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Solar Eclipse 8/21/2017: Male Energy in Effect

Who is your Deity?


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Or Obatala?


Tomorrow, on 8/21/17, a Solar Eclipse will occur.

The Sun, a male Energy Celestial Body will empower us all. This is for Melanin Rich individuals throughout the diaspora. Our mental prowess and Spiritual powers will ignite and I hope that all of you, Black Family, will take advantage of this powerful event.

After you are done with your Meditation/ Prayer Ritual, you must take a Vow of Silence, for the ENTIRE day if possible, to allow your thoughts and prayers to reverberate throughout the universe.

I’m going to ask for some very specific things for myself, my family, my friends and the Black Diaspora. And I know to whom I’ll be asking:


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This chaos…the upheavals, the mayhem, it is ALL happening so Nature can cleanse HERSELF for a new beginning. The after effects of this Solar Event can be felt for up to SIX months.

Good Luck, Black Family, and don’t forget to thank your Deity and leave a small gift of appreciation ( like a glass of clean drinking water, a tiny but pretty flower or a portion of your meal ) for listening to you and helping you.



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10 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse 8/21/2017: Male Energy in Effect

  1. Negress what do you think about them saying not to look directly at the eclipse. I don’t believe anything these white scientists are saying. I feel the energy today and poured libations this morning it’s time to get our power back.

  2. Nahimana on said:

    Awesome. Just thought I’d share that the Sun is actually Feminine.

  3. @ Bluebonnet

    Whatever they say, do the opposite.

  4. @ Nahimana


    I always thought and was schooled that the Sun = male and the Moon = Female.

  5. The solar eclipse signifies white people’s demise! White people just got a reprieve from the Sun, because next year it will be hotter than ever before!

  6. Personally spent the say outside, incense lit, dancing in the grass, watching the animals observing the sky with their consciousness. It occurs to me that despite all of the wealth of information going around, we are still badly disconnected, and reading your posts is only so helpful. Where do we begin to find one another in real life? I’d like to interact with woke people like yourself. We’ve all been in hiding, trying to avoid the bullshit flying everywhere, but it’s getting really exhausting being awake alone. I’ve only been on the planet for 29 years and I’m really over this crap. I’ve been following your blog since 2012, it’s 2017. Whatever is going to happen needs to happen NOW. I believe the eclipse energies are pulling us out from the shadows, we need to be looking for one another and letting our presence be known to one another in an effective way.

  7. @ Aislinn

    The path to consciousness is a lonely road. But…you’ll be alright.

  8. Thanks for this info, I love your blog. Have you seen a movie called ‘The Time Machine’ made in 2002? If not, I think you would like it. Basically the movie involves a catastrophe on the Moon that causes the human race to divide into two species….the species that can no longer take in the rays of the sun have devolved into these white ape-like creatures that live in caves and feed off of the above ground species…peaceful melanated black and brown people that live above ground and in harmony with nature. I saw this movie years ago and didn’t think anything of it…but now being enlightened on so many more things, I saw it again and I see it is basically ‘them’ telling their story of what is to come in plain sight. What is funny is that this movie was based on a novel written back in the day but the movie greatly deviates from what was written in the novel which makes me think that this movie was only being used to push their agenda of telling their story.

    Please watch the movie, you can stream it for free on a lot of those movie streaming apps like Kodi and stuff…things really start to get interesting about halfway through the movie. Peace

  9. @ sophia

    Thank you! I’ll look it up.

  10. I love it Negress! Another powerful post. Sending you love and light ♥️✊🏿

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