heathens are shook they can smell,feel,taste their end is near.They’re at the They have nothing to lose stage.The US Army is now recruiting the cutters and others with known mental illnesses to build up there numbers .
    Not that they weren’t already recruiting these but now they’re making it known and they don’t care.It’s time for our family to take heed.These heathens kicking and screaming is going into over drive.
    Becky is definitely the catalyst to white supremacy and births destruction but our black men must know the black woman is the only woman they need to protect as she brings forth life .Becky and her white men have always and will always be on the same agenda.The negro woman and men we are all we have no other allies.Whites coming out openly will work in our favor as more stubborn,stiff necks will get a clue and the call they need to wake up!

  9. @25 Black and Alive….YES YES YES 100% to your comment! This is exactly how they are! I have been friends with them and it is 100 percent true. They start problems and when you call them out on it they play the victim. They are also very much into manipulation and passive aggressive abuse tactics.

  10. Watching things like this all day is likely to raise your blood pressure. We already know the score, we need no more proof of it.

  11. You’re welcome lol

  12. qnubian528 on said:

    They are deeply upset and nasty women!
    Non-white men who are in relationships with these nasty don’t know what they will go through!

  13. thefourthangelsbowl on said:

    So true. They are becoming less & less apologetic and more & more racially reprobate. Looking at their past & their refusal to repent of their now generational racism, it’s reality to think that – despite the unimaginable racial atrocities against the People of the Family of Color (POTFOC) they have already committed – we have not seen the worst from them yet. Excellent post, fam.


  14. Nice find. Could barely watch but will try. Tired of hearing ugly tbh.

    But can you add a share on reddit or share on tumblr button? I mean if you want to. Just wanna share your stuff. 🙂

    Off topic, but I’m thinking of looking back to one of those posts you made about what we need to stop doing. Can’t front, it’s so smart.

  15. All of this is so true. I wish more of our people could see it.


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