Observations of an Invisible Woman

Stealth Combat

It’s hard to fight what you can’t see.

I remember reading something once about how to fight your enemy. It may have been The Art of War but I can’t remember. Essentially, you distance yourself from your enemy completely leaving him to wonder what’s going on. When confronted, instead of giving them an answer for your standoffish behaviour, you dance, bob and weave yourself around them til they are dizzy and even more confused.

Have you ever distanced yourself from a man or woman that you really weren’t interested in? You don’t have to say or do much, but they’ll begin to sense, almost immediately, that something isn’t quite right.

And it will drive them crazy.

A reader once told me that blacks don’t have to do anything to white people to defeat them. Just focus on bettering ourselves and loving each other. Whatever reality we create for ourselves, they will automatically be affected by it because they cannot live without our input, our ideas, our creativity and our energy.

I know for a fact that this is true.

White readers contact me all the time, begging for dialogue, asking me to respond to them, trying to show me that they’re “not like the rest” so please give them a chance. When I travel, I ignore them. Never make eye contact, never smile at them and act as if they do not exist.

Words cannot describe how many of them go out of their way to get my attention. And the more they seek it, the more they are ignored. Especially white males who cannot fathom why a black woman would not want them with all their money, land, classic cars and nice jobs.

Whites have a CODE:


Never tell on other whites when they are practicing racism.

Act like you don’t see or know what’s going on.

Pretend that the victim of racism is “just imagining things.”

Make light of ALL situations involving injustice unless it concerns them DIRECTLY

Simply turn their backs and go on with life


This CODE is the life force behind white supremacy and I’m telling you that it will never end.



Here’s where we get caught up in the mess.


Black DO NOT practice a code of our own in which we navigate ourselves in their racist society. We cannot expect the schoolyard bully to come to his senses and recognize the error of his ways. This takes some Spiritual awareness and the white collective has demonstrated they have none. Til this day, they are blaming their quickly diminishing demographic on Black Lives Matter, immigration and coloured folks taking their jobs.  This is like a dying squirrel population blaming the increasing moose population for their extinction. Never once has Divine Karma entered their minds. So we must be the driving force for our own change.


I’m going to list a few codes that we can ALL do that are apart of Stealth Combat and you, Black Family, must come up with the rest.

Practice them daily. It will take much work and discipline but if you wish to fight, it must be done along with our meditation sessions. Our ancestors are here to help us but we must also help ourselves.

And do not worry that they’ll read this. It’s non-violent and there’s nothing that they can document to PROVE anything.


  1. Stop smiling with them. I know that this sounds comical but a serious faced black person causes whites much anxiety.
  2. Do not attend any functions with them unless it is work related and mandatory, like an office luncheon. A white man that I knew from work invited me over to his farm for beers and a barbecue. I told him with a straight face but a POLITE tone ( remember to avoid confrontation ) that I couldn’t attend. His face fell into China.
  3. Stop complementing them. ON EVERYTHING. ESPECIALLY WHITE FEMALES. I never knew how much of their self esteem is reliant on our feedback til I observed just how fragile they are when it comes to us telling them how special, how cute, how pretty, how clever, how awesome they are. Refrain from giving them positive feedback and watch them slowly self destruct.


What others can you think of?


Did you notice that sex with them didn’t make my short list? Why?

If you are still sleeping with your enemy despite ALL that they do and the fact that your lover ISN’T fighting for you, you deserve anything you get.


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15 thoughts on “Stealth Combat

  1. awakescapes on said:

    This is soooo true. I was on a BLACK only website and so many white men were on there trying to get my attention and convince me they were different. Whitey can’t stand being ignored.

  2. @ awake

    I need a baseball bat and pepper spray to fight off the herd of white males, young and old, that approach me . I get offers for apples, beer, breakfast, bracelets, coffee, sea shells, you name it.

    One cashier slipped in a lavender honey stick with my food along with his phone number.

  3. angel9loveu on said:

    “Did you notice that sex with them didn’t make my short list? Why?

    If you are still sleeping with your enemy despite ALL that they do and the fact that your lover ISN’T fighting for you, you deserve anything you get.”
    Well put and very accurate.
    I do all the things you mention even though naturally I’m not a smiler as I’m aware of the state of affairs my people live in because of these imposters, I don’t need to share my light with those energy sucking entities.

    Avoid doing business with them if you can help it keep your coins out their pockets as it’s contributing to white degeneracy and our demise.
    Refrain from truly empathizing with their “woes” or whatever oppression they claim they face.
    Refrain from allowing them to successfully interrupt your conversations with another black person.
    Avoid having them in your home or personal spaces voluntarily.
    Quit putting them over another black person or putting down another black person to compliment them.
    Refrain from being vulnerable around them,drunk,cry, comfortable etc….

