Observations of an Invisible Woman

Cognitive Dissonance 101: A Case Study in Functioning Insanity

Please listen to and STUDY this video. Rewind many times and take notes. It’s imperative that we understand what we’re dealing with. A few great videos to listen to are:

David Duke

Richard Spencer

Jared Taylor


I listen to them often and take notes. Many notes. Have you ever wondered why they know our every move and can manipulate our thoughts? Ever wonder why they create situations and KNOW how we’ll respond?

Because they read ALL of our comments. Listen to ALL of our music. Intermingle with us under the guise of “inclusiveness” and “one love.” Ever wonder why when they see a group of us talking amongst ourselves they find some reason to interrupt?

“Excuse me, where can I pick up the number 7 train?”

“I’m sorry to interrupt you guys but I just had to tell you that I love your coat! Where did you get it?”


The study of black psychology and reaction is very real and is being conducted at this very moment. That is why when we become close-mouthed and standoffish, it rattles their nerves and they unleash their anger and punishment. An ex-nurse turned bakery store owner told me she was written up for “not being a team-player.”


The Khazarian Nation has been instrumental since the dawn of time in the art warfare by proxy. Never implement yourself. Never actually pull the trigger. Get some poor, brainwashed, desperate, down and out schmuck with a sick wife and no health insurance to do it for you:



And one last thing before I close out:

From these people’s logic, white people all over the world don’t deserve to be  on this planet.



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10 thoughts on “Cognitive Dissonance 101: A Case Study in Functioning Insanity

  1. Interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  2. nidotopianwarrior on said:

    Very true indeed. They always like to dip their spoons in our pepperpot (Caribbean saying)

  3. @DOAN

    Did you notice in the video of Empire Files where that reporter asks these ugly inbred recessive kikes, what do they think about the Arabs? All of them responded and said “They should be exterminated, starting with the killing of their families!”. Israel the state of the neanderthals! This is the mindset of the Neanderthal pale recessive hooked nose pale race! It’s funny whites, jews think they have a culture and they have a homeland when in reality, they have “NONE”. White people belong to caves in the depth of the Caucasus mountains, even these kikes their Khazar nation was in the vicinity of the Caucasus mountains.

  4. @ white cave…

    Til this day they shun DNA tests to prove their ancestry. And when asked the simple question:

    “who chose you exactly?”

    They cannot answer.

  5. @DOAN

    Preach queen, sister 👸🏾👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 These recessive cave animals are delusional with their hyperbole purported IQ tests, and made up believe, with their largely contrived DNA tests! These crackkkers just feel so entitled to everything! As for us black people, we should steer clear from DNA tests! All these Black DNA tests are lies to shoe-horn black people and kick them back to Africa. When in reality black people are the inheritors to everything on this globe, and black people are indigenous to the globe! Yes, black people are the founders of all civilizations! Black people were in the Americas, before these Siberian altai Eurasian Mongolian imposters invaded us, they stole our culture and heritage, and they allied themselves with the caucasoid devils to enslave our ancestors! But the jig is up, now we know and acknowledge who we are! The truth will always prevail!

  6. That’s a lot of scorching rhetoric.

    We can only assume that everything we have been told about ourselves is a lie perpetuated by the white supremacists. This post was on point.

  7. Hello negress. I’m sure you’ve read Neely Fuller Jr. Do you agree with his idea that we shouldn’t seek to end the existence of white people, but rather end the system of white supremacy only?

    You talk on the end of white people often, I am curious to know if you think that is what is required to establish justice in the universe. Cheers!

    – Marcus

  8. @ Marcus

    Whiteness ITSELF isn’t evil but the mindset that comes with it is. Can whites exist without this well created system called racism? I honestly don’t know.

    Even without the system of racism, whites are a destructive entity even to themselves. See early Europe for more info and their Torture Museums.

    I believe that they go hand in hand, whites and the system of white supremacy, that is. One cannot exist without the other from my own personal experience. Therefor, Nature has decided that they are to become extinct.

    What is needed to bring justice back to this planet?

    Well….a re-connection to the Most High is a great beginning. Then knowledge of self. Acceptance that you are apart of Nature instead of on the outskirts of it.

    Hopefully, the rest will follow and lead to Balance.

    I hope I’ve answered your question.

  9. @DOAN

    I believe black people were created from the elements of this planet, therefore we black people are organic to this planet, like I said ” We black people, are the founders of all civilizations that had been white washed.” We all know why the inferior Caucasian devil white race, would tamper with our ancestors achievements, is because white people can suit their ideals, and the world regards white culture as the pinnacle of civilizations, so the world can view them as the master race, and elevate this genetically inferior race to the highest pedestal!

    Black people as you read through my reply, I hope that you realize everything that white people, or asians falsly claim they created an invention, I guarantee you that they stole and got this invention from being around black people. We all know that white people are the laziest entities on the planet, whites like being in bossy management positions as usual, the only people who work are the ones in the white collar job department. White corporate oligarchs from western countries, stole these inventions from black people, because in the system of white supremacy, whites don’t want black people to climb the capitalist economic ladder.

    White people don’t want black people to become industrialists and own their inventions and creativity and manufacture goods to the world. Instead whites stole black people’s inventions and shipped the manufacturing jobs abroad to Asia, whites and asians are idealizing on black people’s inventions. For instance take “China”, the world is regarding China, as the global economic super power because China is the industrialist leading nation, it is prominent in manufacturing goods to the word, the Asian economy is getting ahead of the western economy, the USA is indebted to China. This is an indication that the western empire and white power is gradually collapsing, but one of my concerns is that if this western economic structure collapses, well other group of people take white people’s place and oppress black people again?

    I’m optimistic that one day black people, will be free from their oppression, black people will rise to power, and reclaim our inventions, creativity, the cultures that were stolen from us sabotaged and tampered by whites, instead of the white washed white world order, it will be the rise “The Black World Order”.

  10. I didn’t have the time to watch the videos but I ALWAYS catch and point out when they try to interrupt and spy and drain our energy. Let get the fuck away from me.

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