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Must See Video For ALL Black Parents

Every now and then, I’ll get a lengthy letter from a white person, mostly female, asking me to talk “honestly” with them. They feel the need to explain things from their point of view and express sadness that I hate them and do not trust them.

They urge me to become “educated” about the real history of this country and understand that all people have the potential to be evil. Then they remind me that my own ancestors sold us into slavery and black males raped us too and many overseers were black as well.

Then they proceed to explain that the evil that I describe is in the past and they should not be held accountable for the long, long, long and should be forgotten crimes of their dead ancestors.

Then I am accused of being “unreasonable” and a hypocrite since I speak so highly of Nature and the Mother-Father Deity I call God who would want me to forgive and love all people despite the atrocities they commit.

And every once in awhile, I pause and think to myself:

Perhaps they are correct.

Maybe I’m too harsh with them.

After all, I’m not like all blacks and all blacks are not like me so who gives me any right to judge?


Then, as if by pure Ether-Magic,  my reader sends me this video and confides in me that she’s pregnant with her third child and now she and her husband are terrified of leaving their newborn unattended.




Black Family,

I am not a religious person and DO NOT subscribe to any one religion. I am not on the side of the Muslim, the Christian or the Hebrew.

The only side I take is The Almighty Mother-Father Creator of Nature.

Please listen to what this man has to say about the Muslims taking turns watching their black children whilst in the care of the Paleface known as Yurugu. Maybe this principle is what we ALL need to do to keep them safe.

I love you, Black Family.

Protect yourself and your children from these un-Huemans.


As for the record:

I do not hate whites.

Not anymore.

Hate beckons Demons that feed off of your Spirit. This is why hate, unresolved, weakens the body and causes illness. Whites aren’t worth dying for. I do not hate them. Simply, I know what they are and wish them gone.

Like a cockroach infestation.


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7 thoughts on “Must See Video For ALL Black Parents

  1. awakescapes on said:

    If White People educated themselves on their evil, they would kill themselves.

    I’ve heard the old racist standby that “Africans sold Africans into Slavery” Blah Blah Blah but did Aboriginals cause their own death and abuse? I wonder How they Explain their actions in these countries.

    So many Countries have been “Colonized” and Left in Ruins.

    Vietnam: The Indochina Wars in 1887 to 1945 with France, resulted in Several Million Vietnamese being Killed and Wounded leaving thousands of orphans.

    Vietnam War: In 1959 to 1975, The United States and Others Murdered 2 Million Vietnamese. The Area Remained Unstable causing several deadly conflicts.

    Cambodia: The Khmer Rouge Murdered 2 Million, in Pol Pot’s Killing Fields.”The US not only helped to create conditions that brought Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge to power in 1975, but actively supported the genocidal force, politically and financially. By January 1980, the US was secretly funding Pol Pot’s exiled forces on the Thai border. The extent of this support – $85 million from 1980-86 — was revealed 6 years later in correspondence between congressional lawyer Jonathan Winer, then counsel to Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation.” Mass Murder was supported for fifteen years by the United States. The U.S. bombing of Cambodia during 1970-75 killed as many or more Cambodians as Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge ever did

    Burma / Myanmar: British Rule in 1824-1948 and Three wars, resulted in Thousands being Murdered and Displaced, it’s still ongoing.
    Korea: The French attempted to “Colonize” Korea. European Interference caused instability in the area. The Japanese managed to Rule Korea until they fought and gained independence. Japan surrendered and Korea was divided into North (Soviet) and South (United States). The division spiraled into a civil war. Over 2 million Dead, ongoing.

    Tibet: British troops invaded Tibet in 1888 and 1903, they retreated due to The Tibetan Army. Armed Aggression did not work so The Europeans plotted to separate Tibet From China, calling for “Independence for Tibet”. In August 1907, A Convention was Signed between Russia and Britain on Tibet. Britain Planned to turn Tibet Into a Buffer Zone Between India and Russia.

    Laos: Over 100,000 Buddhist were Killed by Europeans.

    China: The British Empire’s “Colonization” of Hong Kong and 2 Opium Wars resulted in untold Deaths and Mass destruction of property.

    Philippines: The United States of America caused A Genocide of 1.4 Million in 1899 to 1902.

    Nepal vs British Ruled India: The Gorkha War in 1814 to 1816 or Anglo–Nepalese War was fought between the Kingdom of Nepal and the British East India Company. Border disputes and ambitious expansionism resulted in Nepal Losing one third of it’s Land. The Death Toll is Unknown. The War ended with the signing of the Treaty of Sugauli in 1816. Since Colonial Rule, the Area has been unstable.

    India: Nearly 2 Million Indians Died Under British Rule.
    India: The Bengali Genocide in British India in 1943 to 1945 Killed 6 to 7 Million, in a Man-Made Famine.

    Australia: Tens of Millions were murdered by Europeans. 22 separate genocides against any non European person. Aboriginals lost 90% of their population and more than 100,000 Aboriginal Children were stolen from their families for sexual abuse, “adoption”, and slavery to destroy a generation and end the race.

