Observations of an Invisible Woman

Required Cinema For Melaninites #12


” They walk among us.”



A reader suggested I watch this. She was correct in saying this was up my alley. Thank you, “X.”


The 5th Wave tells a tale of a dystopian future. Earthquakes, power failures, and a super intelligent military that magically has all the answers show up unannounced and out of the blue. Try to forget that the acting was so-so and the story line feels rushed.

Take notes on the monologues given on why they do what they do.

After all, War, for some of us, is never personal.

It’s simply business.

I read a random comment on a video by a very sharp black female. She expressed some pity for a race that knows it will kill itself off but must continue doing damage for as long as it can.

She went on to referred to them as the “Guard Dogs” of society. Bred to never really think about things and WHY things are the way they are but just to keep its Master safe and alert him when danger is coming by attacking anyone that comes too close.


I concur.

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9 thoughts on “Required Cinema For Melaninites #12

  1. White people and their over dramatic movies! White made movies that are saturated with bullshit, I wonder why do whites direct, produce, and distribute films regarding apocalyptic world in a dystopian state?

    Well this is indicative that white people are foretelling their future if they keep producing the same cliche movies! These caucasoid demons are cowards by nature. I’ve been observing their behavoirs for years, I’ve been studying their demeanor whites have dug underground bases and vaults under their houses were they stock on food, water, guns things that are essential for surviving a dystopian world.

    I’ve seen many documentaries and videos regarding white people who hoard resources in the underground basements or secret vaults that they have dug under their houses. I feel like as time goes by they will go back to their natural habitat the underground caves, or they’ll simply dig deeper into the earths crust and go back to the hell hole they came from!

  2. angel9loveu on said:

    So true I’ve watched this movie several times last year and it’s resonated with me very strongly.The fifth and last wave being militarizing the children.They always target the children in these movies, innocent gullible who they can corrupt for their purposes.Sacrificing their innocence for their demonic purposes. Like you already know they reveal the truth as entertainment.
    It’s been said the devil hates deep thinkers.They will unravel his plans and he wouldn’t be able to bring his kingdom of chaos on earth.He prefers those who act without question or thought.As we see yurugu just repeats what all the others like them say like one voice without a choice.And when you question them or give them the facts they’re shocked or come up with what seems like rehearsed repetitive scripts. They ALL say “Go Back to Africa” despite the fact they claimed all life came from Africa and there are many of them unfortunately living in the continent. Or “Blacks sold blacks into slavery” despite them not being there to witness this or note that the Hamites and negroes were divided and enemies “Blacks enslaved blacks in Africa” still disregarding that whites enslaves a whole other race of people,oppressed and degraded them because they were too lazy to do their own work or them quoting something about MLK Jr or what he would think about us opposing this oppressive system.Despite the fact a white man killed MLK Jr. and they’ve made integration a nightmare was well as mistake. They are not deep thinkers, their high IQ is a myth like their brain cells they literally read off a script for them to annoy us daily and give each other passes(white privilege) under the table or to our faces when they are less than qualified.This is why they depend on a piece of paper to determine their intelligence and worth.Or emphasize physical beauty as the main standard of beauty or focus of attraction.

  3. Good Looking Out!
    This movie is like all of the other apocalyptic movies that they make. Everything that they know is based upon what they have learned and imitated from others. They don’t know how to tap into the God-mind, which is why they feel and are doomed. Every time they get in a bind, they go off on the deep end, which means that they will either revert to their cannibalistic ways or start subjugating people of color. This is how Europeans “explored” Africa and the Americas. It is how they created capitalism and socialism. So, her’s one more movie to make people sympathetic cause.

    By the way, it seems to me that the “others” was code for “us.” Or was I the only one who saw that?

  4. Right on target comments. Back to the events of the movie…all predictable. Whites in control are on a self-professing death spiral taking us all down the toliet with them. Ego and supremacy is killing everything in its path and all that is good. No wonder the slaves sang and prayed. There was nothing they could do but save their souls for the next life because, like us, we see this one is doomed.

    I saw this long ago from writers and thinkers far smarter than me. I knew this day could come and that day has arrived. Hurricanes, earthquakes and natural disasters exponentially worsened from carbon and man. Food poisoned from GMOs and DNA altering. A handful of white men turning the US into a banana republic oligarchy and plutocracy.

    Welcome to dystopia.

    I have no hope for survival of the planet and life on it. But we can slow down the process, as least for ourselves. Eat organic. Use herbs liberally with all meals to kill the poison. Use herbs to heal. Grow some of your own food, if possible. Excellent natural antibiotic that kills EVERYTHING is Oregano Oil. Fight an acid body that invites disease by making it alkaline…take Apple Cider Vinegar with Baking Soda daily. Avoid prescription drugs at all costs. Good luck!

  5. Hey Diaryofanegress. Check this one out.

    The Mountain Between Us | Official Trailer | 20th Century FOX

  6. @ landofkam

    Another black man/ white female, end of the world survival depends on each other, having a potential love affair movie? No shocker there.

  7. Angel

    Speaking of children being the final wave…

    Did you hear that homeschooling programs are slowly being taken over by the state? A white female told me the school board told her if she didn’t comply with THEIR books, teachings, etc and have it “checked off” by them, her child would not graduate.

    And something many African centered schools don’t tell you is you must comply with them in the end in order to have a “valid” certificate.

  8. angel9loveu on said:

    It’s ridiculous but true the articles below exposed this nonsense and shows the amount of control the state has in how we choose to educate or discipline our own children.The indoctrination, and control the state has over us and our children is out of hand.While we were “sleeping” and they keep us distracted these are some of the evil they’ve been plotting and implementing to take our children away if we’re not careful.


  9. There’s a black movie scholar on Youtube who explains this in depth. Any character that is:

    An alien
    A talking insect
    An inanimate object
    Or just “weird” and doesn’t belong

    Is a code for blacks.

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