Observations of an Invisible Woman

American Terrorists


I received several emails about Charlottesville from people asking me to voice my opinion.

So, what’s my opinion?

So what’s new?

This is, after all, America. The same land that was stolen then rebuilt on blood, tears, lies, blood, deceit, blood, fabrications, sweeping things under the rug, evil witchcraft, freemasonry and more blood.

Old news.

Remember when I said that August is an excellent time to mess with black people? Our Spiritual enemy knows us well because they study us like lab rats…which we all are, including members of their own race.

I openly laughed listening to our latest Reality Star President sorta condemn violence after telling the police not to be too gentle with us during arrest. I giggled watching whites fuck each other up with flag poles, tear gas and a two ton Dodge Challenger. And I chuckled when a random white guy said that he’s fighting for peace while pummeling his fist into another man’s face.

I laughed all the way home after buying some summer squash and sweet relish after a Confederate Flag T-shirted man waved to me to prove he’s not racist.

I smiled after listening to Richard Spencer and David Duke claim that the Statue of General Lee is a symbol of white heritage and has naught to do with racism.

And I bellowed after hearing Southern whites profess that “they shall not be replaced by us” while burning in the hot Virginia sun and scurrying to reapply sunscreen.

Black Family,

Mother/ Father Nature has already made His-Her decision so just sit back, relax, enjoy the show and STAY OUT OF WHITE PEOPLE’S AFFAIRS.



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14 thoughts on “American Terrorists

  1. awakescapes on said:

    Yes, Let’s sit back with our popcorn and let Normal Racist White People fight Extremely Racist White People. If they really don’t like Racism, let them eradicate it.

  2. awakescapes on said:

    The Founding Fathers Created/Invaded America for White Men. Laws were Enacted to “Remove” /Kill Indians and Enslave Africans. It must be Shocking to realize that with All of the Advantages “WHITE NATIONALS” are Losers that have a Homicidal Hatred for Non Whites Achieving in America.

  3. Great post queen! We have to keep it real. I hope our people are listening. I knew this would be a hot and racially charged summer!🔥🔥🔥

  4. Orville Redenbacher Here I Come!

  5. Yeah…we’re listening. And laughing too. LOL!

  6. angel9loveu on said:

    Excellent post, this August definitely brought out the extreme madness in them. Yurugu on yurugu crime is none of our business.

  7. Ain’t that the truth. Thank you very much Sis.

  8. darqbeauty on said:

    Funny, because that seems to be the unspoken general consensus with us. “This is YT folks business”. Let them duke it out for our viewing pleasure. These are the death throes of a violent and abominable beast.

  9. Yes Negress, I got my lawn chair, popcorn & wine and enjoying. As I told you before, white people put their skin color above GOD’S Kingdom & in return GOD is going to destroy the US by giving wp everything they ask for. Everytime I see a group of white men I cross the street. Trump administration will stay mired in dysfunction until he apologizes to President Obama & the Central Park 5. GOD BLESS

  10. Some say we are losing, some say we are winning..

  11. Autshumato Khoekhoena on said:

    Great post.

  12. Hello and Blessings to those willing to receive.

    @DOAN: The enlightenment and manifestation received from the Summer Solstice 2017 Meditation Ritual that you mentioned back for June 21 has been mind blowing!

    (We gotta talk)

    The clarity and life changing awards received from the 30-day fast changed lives for the better with diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer patients seeing healing and remission!

    (We got more to talk about)

    Well here we are ya’ll and tomorrow there will be a solar eclipse on August 21st (2/3rds or 60 days into the summer solstice of 2017) that is making a swath through Amerikkka and is NOT for the Yurungu/Luciferian/Alien – but is for the Awakening of our DNA/Energy and Melanin + Melanocytes and it is okay to gaze because we are protected (they are not)
    To paraphrase our Sista DOAN’s recipe for this special day:

    For those of us that wish to fight back…you will need:
    a White Candle
    Pink Himalayan Salt (at most 99 cent stores and markets)
    Purified or Alkaline water
    Incense and Lighter
    Brown Paper Bag and Marker or Ink Pen

    Begin by taking a bath in the Pink Himalayan Salt while meditating
    Drinking plenty of the Purified or Alkaline water by making your own with (1 quart of drinking water, 1/2 a lemon and 1 teaspoon of the Pink Himalayan Salt)
    Write down on a piece of brown paper (like a paper bag you use for your lunch)
    your desires, dreams and goals.
    Light the Candle and the Incense.
    Go outside in Nature and remove your shoes with bare feet sitting on the dirt.
    Speak your written desires ALOUD to the Almighty.
    Set the paper on fire and watch it burn.
    Thank the Great Spirit for listening to you and helping you.
    Walk away and await confirmation.

    Time to stop just talking about it and start BEING about it…


  13. I’m glad you wrote about this event! I am a lone activist in a delusional small NJ county. I learned the hard way not to trust evil demonic pastey petty bird shit white people. I could have died protecting vulnerable people from every continent on this globe and yet I am still subject to jealous wonder bread yuppies. They are miserable because they cannot absorb Vitamin D through sunlight. They will fry and die!

  14. What is mother natures decision? I never understood what you meant by this.

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