Observations of an Invisible Woman

Scared, Angry, Desperate White Men




Dear Black Family.

This video is most important for you to watch.

It will demonstrate the underlying reason for white rage: FEAR and ENVY.

It will also demonstrate the utter insanity of the white mind. They actually BELIEVE their lies. I almost, kinda, sort of, pseudo, quasi felt sorry for them. Especially when the PaleFace stated he’s Italian.

Poor thing.

Doesn’t he know that Aryans lynched his ass in the olden days?

Watch this video of these diseased people and take notes.


By the way, to the fella that mentioned Shakespeare as “one of them”…


He was a Negro.



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7 thoughts on “Scared, Angry, Desperate White Men

  1. Well Negress, white people can feel anyway they want to feel.Since Malcolm X birthday was yesterday, I’ll leave you with the Brother Minister most famous quote White people are pissed & their anger will escalate, because as Malcolm X once said :THE CHICKENS ARE COMING HOME TO ROOST. GOD BLESS

  2. Negress, since black slaves built the most famous landmark in San Juan Puerto Rico the El Morro Fortress, I guess it wasn’t on white people’s heart to mention that .haha Carry on Negress .Yes white men are scared,angry & desperate, most of it is their own doing.Have you heard of the white man suing his date because she wasn’t happy with him. Not surprising ,because as my mother said , white men will sell their momma for a dollar.So I guess suing dates is the new way for white men to make money. Black Family are you paying attention. GOD BLESS

  3. That video is very revealing! Thanks for this great upload Negress!

  4. angel9loveu on said:

    I find it funny that they kept saying “we will not be replaced.” You would think these beings who believe themselves to be “supreme” would not be bothered by such things as removing a couple monuments they claim as part of their imaginary culture. Could it be possible they’re telling us their fate and their reign of terror globally is coming to an end soon and very soon?
    But then and again guessing from how they came into power they’ve got to be some of the most miserable species on the planet constantly watching their backs for their inevitable mutiny.It is written their time is up!

  5. @ Angel

    Esau knew that his was over from the 60’s when his own woman rebelled against him. He IS being replaced daily as his life cycle is swiftly coming to an end. This statue removal is just the final nail in his coffin

  6. Negress, did you hear that a black construction is going to replace the water pipes in Flint,Michigan. GOD is telling us to take of ourselves & stop bickering over these political parties. I told you that a process is beginning to form. GOD BLESS

  7. @ Sevenkings

    Thank you for telling me. No, i didn’t hear but this does make me feel better.

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