Observations of an Invisible Woman


During my hiatus, I worked, worked and worked some more.

Patience and back breaking labour gave me big, luscious leaves of 3 species of mint, an entire culinary herb garden, and vegetables that taste better than the store bought variety.

Up here, winter begins a bit early so firewood is a main concern.

Last night, I read an article right before bed and the Great Creator gave me a vision of America.

Black people,

Are you prepping?

Are you putting away an extra can of beans with each shopping trip?

Are you able to cook without electricity?

Can you keep warm with no heat from the government?

What about pet food? They have souls too and need love and your care.

What about cash? Not a credit card but CA$H.

Do you have a nice, heavy duty firearm? And do you know how to clean and use it?

My gut tells me that a plan is in the works for this current administration and once again, black people have:

ZERO help

ZERO community (our own doing…fucking own up to it already)

ZERO plans to survive in a shit hits the fan situation


I know FOR A FACT that whites, (some)Latinos and (some)Asians have some form of system in place where they can get food (fresh fish), medicine (from a vet who’s also a buddy), wood ( from lumberjacks) and weapons, weapons and more weapons.

I know for a fact they whites have an invisible watch system going on where they spy intensely on folks coming in and out of their neighbourhoods. Confederate flags and Nazi flags wave tall and proud on the backs of Ford F150 trucks with a nice picture of a naked lady posing provocatively.

For those of you that still think this is a joke and “nuthin’ ain’t gonna ‘appen”, continue your delusion and best of luck.

For the rest of you, you need to up the ante. Dr Baruti once claimed that there is no written universal law that states black people MUST survive on this planet. It is arrogance to think just because you have melanin, you can “beat” what’s coming.

Yes, melanin is crystalized sunlight and yes, we are Nature. But you still have to live, breathe, take care of family, eat and survive to do it.

Many bloggers and video makers are increasing their pleas for you to stop the infighting on petty nonsense and get your shit together. The enemy will come dressed as one of us and we’ll never see it coming. They are PAID agents and are more than happy to see us die, get beaten, raped and hung for a tiny piece of another’s race’s pie. 

You must begin some plans as plans are being prepared for you.

Especially YOU, black woman.

It all begins and ends with YOU.

I hope you take this seriously and begin today.



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10 thoughts on “S.H.T.F.

  1. Great post as usual. I’m really happy that you so often encourage Black people to prep. Prepping and survivalism aren’t just some white boy’s game.

  2. @ Jane

    Thank you. Our ancestors prepped. Canning food, making jam, dried bush tea, smoked meats, baby nappies…all forms of prepping.

  3. angel9loveu on said:

    Wow Queen, thanks for posting, I’ve been checking for a post daily, disheartened with the current situation. The plagues are coming on our enemies heavily but like we know they’ll get worse and worse cause they know their end is near.They’re banning our freedom of speech on social media and the truth coming out about them and they have Trump in office giving the police authority to brutalize people they arrest even though the cops don’t always arrest criminals or else society wouldn’t be crawling with them nor would the system of white supremacy still exist. I’m going to be fasting it up this year cause I’m seeing evidence of the Most High’s work but definitely prepping also.Thanks for this timely article, useful as always.

  4. @ angel.

    Most welcome.

    August is the hottest month of the year so this is the time when they come after us the most.

  5. Oh DOAN, I love your informative posts regarding survival in this hellish world of white supremacy. I applaud you queen sister 👸🏾🌷💐 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Keep your posts coming, please DOAN post more often. When you post tidbits and anecdotes revolving around your life experience. I feel so relieved, consoled. I just hope black people survive Trump’s reign of Terror, I’m certain that black people have seen the video of president Trump giving a rhetoric to the police, encouraging police violence. We “black people” must be prepared for anything degrading coming towards the black community! ✊🏾

  6. Hello

    I’ve been following your blog for almost a year, and read nearly everything that you have post. I am thankful to know that all this information is coming from a black woman and I say this because black woman are truly alone in this world. I was born and raised in Hawaii and there aren’t any black communities or much of black people at all unless they are mixed or married into a family on the islands. That’s another story by itself. Anyways I guess you could say that I am not black enough, (black American standards) is what I am saying but my African features are very much real to experience being black on the U.S continent.

    This may sound harsh, fucked up, and maybe sexist but truly and honestly, the white man as the enemy is a given, white people are dying off on their own all by themselves. What I want to know from black women is this…where is the self worth? In Hawaii id never experience random men approaching me as if they are sexually entitled to me like black men do and I had to think what kind of women allow men talking to them in a sexually aggressive manner? I got into “conscious community” but realized the black power movements are only about black male patriarchy…if black women were to speak on issues about their oppression within black community they are quickly silenced and called feminist. We already know the outright enemy but the hidden enemy is who we march for in case they get shot, but if a black woman gets shot and killed by police it’s her fault she asked for it. How do we protect ourselves from those masquerading as someone that is suppose to protect us? From the outside looking in I’ll tell you this, black men really do hate black women unless you are light skinned or willing to fulfill every single need of theirs. That’s a strong word to use, but I’ve lived on this continent and all throughout this country long enough to see the same shit and mistreatment everywhere and to see black women accepting these fucked up behaviors and the abuse from their men is questionable. The black woman is the manifestation of God in human form, the world knows it but her.

