Observations of an Invisible Woman

An Important Message to the Black Woman




Dear Black Woman,


I am writing this letter to let you know that the paradigm shift has finally taken place. I was given a dream by The Creator to warn and guide you as we usher in the final stages of This New World Order in The Age of Aquarius or what I simply call, “The Age of Revelations.”

The new shift in consciousness will leave you by yourself to ponder many things. Why are you, The First Mother, in this predicament? Who put you there? How will you get yourself out? And finally, what is your true purpose on this planet?

As I write this letter, I am compelled to let you know that you are going to face a tumultuous journey as you embrace freedom. Know that EVERYONE on this planet stands to gain something, tangible or not, from your oppression and degradation. The enemy will come dressed, coiffed and spoken as one of you so beware of all people.

As you make choices that many will not understand, know that those who elevate you on a pedestal will be the first to eagerly tear you down as they witness your true power.

As a black woman on this planet, everyone fears your power. Yours is majestic, magnetic and all encompassing. It is this power that they envy and fear. The real reason why men of all races try their hardest to control your womb and genitalia is due to the fact that you, Black Woman, the First Mother, are the closest thing to God that they can physically touch.

To control the Womb of the Earth Mother is to be like God.

And all people, male and female, wish to be God.

As we usher in this new and sometimes frightening administration, a popular movie comes to mind:

Black Woman,

We are officially in the beginning stages of the Hunger Games and it will be every man, woman and child for himself. Those under the illusion that we are one big, happy, black family are in for a terrific rude awakening. When your belly begins to rumble, who will fight to make sure you have a piece of bread?

Black Woman, I am telling you to get your life in order in any which way you can. If you are fat, lose weight and get fit in case you need to flee from danger. If you are sickly, learn the power of herbs and the RIGHT foods to get healthy as you will not be able to soon afford pharmaceuticals. If you are full of self hate, learn the awesome power of self love as you are going to be in for the fight of your life.

And you will most likely fight this pulse pounding fight ALONE.

If your children are uncouth, discipline them and set them straight as traps will be set for them THROUGH you.  If you are in an unfortunate love situation, leave as quickly as possible as Spiritual Powers are being used through the Ether to destroy you by proxy.


Can someone please tell Darryl that his hair is also nappy?


Black Woman, you were put in a rough position and have been there for centuries. But you are strong and able and determined. Through that determination, you will and must survive or the planet will be lost. What a terrible burden this is! To bear the weight of the entire world on your tiny shoulders.

But…but…you will make it.

In your darkest moments, turn inwardly and you’ll find strength you’ll never know existed. Turn to that strength to get you through. Turn to the power of your Melanin Spirit to get you through. Know that the real reason why they hate you and wish to destroy you is because they cannot EVER be you.


Image result for white women taking melanin injections

Accept this and it will help to get you through.

Black Woman, it is time to open your eyes and realize that you are :


Never be fooled by the propaganda.

It was always about you, The Great and Powerful Earth Mother. This is why when we choose outside of our race, all hell breaks loose. The world knows this but desperately tries to keep it a secret. The Bible, the great book of contradiction, was, is and always will be about how to CONTROL YOU. Open your eyes as to why the world fears, degrades, negatively sexualize yet envies you. 

Black Woman,

God Speed and know that you are loved and needed.


Sincerely Yours,



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11 thoughts on “An Important Message to the Black Woman

  1. I feel this one in my soul, even if you have support from a man or another woman etc, prepare like you are all alone, prepare like the world is coming to an end with you left behind. Ive been having these weird feelings for almost a year now, with no way to prepare and save but I feel like I should warn you all. God will not forsake us in our time of need, but preparing will not do you harm. I suggest getting into canning foods like beans etc, freezing food is not reliable unless you have solar energy. Organic gardening is the way to go, if you know how to grow your own food, when food becomes scarce you will not be helpless. Be safe my sisters, they have taken away our past, dont let them take away our future too

  2. @ everything

    I was compelled to write this for us. Economics prevent many of us from doing what we need to do but those than can prepare, physically and Spiritually, should begin now.

