Observations of an Invisible Woman

What Black People Need to Start Working On for the Future


You’re at home one day and suddenly hear a loud, weird noise. You walk into your kitchen and see the faucet spewing water all over your floors. As you frantically try to mop up the mess, you calculate how much this is going to cost you if the pipes are broken, frozen or you just need new plumbing altogether.

This is where a skilled, licensed plumber comes into play.

I once spoke to a black contractor that told me he was let go from his job BEFORE he could join his union. He told me that they (whites) do this to ALL black contractors so they can keep the white ones employed no matter how lazy they were. His brother, a twenty year mechanic, had the same issues so he opened his own tiny auto body shop in a rented garage.

As whites continue to die off by their own hands, the black community needs to focus on REBUILDING. That means:









Masons (not the Illuminati but the brick layers that make beautiful designs for buildings)

And don’t forget the “sub-specialists”…


Toy makers (blacks have a skyrocketing birth rate)


Tile workers

Air conditioning/ Refrigeration

Blacksmiths (I met one and his iron gates are DIVINE)

Window replacement specialists


Trash removal experts

Lawn/ Tree Specialists

Landscapers ( I met a black female one and her designs are spectacular)

Pest Control/ Mice/ Termite/ Skunks

Chimney Sweep (I learned to clean my own chimney and it is surprisingly EASY but messy work. You’ll need an ash-vac, dust mask and a good washable apron)

Appliance Repair

Simple Carpentry (who doesn’t want a pretty birdhouse or a stunning chicken coop?)



Shoemakers ( my uncle was one of the best)

And finally, I saved the best for last:

FARMERS of ALL varieties.

One of my friends is a beekeeper. She told me of how there’s a LOT of knowledge that must go into this life saving profession but it doesn’t come cheap!!!! You must put forth the money upfront and hope to get a return on your investment in 3-5 years.

“How much?”, was my question.

“Around 500.00 to start…”

Another one is a chicken farmer. Her and her husband sell the hens directly from their coop and charge a pretty penny for free range hens that were fed a steady diet of worms, bugs, brown rice and a bit of corn.

Another black male I met grows mini-kale.

What’s that, you ask?

He cuts it when it’s roughly 3 inches tall when the nutrients are most potent and sells it to vegetarian/ vegan restaurants for a nice chunk of change.

Black Family, the tide has changed for us. I know it may seem that things are getting worse in some aspects but it must get a bit chaotic before it gets better. The time to heal and move forward is now and we must begin to look forward to a brighter future where WE are in control, WE make the changes needed to pass on our legacy and WE decide our own fate.

Never forget your past but the future belongs to Nature’s Children.

Please look into an apprentice program in your area or simply take classes in a trade school where you can use your hands and your imagination to build for yourself.

And when you have all the needed skills, gather your people together and form your own coalition where you make the rules and you set the standard. I work for myself and let me tell you, there is no greater feeling in the world than to control your own business. I eat when I’m hungry not when someones tells me it’s time for lunch. If I’m very tired, I take a nap. I work whilst listening to my music or my radio programs and most of all, I have zero contact with negative energy demonic forces unless I CHOOSE to.

Please pass this on and good luck!


Another great way to make money doing what you love is to have an online TV show where you can teach people to cook, braid hair, sew, apply makeup, etc…But…but…realize that unless YOU control the network they can cancel your show at anytime.




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20 thoughts on “What Black People Need to Start Working On for the Future

  1. Thank you for such an excellent post.

  2. @ yolanda

    Most grateful.

  3. I agree

  4. @DOAN

    Thank you queen for typing this informative article, I applaud you! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👸🏾💐🌹❤️

  5. Beautiful post. What about interior decorators? In my village (in Afrika), I think we need plumbers..

  6. @ moting

    Designers are in high demand. Especially in new high rise buildings. Also building inspectors in always in demand.

