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Letters from My Readers

I’ve been getting a barrage of letters lately about the current state of things in America. From being openly bullied at work to police harassment to random strangers saying nasty things at public places, I’ve been hearing them all.

One reader questioned if Trump is to blame.

My response:


No one can make you become something you are not.

All Trump did was give whites the green light to be as they are. The rest is up to them. Growing Spiritually has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do. It meant taking a hard and very uncomfortable look at MYSELF as the FIRST cause. I am responsible for me.

Let me say that again.

I am responsible for me.

Others can set the stage but it is my own free will that makes the choice on how the play will turn out.

To my readers who are in pain:

I’m sorry.

For all of us.

This country has not been kind to us and as long as the system of white supremacy is in practice, it will never be kind. This is something that you must accept in order to move forward. Let me put it more clearly:

White people will never, ever change.


Because their very survival depends on injustice.

Their world has been carefully manufactured for their false existence on a planet that is in constant and swift motion. Have you ever seen what happens to water that remains stagnant for too long?

It literally becomes rancid and poisonous to drink.

Moving forward is what gives us new life and room to grow and to experience new things. You take the good with the bad and hopefully learn something. When you remain in the exact same place despite activity, everyone around you grows but you remain the same. It is this reason why you are witnessing:

Extreme and violent rage

Extreme sadness to the point of suicide

Drug abuse

Random murders



There isn’t a feeling more terrible than when you know your time is up.

Some accept it gracefully and go with dignity. Others kick and scream and cause much damage on their way out. The white population is taking option two as they are expected to do.

Black Family,

In order for you to grow, you must stop expecting whites to realize their mistakes, apologize, make amends and live in harmony with us till their time is over.

It will NEVER happen.

YOU must be the change you desire in order to move forward.

Stop wasting energy protesting. All you are really doing is begging for their attention.

Stop wasting energy explaining how racism hurts. All you are really doing is amusing them.

Of course they know racism hurts. Of course they know what it means to be black in America. It was their idea to label you black in the first place for their political purposes. You will NEVER tell whites ANYTHING that they don’t already know for this is their false world, their false creation and their false narrative.

ALL you are doing is amusing them as they pass the time.

Focus on you, your desires, how to obtain them, how to empower yourself, how to build, how to grow, the CORRECT education based in NATURE and leave them alone.

To them, you have nothing worthwhile to say because it is their false world that you are living in. All you are doing is amusing them. Ever look into their faces as you speak to them about any random thing and see the corners of their mouths twitching? It is because you are an amusement. A fodder. A comedy. A joke. Or, as Neely Fuller puts it, “The ultimate ego trip.” No matter how they move with you, in the backs of their minds they know what they’ve done to you and what that makes you in their eyes. This is why, for no reason at all, they will begin to ignore you and treat you poorly leaving you bewildered. It is you that is confused. NEVER them.

Leave them alone. That is my advice.

Deal with them on a “business only basis” and always remember where you stand.

As for the recent events…

Nothing new here in White-owned America.

Be safe. Carry a legal weapon. Have a chaperone if you can. Travel with a buddy. Travel with a video camera. Buy your groceries during the daytime. Be polite. Never start confrontation. Speak clearly with your supervisor and with your co workers. Take down notes when possible to cover yourself. Try to stay out of bars and clubs or ANY large crowd area. Always look for exit signs. If something feels wrong, trust your instincts.

A white female came over to me once smiling and carrying a doughnut, or some fried cake. She offered it to me. I thanked her, accepted it, set it aside, then proceeded to throw it away when she wasn’t looking.

Always remember that you are not living in your own reality.

I love you black family and wish you well.

Good luck.



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9 thoughts on “Letters from My Readers

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  2. Dear Diaryofanegress,

    I do hope that your post will ring a bell to all those non white people who seems still not undersatnd what is and how work the system of white supremacy, a system which is designed to mistreat and dominate All Non-White people ALL OVER THE WORLD due to their skin color. A White Supremacist main existence has no other value than White supremacy, they don’t cheat and bluff. Therefore It is our duty as vicitms of the system of white supremacy by the fact we are Non White, and classified as Non White, to get this once and for all cemented into our brain.

    We are in a War, not game not a playground, not a fiction, it is not a movie nor a virtual world. IT IS REAL.

