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Black Identity Extremists


Last night, I received a letter from my reader who informed me of the latest development from our bitter enemies.

The FBI has announced that ALL blacks qualify as domestic terrorists for having or showing any form of black pride or identity. CoInTelPro Part 2 anyone?

Read link below:



So what does this very vague document mean exactly?

ALL blacks who:

Love themselves and show it

Wear their hair in its natural state

Wear Afrikan printed clothing

Wear Afrikan/ Indigenous jewelry

Teach our children black pride

Homeschool our children according to our customs

Listen to any black centered scholar

Buy black centered books

Or simply enjoy black culture from our vast and very diverse diaspora, is labeled a terrorist, is against the police and will be on “the list” and can be apprehended at any time.

This is nothing new here but things are getting ready to be magnified.

As whites die off and their privilege is taken away, insanity will take over and their need for survival will become the driving force of their actions. What does that mean exactly?


You have no white friends.

Your own lover/ boyfriend/ husband/ wife/ girlfriend can turn you in at any time.

The black children you have with your white spouse isn’t safe.

The time for us to begin coming together and stop arguing over petty nonsense is NOW.


I’m not sure how far this will go as The All always has plans to counter Evil’s every move. The more damage they do to us, the quicker their karma will unleash on their communities.

But we still have to survive in this world til they no longer walk amongst us. Black Family, begin a plan where you have a constant chaperone or someone to check in with you on a daily/ weekly basis. It is imperative that you put aside your differences with other blacks and begin communicating with and protecting each other. Keep an eye on your children as they are defenseless and need you now more than ever. Have a system in place where your elderly are protected as well.

Please pass this around to as many blacks as possible and stay safe.

I love you, Black Family. Hang in there. Things will get bumpy but we are survivors. And remember…

There’s nothing whites can do to us that they haven’t already done.




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15 thoughts on “Black Identity Extremists

  1. Wow. We knew this excuse was coming. However, I am like Talib who says, “You are fool if you think the FBI ain’t already tapped your line.” I guess if anything we really need to use an oracle to navigate through these times. Good looking out.

  2. Wow. Although I guess this really comes as no surprise. Horrible!

  3. Great post Negress! Things are getting really out of hand! The term extremist is very subjective on my opinion. They will be going after ALL of us. I think they are scared that we are waking up and they’re terrified. I’m working on a post about this also. I hope people are paying attention. Thanks for uploading this.

  4. To all:

    Let’s turn this against them with another meditation session.

  5. angel9loveu on said:

    We knew this was gonna happen Trump has given way to all his white supremacist KKK buddies to sit highly in office to create and tear down laws and policies which don’t serve them and come for us with a vengeance while keeping us distracted with false flags and other nonsense.Despite the alleged recent show down in Las Vegas which was shown to be a white terrorist they’ve managed to spin that circus to somehow make black us a threat to them….I’m all for the meditation sessions, let’s go!

  6. Makes sense…this so called crack pot allegedly shoots and kills all these people in Vegas…in which they’ve never use the word terrorist or any other epithet to describe the haneus acts, is still focused on OJ Simpson. I’ve noticed when the media runs the story on the Vegas shooting, they’ll follow up with OJ, the news just won’t/can’t leave him alone.

  7. masters of deflection

  8. I was at a white-owned Walmart earlier and I found myself on the emergency food aisle. I looked up and saw shelves and shelves full of canned food that had 25+ year shelf life. I then thought to myself: “what are they preparing FOR?” And then it hit me: our annihilation.

    Dark times we live in. The sooner this war is over the better.

  9. Lol the FBI is a group of intellectual midgets. It’s like a college student wrote and approved the report.

    whites have been watching us. They were supposed to. They just wondering how they can stop lone shooters against law enforcement, because that activity is smarter than all the mass protest and ‘niggers shouldn’t be smart.’

    Granted it ain’t the smartest–but crackers rather we stay dumb than actually do something about our condition.

  10. Very great post. I really am starting to believe that white people’s time is starting to run out now with all this blatant racist stuff going on lately. There’s just no other way to explain it that I can think of. Unarmed black people getting killed or used excessive force on by white cops. The Rachel Dolezal scandal. The Dove ad. Donald Trump. The NFL protests. There’s so many more blatant racist things going on right now. America has always been racist, but they’ve been trying to hide it for the past few decades until recent years. I just think they aren’t hiding it anymore. They want to get rid of us before they’re ridden of. They’re not playing anymore.


  11. I was thinking that exact same thing. All this stuff is happening because we are waking up!

  12. @Sparks
    They know we’re waking up and our consciousness is rising! That is their greatest fear!

  13. Nahimana on said:

    To be honest, the term “black” is very derogatory and those with knowledge would not classify themselves as that. I’ve done it in the past but when you know better, you do better. People should look into the etymology of the term or just look at the word for what it is: B LACK. Study these English words because in speaking this language a certain way, you are certainly cursing yourself. Just as the term Africa is one that shouldn’t be used to refer to oneself. These are all colonial terms for indigenous people that are meant to enslave.

    Check out the etymology of ‘black’: http://www.etymonline.com/word/black

  14. Yaffa Bey speaks of this intently. Check her out.

  15. DOAN, I realized that my comment/ question is kind of personal. Can you block or reject that comment and not let it show. Even though I doubt that she would find that comment. I wouldn’t want her to read something like that and hurt her feelings. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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