Observations of an Invisible Woman

Must See Video

An email from my reader:

“Negress, have you seen this? I know you’re busy but black people need to know about this asap.”


Ok….here you go.


Black Family,


We are alone in this fight. Katrina showed us that not one person will come to our aid.

Start preparing now.



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6 thoughts on “Must See Video

  1. Yes your absolutely right negress you have been warning us to prepare for some time now and the time is now. I just got my dehydrator out of storage and purchased some mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. For the readers that can go and purchase a cheap dehydrator amazon has them along with the mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. You can dehydrate almost anything even Canned food and frozen veggies. Youtube has lots of videos to show you how. The dehydrated foods can last well over ten years in the mylar bags with the absorbers. They are light to carry and take much less space. Yall stay blessed!

  2. Black people need to prepare themselves for any upcoming catastrophe that is about to ensue. It’s worthwhile to purchase an inflatable boats and keep the boats in a house garage. Also life vests are handy for floods, fluid extraction pump in case water gets inside the boat so it doesn’t sink or flood the inside of the boat. Take care black fam ✊🏽

  3. This is sad, sad stuff, but it’s all true. We can’t trust anyone. 😟


  4. Great video! If people haven’t started preparing they need to ASAP!

  5. What the f*ck????

    This is real! We’re finished!!

  6. I tried to enlighten a family member and he said that’s for white people to worry about

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