Observations of an Invisible Woman

TrumpCare and The Black Community

Most of us that live here suffer from some disease. High blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and even chronic heartburn or insomnia…we’ve got it all. Disease of any kind is NOT normal. It is a sign that something is of misuse (environmental causes like Chemtrails and poor diet) or a signal that our Spiritual essence is incorrect ( unresolved constant anger + stress= high blood pressure).

Trump is determined to undo everything that Obama has done even though it is to the extreme detriment of this very planet. I copied this:


Horrible Trumpcare


ALL of this is going to have an extreme and very negative ending for us, Black Family, since we are the most unprotected group in this country. Unless you live in an area where you can grow your own food, you must rely on others for help. That means:


You eat whatever they give you

You drink whatever they provide

You do as they say or you’ll suffer the consequences


Are you preparing for this?

Because this is most serious.

Have you been attempting to grow a garden? How about learning which herbs cure illness? Can you purify and alkaline your water yourself? Do you know of the miracle of baking soda, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice?

Do you know that sage, oregano and peppermint can literally save your life? Are you aware that garlic kills (most) cancer and the (man-made) Flu virus? Ginger rids the body of toxins and banishes migraine headaches, morning sickness and helps to make the heart pump faster. Just like cayenne pepper. I douse my food with it after my joint injury and it helps to keep the inflammation at bay. Are you eating lentils to keep your bowels moving? Did you know that constipation causes bad breath?

Black Family, you must take the initiative to heal yourself because they are coming after you. HARD. Look again at the chart.  Do you really think whites will extend a helping hand to you when their own livelihood is at stake?

Learn to eat to live.

Not live to eat.





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11 thoughts on “TrumpCare and The Black Community

  1. philomage on said:

    I’ve always wondered what was up with the statistics. Black are the first to die. First to get aids. First to get cancer. First to die of violent crime. First to fail out of school. First to be unemployed. The white argument is simple: black inferiority. The true answer makes even more sense however: it’s by design. As for me, I am preparing myself, for lord knows what’s coming.

  2. The hardest battle is with my mom who’s been on hypertension medication for as long as I can remember. She has it in her head that this is her fate, that she’ll be on medication forever. I think many of us feel that way.

  3. @ philomage

    I know what you mean. It was always strange to me that we were here for many thousands of years but suddenly have poor health and die first?

    This lets us know how much these things wish us gone.

  4. @ kelley

    Maybe start her on some teas slowly and switch our her diet gradually?

  5. Yes! We went to lunch earlier this week and the server told her about a tea she started drinking and got off her hbp medication. She listened to her instead of her own children! But I am happy she heard a real testimony and we’re going to try it out.

  6. 🙂

    I’m so glad!

  7. Thank you, THANK YOU!! I’ve been saying this for 12 years since I cured myself of arthritis, osteoarthritis, chronic bronchitis, recurring bacterial infections, diabetes, sinusitis and more…all while going through menopause. When told I had to have surgery in both knees and be on drugs for the rest of my life, I went to work healing myself. Oregano Oil stopped the infections, sinus issues, asthma, bronchitis and recurring colds and flu. Tumeric stopped the inflammatory pain of arthritis. Apple Cider Vinegar made my body alkaline to stop disease from coming in. Clean, organic food, cooking all meals, growing herbs used in every meal made all the difference. It was a long, methodical process and not easy to change old habits passed on for generations. An added bonus: I lost 50 pounds and move freely at 70 years of age. The system is killing us and we best get a grip before we kill future generations. This is a plan. They don’t eat or live like us. They live longer and laugh at our suffering. Within this crazed, inhumane system, we can change the script.

    Diary of a Negress, thank you so much for your wisdom and education. You are doing your life’s work and I am forever grateful for you.

  8. @ cadesertvoice

    Much appreciated and very grateful.

  9. Haa! I am reading your post from newest to oldest and this one touches on a comment I left about taking the holistic approach to our health.

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