  3. chroniclesofelonga on said:

    After reading your piece, I came across this article:


    Everything you said is coming true. In Paris a black feminist organization of people of African descent are organizing a festival where most of the workshops would be reserved for black women. They had said so in their online invitation. It came to the attention of the Mayor of Paris by are right-wing twitter user and the Mayor immediately called for a ban. It just goes to show that we can’t have a safe space to discuss OUR issues. It just goes as far as banning black people of MEETING each other.

  4. @ chronicle

    They fear us immensely but can’t stop what is to come. I’d recommend doing what everyone else does: Have secret meetings in someone’s basement and draw out a plan of:

    1. Economics
    2. Safety
    3. Food Prep/ Gardening
    4. Communal Living

    Remember old fashioned girl’s boarding houses?

    Buy a communal home with a few bedrooms and start from there. Thanks for the article.

  5. @ DOAN Thank You for your Enlightenment!
    Blessings and Encouragement to you and yours!

    Hello to my extended family.

    Please remember these FIVE 3’s at all times!

    In extreme conditions, a human can survive 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. 3 days without sleep or rest.

    There are 5 basic needs our bodies require to survive:

    Air, Water, Food, Shelter and Sleep

    Air: As little as 5 min without air can result in brain damage, and after 15 minutes, the brain damage can be so severe that most people will not recover. This is the body’s greatest need. Make sure that you get outside daily and exercise, try to Breathe as much fresh air as possible. Allow fresh oxygen in; let it circulate through your body, keeping you fresh and healthy. Invest in a 10 pack of 3M Valve Respirator face masks from the local Hardware Store (about $20) for future use – it will protect you from noxious gases and fumes.

    Water: Apart form air, water is the most essential element to life. Our bodies are made up of 70% water, and as we live we deplete our body’s resources, which is why it is so important to stay hydrated. Drink as much fresh, clean, healthy alkaline water as your body needs. The nutrient rich water will not only hydrate you, but will raise your body’s pH level, giving it more energy to keep you healthy. This is one of the best things you can do for your health. Purchase 36 bottle packs of water when on sale and store. (2 for $6 or $7) Before you know it you will have water for a couple of months stockpiled!

    Food: The body can survive quite a while without food. At first it uses up energy found in its fat and glycogen reserves. Once the fat reserves are used up, the body will begin breaking down the musculature into proteins for energy. Muscles break down quickly, within one week. Once this process has completed the body has no more internal energy sources to draw from and dies. Most people who suffer from starvation don’t die directly from it. At this stage, the body is very susceptible to infectious diseases, and it is the infections that end up killing them. When purchasing your weekly food, get into the routine of setting aside canned goods, dried beans or rice/pasta for one day’s meal for future use. Before you know it you will have food for a couple of months stockpiled!

    Shelter: A shelter, which could include appropriate clothing, has the purpose of protecting you from the elements, keeping your body at a consistent temperature. The biggest concern with being exposed to the elements is water loss. Cold temperatures and wind can strip away valuable moisture just as quickly as high temperatures can cause sweat related loss. Invest in a couple of 10 x 10 Tarps and some rope from the local Hardware Store (about $20) for keeping dry and warm or protected from the sun. Also stockpile firewood and lighters for heat and cooking.

    Sleep: Sleep deprivation has long been underestimated as a necessity for survival, but a severe lack of sleep can be detrimental to your health and your life. Problems can range from decreased body temperature to cognitive impairment and hallucination. Allow yourself to rest. We live in a high paced society and sometimes sleep isn’t as much a priority as it should be. Make sure that you are allowing your body to recuperate from the day so that when you wake up in the morning, you are ready for more.

    Finally: Purchase a SURVIVAL knife, gun with ammo and take self-defense courses at the your local gym or MMA dojo – the life you save may be your own or a loved one.

    Congratulations…you will be more prepared than 99% of those around you!


  6. @ DOAN
    The two most recent topics were paramount to the awakening of our greatest asset…”Scared, Angry, Desperate White Men” and “An Important Message to the Black Woman” and needed to be heard.