  7. Great Post.
    I would also suggest that people just starting off purchase Self-Sufficiency: A Complete Guide to Baking, Carpentry, Crafts, Organic Gardening, Preserving Your Harvest, Raising Animals, and More!

  8. This is a very important post. Sadly enough, there’s so many black people who don’t realize exactly how important all of this is to us. People have been telling us to create & have control over our own things like this for many, many years and we still see very little progress.


  9. @ kam

    Excellent! Thank you.

  10. @ sparkling

    Then leave those folks be and focus on what you can create.

  11. Very true! Thanks!

  12. Shekinah Glory Remnant on said:

    Honestly we’re naturally endowed with these abilities.Black people were the first teachers,judges,elders,healers farmers,scientists,bakers,carpenters,singers dancers,physicians,bankers, astrologers etc…I sat at a piano and put my mind to it,practiced with no teacher just faith and played it like I had been playing forever.The Black Moors taught the heathens (yurugu)to clean themselves and use the toilets.We had advanced civilizations in Africa before they stole from us and destroyed the evidence.We don’t need the heathens dumb downed Zionist farce education all we need is our Creator and Unity amongst our people.

    We are coded with greatness it is in our DNA.You said to focus on the sun when fasting but I do focus on the son.Our adversary the Maschiach,and ALL other things fall in place and in line.Vengeance is His like the sun is His.We can heal ourselves I keep stressing to fast and pray because it takes us beyond earthly limits causing us to depend on only faith which proves that we can do ALL things when we put our mind on Him and not on the things of the world. With the Holy Spirit I was able to heal myself and others from pain and diseases the doctors think you need tons of medicine for which has tons of side effects and eventually lead to death with prolonged use which is what is killing the heathens.They herbs and plants also heal ever see the animals when they’re sick they know which grass to eat to help their illness.Basically we’re naturally built to be these things we are the talent of the world.Like you said and observe they use us to achieve their wealth and their power.When we redirect to our real power source and stop going in circles to the obeah man or woman,voodoo,witchcraft,sorcery,idolatry,sun worship the reasons we ended up losing our birth right to Edom and the heathens who never died out.They pulled a marketing scheme repackaged and rebranded themselves by fooling the world and calling themselves white to mean pure when they’re anything but pure.

    We were put to slumber due to disobedient as the Bible said which is clearly why it seems impossible to wake our people up at least many of them who are still as you say stuck in cement.That won’t move but watch a little more as the awakening grows before this year ends.Yurugu can’t hide his suffering anymore.Like you said they will be kicking and screaming gnashing and not going away peacefully but they will be going they know this but must do what they’re assigned to do and take as many of the Most High’s Jewels the stiffnecked negroes with them.They’ve been trying to mock Him but as scripture says Be not deceived Yah is not mocked you will reap what you sow.We need to gather ourselves heal and unify.We are natural healers and heal best around each other joined with unity of purpose.

  13. @ shekinah

    well said.

  14. Negress, this is a good post. Negress, the boycott is happening, Blacks in St. Louis is boycotting a Wal-Mart in that neighborhood. Eventually blacks will be boycotting & we won’t tell non-blacks why. These companies are putting well known chain stores in our neighborhoods to compete against black businesses & destroy it. There is a black Real Estate group in Miami that is buying up houses in Liberty City & Little Haiti & now blacks in Chicago have started a buy the block campaign. GOD BLESS

  15. @ sevenkings

    This is very empowering to hear! Thank you.

  16. Those are great suggestions! Thanks for this Negress. I’ll be sure to share this post.

  17. @ Prince

    Much appreciated.

  18. You’re welcome sweetie. 😉

  19. I agree 1000 percent. Too many of us ship off to school and don’t have a real plan. Not knowing that school is just a means to put you in debt. We need way more trades and skills. These things will last forever unlike that piece of paper hanging in the wall. I have a degree but I still can see the trap in getting one.

  20. Thank you so much for the call to real knowledge, we follow so much ridiculous nonsense I had begun to despair our future but you and your readers have renewed hope in this seasoned black woman!

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