    Now for those who understood, as the lady suggests, be prepared and behave in order to produce JUSTICE rather complaining. Take decision about what to say and do, not to say and do, and think about the result in order to not put yourself in danger or into a greater confinment.

    It is about DOING and SAYING in the most constructive manner, stop playing and become very serious about this serious matter. Stop arguing. Stop squabbling, stop lying, stop killing, stop robbering, stop, cheating, stop curising, stop all those non sens behaviors. Be polite, be courteous, be in a constructive Mode in every situation whatever the domain of activity. Produce a qulaity of relationship which is and has never been in place since the establishment of the system of white supremacy is in place, which is the most destructive system ever recorded in history.


    In the production of JUSTICE.

  3. I think the sooner we as a people realize we’re all we have the better off we’ll be. White folks have absolutely no interest in dismantling a racist machine/system they created and benefit from. There’s no inviting of white people to the “cookout.” We need to focus on ourselves.

  4. To all:

    I’ve noticed ever since Trump was put into office by the same people that are now protesting for his removal, have become so excessively nice to me, I find it comical.

    Some of them, who believe themselves to be super smart and very clever, actually think we can’t see right through them. That’s why when you make any truthful statement about the climate of things, they are caught totally off guard.

  5. angel9loveu on said:

    Only divine intervention can bring life back in order. The Most High is the ONLY way out of this we can’t do this of our own strength many have tried and failed. Talking isn’t working, getting mad, protesting for rights we never had in our land of captivity and looking to our enemy to stop won’t work.We “wake up” and keep going in the wrong direction while still blaspheming our ONLY present help. There are powers,principalities, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness at the highest level in play here. Everytime we think we’ve gotten to a solution nothing gets done and we remain stuck in sinking sand. Only our Creator Elohim can Heal the lands and redeem us from our enemies. The enemy knows this and if they can keep us in circles and denying our Creator worship, they can keep up with toying with us cause they know the great love our Creator has for us,His chosen people.

    So far participating in the fasting and prayer from the Summer solstice June 21 has caused most of the desire to manifest and there are more plagues to come. I ended up doing 21 days and night( alkaline) water only limited electronics.Indulged in getting rich sunlight and walking in the earth which we came from making my desires known to our earth watering her and thanking her for her energy. We need to get pass the carnality of our flesh and seek Yah more diligently this year.

    The whites I’ve seen have been super nasty (as usual) leaning on their white privilege.The limited contact with them or their enablers is healing.But in observing what’s happening at this moment it’s no coincidence our enemies are turning on each other.Even then they’re still dangerous to us. Anyway I hope those of us who have understanding steer clear of those psychos and never stop fighting spiritually before these things manifest into the physical for we are not wrestling against flesh and blood, as we should see by now but the battle is heavily spiritual.

  6. You read my mind and said it better than I could. All I would add, is work for yourself; and learn all you can about healing your body and stay away from white doctors. Avoid prescription drugs, vaccines, mammograms and other radiation treatments. If you are eating right (organic, gmo-free), using herbs daily for healing and keeping an alkaline body, you will seldom need a doctor except for a broken part.

    I do everything you recommended. Its easy because I am retired, live in the desert far from distractions. Whenever I visit family in the cities, I become violently ill from the atmosphere of crazed whites in stores, on the roads and everywhere where they act like evil robots…predictably. For young blacks who need to experience life, this can be a very restrictive life style. I feel for them, but it must be done. These whites are not human.

  7. Negress, you are spot on. My mother told me that we should stop protesting & also stop asking wp for our constitutional rights. I agree that we should stop talking about racism, especially when we have Larry Elder telling blacks that racism is minor or have very little effect on blacks. GOD BLESS

  8. philomage on said:

    Great post. It’s funny how folks like to pretend that Mr. Trump was elected because people were fed up with “unemployment” or whatever other excuse they like to make. We all are fully aware of exactly why he was elected. WS is one hell of a drug, that’s why.

  9. since I moved out to the Pacific Northwest region I’ve been studying white people behavior and history. I’m currently studying Yurugu and other books you have recommended on your blog, I believe Mein kempf was one of them as well which I also bought. THIS IS REAL SHIT HAPPENING! I also been watching documentaries on their drug habits and how they treat each other within their own family and other relationships. I work with them and can tell you that as a collective God is not in their nature I legit see and know they are different overall. POC are very forgiving and continue to welcome these ppl around them and are willing to embrace them. The sickness is real

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