    As the husband of a Goddess that I am truly blessed to have shared my everything with, and the father of Four beautiful daughters, we are preparing ourselves for the inevitable and are learning/teaching what is needed to survive and thrive.

    My youngest daughter (who is away at college) sent this entry recently for my review for her SOC351 class because the irony of topic and timing are simply incredible from both her and you DOAN!

    I would like to share it with my extended family :

    “Matriarchy is essentially a woman-oriented society, wherein all the leadership and authority rest in the hands of women.

    Patriarchy, on the other hand, is a social system, wherein males enjoy all the powers, control, and authority, and women are given subordinate and often oppressed roles.

    The difference below shows the conflict and chaos of order between these two societies:

    Matriarchal Patriarchal

    Equal rights for all Selective rights to a limited few
    Liberal Conservative
    Eternity or Futurism History
    Cycles of Time Linear Time
    Ritual Dogma
    Art and Music Science
    Mysticism Rationality
    Nature-oriented Consumer-oriented
    Total universal harmony Promotion of a separate parallel universe
    Polytheistic (mother goddess) Monotheistic (male god only)
    God dwells in everything God is only accessible by certain men
    Every task or deed is sacred Emphasis is on appeasement of God
    Morality is personal Morality is upholding laws of men
    Sexually loving and nurturing Sexually repressive and degrading
    Open relationships Monogamous male dominated hypocrisy
    Choice to indulge in relationships Forced relationships for power and control
    Private ownership to all Private ownership of all by certain men
    Use only what is needed Greed and hoarding is encouraged

    Archaeological and historical studies tell us that ancient societies, which had been deemed falsely paganist in nature were essentially matriarchal, not only were the women given all central duties and were respected, but they were also worshiped in the form of divine mothers or the mother goddesses by all.

    In the sky, observing the same cycle of coming and going: that all celestial bodies rise, set and return every day and every night and in many ancient societies, the cosmos was perceived as the Great Goddess of Heaven and all of Creation.

    Therefore, the Earth would be the Great Mother granting rebirth and nurturing to all beings, the Moon is her Sister that gave tides, balances and inspiration with the Sun being the Father or Son, which provides, protects and promotes through his energy and this ideology had been shared by all First Nation inhabitants globally.

    She constantly created everything; it is she who granted the ordering of time. She gave birth to all stars in the east, let them move over the sky, until they died through her power in the west. A good example of this matriarchal concept of the cosmos was the Egyptian goddess Nut, the Goddess of Heaven. She gave birth to her son Ra, the Sun, every morning, and devoured him every evening, only to give birth to him again at the next sunrise. In the cosmos and on the earth, matriarchal people observe this cycle of life, death and rebirth. According to the matriarchal principles – they saw the same cycle in human life and it was not any different from the cycles of nature; it follows those same rules of life death and rebirth.

    Unfortunately with the passage of time, as social and religious structures evolved, the authority gradually transferred from the hands of females to those of the males, thus, giving rise to patriarchy by means of war, genocide, destruction of the balance of nature and its natural resources. And was done by enforcing false religions, information control or outright lies, and the limit of access to those aforementioned natural resources whether being land, water, food, shelter or economics.

    Which is why there is chaos, confusion and conflict globally – today.

    There must be a return to ways of old in which the matriarchal principles must be applied and practiced by our Earth Mothers to return the Earth to its harmonious balances. Isn’t it any wonder why the Anti-Christ, Anti-thesis or Anti-anything always has the face of a Man representing it? Particularly the Pale Man…
    Behold the Pale Horse and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him!”


    Thank You for allowing me to share this with you


  7. The columns did not come out correctly…the Matriarchal traits are to the far left like Equal Rights for all, Liberal, Eternity, Circles of Time, Ritual, Art and Music and so on…


  8. @ William Tell

    Thank you much.

    We are in sync.

    I hope your daughter does well on her paper.

  9. Another very powerful post Negress! This was very moving and heartfelt. Thanks for this powerful information. We all need to get ready for what’s coming. WE need to be prepared.

  10. Thank you Your Highness.

    Summer is almost here.

  11. Yes it is! It’s coming!

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