    New Zealand: The Maori population fell 40% due to European Disease and Violence, it’s ongoing.
    Tasmania: Pure Blood Tasmanians were completely wiped out due to European Disease and Violence.

    Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Island’s Populations were killed by European Diseases and a Violent Holocaust of 2.1 Million.
    The US Funded And Trained Indonesia’s Armed Forces (TNI) This Army is Currently committing atrocities in East Timor and West Papua New Guinea.

    Fiji Lost one third of their Population due to European Imposed Slavery, Diseases and Violence.

    Every recent Conflict on the African Continent, has been funded and fueled by European and American Interference. When a “Leader” does not cooperate, he is killed and replaced. There is no way to accurately calculate the pain and Human Loss that is still occurring in the region.

    Congo: Belgium’s “King” Leopold is responsible for 30 Million Deaths.
    Each Country in Africa has endured incalculable Holocausts into the Millions. Europeans call it “Colonization”, “Imperialism”, “Settling” Etc. The Death Toll Still Rises due to European and American Interference in African Governments.

    Herero Wars : German “Colonist” Exterminated 70,000. This Holocaust was the precursor to the “Death Camps” in Germany and the Horrors that followed.

    Terrorists : ISIS, Mujahideen, Taliban, and Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda, were all Trained and Funded by the United States’ CIA , at some point these groups became terrorists. I find it curious that you can’t research any so called “Foreign Terrorist” group and not find the United States Involved. It’s not a Conspiracy Theory, it’s a fact.

    Israel: United Nations Stole Palestinian Lands and Israelis have become worst than Hitler.

    Europe Still Overtly and Secretly Controls the World. There is not one speck of land they have not invaded, poisoned with disease and destroyed. Europeans have left a footprint of fear in the DNA of their victims which causes them to deny their own culture and natural beauty. Europeans have wiped the smiles off of every face and silenced the laughter of their children. Every warm welcome is mistaken for Weakness and Trust mistaken for ignorance.Christianity and Islam have taken away their History, Pride, and Strength. Europeans continue to steal wealth from Africa but it is no longer widely contested.

  2. @ awake

    Perhaps this is why Projection is their way of life. Accepting their ills manifests into deep depression and drug use.

  3. philomage on said:

    (I feel bad for commenting so much but there’s just too much good info on here!) @ Awake, I just have to say I’ve read or at least heard of the majority of the statistics you’ve just laid down. Here is where I fall though:

    How can I hold in contempt the white person born today who has had NO hand in that whatsoever? My gut reaction is to blanket them ALL, hold them ALL responsible but that just seems unfair. At the same time if you try to play it on a case by case basis you end up like our brother bakari henderson: dead by the hands of “white friends”.

    It’s both an internal and external struggle, personally. One thing I know for a fact though: Hate gets a bad rap. It is actually a positive emotion! Peace out.

  4. @ philomage

    If it’s made into a constructive action, then it’s ok by me. I take out my rage on my garden by pulling up weeds, cutting up brambles for firewood and making dough for bread and cakes.

    Nonconstructive rage gets us killed or sick.

  5. qnubian528 on said:

    @awake This week one Indian politician was talking about how British empire destroyed the cultures of people were under their rules and how they have become rich thanks to the riches of these peoples!
    You have mentioned all these countries under British empire, the sad thing is that the descendants of these “ex colonies!”suffer from amnesia!
    They have completely forgotten everything and live as if nothing had happened, not seeking vengeance!
    It isn’t fair the majority of Asian countries and other countries who were under British empire rule hate and dislike black people!
    This thing always made me feel so bad,because we “black people!” we didn’t conquered or destroyed their cultures!
    The sad true is these people suffer of self-hatred and they seek of white approval!
    Maybe in the past this thing it hurts me, but no anymore, everyone makes their own choices and decides to hurt their own way!
    If we try to live our normal life,we can’t do it because once again when we are witness of all this madness,I wish they are already gone!
    I think people just lose time to interview them or somehow try to find some conscience in their brains, but how do you talk to someone who is in nature is evil, and they don’t have no human trace in their soul and bodies because they aren’t human?
    Wp believe to be safe because of white supremacy protect them ,and white privilege allow them be evil, because no anyone would hurt them!
    But if all of us “people of color” we didn’t suffer from amnesia what would happen to them? We know already the answer!

  6. Once you understand who and what you’re dealing with….stories like this don’t surprise you.

  7. @philomage white people want you to think on an individual case-by-case basis because that helps them to deceive you on a grander scale. Kind of like ‘good cop, bad cop’ is a military strategy to get you to fess up to the police but it only works if you are looking at the police on an individual case-by-case standard. If you say “They are all working together” then you’ll see “Good/Bad” are acts; acts afforded by POWER.

    I.e. a plantation owner can pretend to be nice because he already has the Power. But what would he be like without the Power? That’s the big question. So yeah, it’s ALL of them, because the individual variation works hand in hand to keep the POWER in their hands and out of yours. It’s STRATEGY and they want you to not see through it. So they can do what they want with you and your people. How many Black people are working themselves dead with nothing to show for it but a tombstone? And few of them suspect white folk when its white folk who set up the system to have them work and die for nothing.

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