Observations of an Invisible Woman

Why Are Whites Dying Off?


Sometimes, Yurugu gets tired of his own lies and just tells the truth. I found the fact that The Alien chose to tell the truth to a white female, the Life Bearer of Destruction on this planet, very telling.



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11 thoughts on “Why Are Whites Dying Off?

  1. And so shall it BE!

  2. Yes,HIV rates in Russia are skyrocketing & that will spread to the European continent, along with their addiction to painkillers, drugs & their suicide rates. They did this to themselves. GOD BLESS

  3. angel9loveu on said:

    White on white crime is really at an all time high. They’re losing their got dang minds.Their drug addictions are kicking their butts. Mental illness and depression is sending them on a downward spiral to never, never land. Skin Cancer cases in European countries and the U.S.are the highest it’s ever been. I’m really excited for our June 21 meditation negress got all my alkaline water and mind ready,let’s make it a powerful one family.

  4. @DOAN

    I advise every self hating black man, or black woman who are swirling and bedwenching with white people. To watch the movie “The Crush 1993”, this movie should give any melanoid person an insight about the pathology, and mindset of white people how they are demented psychopaths, and how white women are promiscious, degenerate, vile women by nature. White women will lie, blackmail, bear false witness, plan a devious plot, even murder just to get what they want.

  5. angel9loveu on said:

    @Mohammed the redneck slayer
    Sounds like a movie about part of my life. There was a flirty hispanic guy who was crushing and chasing me at my job that a certain promiscuous white female devil who I believe was also a witch who had her eyes on.However, she was also slutting it up with her supervisor and very likely a few other males on at the workplace. I knew of her before I got to the job so her reputation preceded her. The flirty guy agreed to be in a project I was doing and I had no idea this slutty female had her eyes on him but when she found out he was working with the black girl for some reason her unprofessional, nasty ass plotted and planned with her other caucasoid white males to to get me in trouble and fired.Needless to say this caucasoid slut never heard of not to touch the Creator’s prophets or try to harm them. Cause she has since turned suicidal, constantly cutting herself and on suicide watch. The other males I’m sure it didn’t fair well for them either.Not sure if she’s succeeded yet with cutting the right vein, but hope she does. The Most High will work it out for His people when we stay faithful. Those white males and females throw themselves around like dogs and bitches in heat.Not caring who they buss it wide open to as long as they can buss it wide often or stick it in something.Especially since they’re out their promoting bestiality.
    Anyway Not a swirler but I’ll check the movie out thanks.

  6. @angel9loveu

    I’m sorry to hear that you got fired from your job, because that caucasoid devil bitch tried to wrongly implicate you, in a problem that you had nothing to do with. So that caucasoid devil bitch who had a crush on that Hispanic colleague that worked with you can shag with her, while you have been fired from your job. I like to support and advise the black community, to be cautious from these evil albinoid white devils, this is my duty. Remember to never trust white people no matter what, and never swirl or bedwench or date a white recessive cave devil. 👱🏻👩🏼=👹👹 So much interesting things have been going on this year, I wonder what else will we expect to see, beside white people complaining about their unproductive population decline? Angel9loveu have you heard about France’s climate change? I advise you to research europe’s climate change, and what’s happening in the world. Europeans alps and lush green terrain meadows are gradually becoming a wasteland like Africa. Trump had gone to France’s president to disclose France’s climate change issue. Angel9loveu enjoy watching the movie I recommended for you, “The Crush 1993”, I hope every melanoid black man, or black woman who are busy swirling, bedwenching, copulating with white people, to reconsider their thoughts, and learn from this movie about the devilish nature of white women, how they are even dangerous to the men of their own kind!

  7. angel9loveu on said:

    Thank you so much. I wasn’t fired, I left but basically my time there in that toxic space came to an end years before that just waiting on the right time to venture off and do what I love.But great advice and information will be researching those topics sounds like times up for ole not so might whitey.

  8. @ taj

    One of my favourite scenes.

  9. philomage on said:

    Ha! You know what? You could have posted just the video clip with no context at all and we would have understood the overall gist of what you were trying to get at. I’m not so sure that the conspiracy is that deep, but when you see Jennifer saying “we can still turn things around” you just think “nahhh, it’s too late for that.

  10. I watched this a few weeks back on your recommendation. Crappy film but it told a story about the devilish nature of white women.

    I’m very very cautious now. Even at work my white female coworkers always ask me why I am laughing when I am reading blog posts like these, I always deflect. White women are the closest thing to the actual devil we have on the earth today.

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