    Never seek validation from them and rebuke them in your mind fiercely while passing them by during a sun session letting your desires be known what should come upon them unaware

    Quit helping them to be better or to know about us.We’re still wondering if they’re even human, humanoid,neanderthal and where they really came from, they really are nothing like us and only profess us all to be all apart of the human race when it suits their narrative and disorder.

    Quit sharing your ideas and information with them.Be tight lipped and diplomatic with your responses.
    Teach your children about our enemies true nature, racism,white supremacy etc…never be tight lipped thinking you’re protecting them from being hurt,you’re not.
    Teach our children about black unity and black love and to never put another race above their own.

    Stop being competitive and petty with one another we should compliment our own and help those who seek help.And develop a code, with Black Unity first at the helm of all things. Yurugu stays on code they won’t turn on their own for another black person even the ones they’re sleeping with, we need to get on code like negress said, we should’ve been on code.

    Sadly, we have those that look like us which are in the remedial stage still going back and forth with them informing on those of us who would like to be free. We need to in our meditation or prayer session ask for the separation of the wheat from the tares and those who look like us but won’t let go of the nonsense, to suffer the same or worse fate as their pale faced gods(just a suggestion) 😉

  4. @ angel:

    Most Excellent!

    “Quit sharing your ideas and information with them. Be tight lipped and diplomatic with your responses.”

    This is what they do to us! Withhold information. It can also work in the reverse.

  5. Great entry!

    Sometimes they can be a bit difficult to ignore. Case in point: white women flinging their hair near Black females. Whenever they do that around me, I actually say pardon you. Now that I’m discussing here, a better way to resolve may be to just physically move away from the predator.

    Other resolutions:
    – refusing to reply, comment or engage in racist social media discussions and conversations.
    – refusing to watch television that purports especially white females.

  6. @ the devil

    They do this to me often as well, especially the ones that have black husbands/ boyfriends.

    I move away from them or sit by myself so that their hair can’t hit me.

  7. priceless21 on said:

    Brilliant piece. I’ve done everything you’ve mentioned for over 10 years and it’s funny white people call me arrogant, especially white women who are attracted to me, they hate not being centre of attention.

  8. priceless21 on said:

    Reblogged this on Forever Black Effusion.

  9. @ priceless

    So fragile they are.

  10. That last line! 😀

  11. Cautious Ocelot on said:

    It’s simple just focus on your own business. It’s easy to do so when the truth is that you are really on your own and no one is on your side.You will automatically follow these codes

  12. Shekinah Glory Remnant on said:

    I’d like to say from observation that we need to quit making them feel so comfortable that they use our culture or “act black” or a culture vultures just ridiculous.Stop claiming cause they use a specific term which is unlike them to use but my is more familiar to us or swirl or speak up against their own only when it’s profitable to them.
    Also quit letting them make you feel guilty for starting up conversations in public with another black person as they watch our interaction so intensely.When many of them are around.

    Quit going out of your way to help them or be nice to them.
    Yurugu signed a pact with the devil to destroy us To them all’s fair in love and war. They’ve been sent here to annoy you read Roman 10:19-21.http://biblehub.com/commentaries/romans/10-19.htm.Whether you believe it or not it all began with us and will end with us. We must reject these idols some of us have made them idols and their cursed things.We must fast and pray intensely to get these heathens off our planet and into hell where they belong. Stop worrying about their salvation as that verse says the Most High called them no people a foolish nation. I still haven’t found a sincerely good one they’re unraveling and more lawless.
    than ever.Going into Niger to steal uranium under the disguise it’s to revenge the fallen soldiers.They are cleaning out the black businesses and making it hell for us to do without them.And that’s why we need to deal with the problems at hand first before we build or else those cancers will just attack and tear them down if not right away eventually.

  13. Along with meditation we need to step up our health game. You can meditate but if your mind, body and soul aren’t in tip top you’re not getting the best and fastest results. It’s a hol(Whole)istic approach. My boy screams meditation all the time and I agree but I don’t agree with him eating that pork. You just blocked your energy from raising up. And yes the mind can heal all, but a strong mind leads to a strong soul and in turn a strong body. A body that will be ready for war or whatever may come. I know that you know all of these things, but it’s not every day that I get to be around like minded people.

  14. I truly feel like this is one of my favorite posts. “Complimenting them” is something I see our people doing sooooo much. But also, unfortunately, I myself smile too much. Sure, it’s in the context of them stopping their car for me as I cross the street–not the best time to flip them the bird–but I am really not as serious-faced as I need to be. Sometimes I say “All warfare is based on deception” ergo I can feign being nice (without actually being nice.) But as you point out, it’s what they want truly; and seriously what I look like ‘smiling’ at my enemy?

    I feel that’s one of the harder ones for me, personally. Not because I smile so much; but I’m undercover–or so I tell myself. I don’t give them anything (except for by necessity) but can’t front, you finally got me on a list. 😦

  15. @ Oni

    I smile easily too. I’m like my mom. My seriousness took a lot of training. Also knowing that they despise us helps.

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