  7. @therestlesssloth

    WOW I’m beyond elated that I have read your comment it was very intellectual! I applaud you whoever you are 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙏🏽 I’m very grateful for you that I’ve read your comment. I was amazed when you said you’re a Hawaiian, I remember I’ve seen a beautiful Hawaiian woman she was hosted by a white program, she was speaking against white supremacy, but the white hosts turned a deaf ear for her, I wish if she was hosted in a black program that speaks against white supremacy, so black people can truly appreciate the rhetoric of the beautiful Hawaiian woman, and see what she’s trying to emphasize.

    You’ve had mentioned in your comment “The black woman is the manifestation of God in human form, the world knows it but her.”, I couldn’t believe someone like you, shares the same figment of thought like me! I too believe the black woman is the manifestation of the God of this universe!! Yes black women are intelligent, ingenious, inventors! Black women have suckled the slave master’s babies, even in Arabia where I live, back then during slavery, the Arab slave owners used to do the same thing use black slave women to breastfeed their babies. This proves to you that the white recessive cave animal race are genetically deficient, yet they still want to feign to the world their purported white superiority, and that the white race are the master race to extend their ruler ship. I just hope this cancer plagued infertile white race die off soon, we better remember as people of color we shouldn’t race mix with them, because mixing with them is breeding us out and they’ll eventually whiten their biracial offsprings.

    I see you’re very interested in speculative black women, please follow these youtube channels.



  8. angel9loveu on said:

    That makes sense they would come after us the most during August they lose their minds more when it’s sweltering hot.Here in the south they drive and behave like mad people already but barely see them leave their houses on the weekend mornings and they barely open their blinds. Time for another meditation/slash fasting and prayer moment the sun needs to be extra scorching and scolding this August.

  9. darqbeauty on said:

    Another great post. I am going to start intensifying my prepping.

  10. Black women, Black queens ! PLEASE do not, I repeat DO NOT think that Black men hate US and please stop assuming that Black men = African American Men only. It’s so limitative. I am not African American and I AM BLACK. Black people are all over the world, in Africa, in the Caribbean, in Europe, in South America, etc. PLEASE it is time to stop assuming that “Blacks” only refers to one set of people in one particular location. That said, I know our Queen Sistah keeping this precious blog for our enlightenment is speaking from her perspective but we also know that when she speaks everyone of us is concerned, the entire BLACK DIASPORA is concerned.
    @therestlesssloth, I understand where you are coming from but you gotta realize that the ENEMY is stronger when we are divided and that is why they are doing everything in their power to put Black Women against Black Men (and vice versa) and this shit has been going on since the Kidnapping from Africa and Slavery made it worst. The mutual hatred is so palpable these days that it often makes me sad because in REALITY things are different, YES THEY ARE and it is because that they are that we need to fight TOGETHER to rise up again STRONGER. As a Black Queen Warrior, I am aware of my numerous skills and I know my ultimate mission however I and I know that I cannot go in this war all alone and I know that with solid brothers by my side, battles will be more effective because trust me there are Black Kings out there who are aware & awoke, who will die for Black women (yes, believe or not!), who train hard and work even harder, who read and who do not let themselves distracted by all the White Spells thrown at them every day in every way. We never ever talk about these brothers because there are indeed rare like Black Diamonds lol and this society is forcing us to focus solely on the negative. That is why we absolutely need to be careful of not getting consumed by bitterness and hatred for our own because this is exactly what the enemy wants.

    One other thing, white men and non black men approach Black women just the same (I mean Black women are beautiful flowers, therefore every bee wants her nectar!), their catcalling or harassment may be different but with the same intensity and disrespect. Whether it is in the Caribbean or the US or Europe or the Middle East or freaking Australia, TRUST ME when I tell you how sick non-Black men can be toward Black women.

    WHITE MEN are crazy about Black women, that is why they started raping them in the slave ship, even more in the plantations (often in front of their children and partner!). Now they don’t need to do all this, cuz you have these categories of Black women (those that hate Black men and/or were rejected by them) that be running blindly into their arms to be “saved” and have the “cutest babies ever”… They call it “interracial love”and will tell you it is the best type of Love out there…
    Anyway, don’t let the media, social media, reality TV and all these PAID AGENTS frolicking with the Enemy fool you one minute. White men wanna BREED Black women for the same reason White Women wanna carry Black men babies, to solidify their race and get some of that melanin to live on this earth a lil bit longer. 98 % of mixed people think, breathe, eat and act like whites, marry with whites and have babies with whites, completely and willingly contributing to the whitening of their race. I see it everyday, everywhere, shit ain’t even funny. Brothers such as Colin Kaepernick or Jessy Williams are as rare as Black Diamonds hence why they are being even more vilified because they dare to rebel against their “white side” and against racial statut quo which is as racist and vile at it is.

    Peace & Light.

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