Observations of an Invisible Woman

Let the Round Up Begin

Black Family,


Allow me to translate from Whitespeak to Common English:

“I’m gonna come after all blacks who smoke Herb and lock ’em up and throw away the key. While my KKKops are at it, I’ll make sure they throw in a rape allegation. My Wall street partners and I have invested too much damn money building multi-BILLION dollar prisons to let it go to waste!

We need more and more black bodies to fill up those empty cells and by God…er…I’m mean Lucifer, we’re not gonna stop till each one is full!”

Black Family,

If you do “recreational” things, do it AT HOME.

At the end of your workday, go HOME.

Stop hanging out.

Beer tastes just as good in your HOME.


Tell your friends, the ones that will listen, to go HOME.

Stay away from Bars and Clubs as they will be heavily monitored.

You are being targeted.


Invest in a good stereo sound system and watch your movies at HOME.

Stop hanging out.

Stop showing off.

No one cares about your new sneakers.


They are coming after you.

Summer is around the corner and you’ll want to go out.

Get your items, make sure you get the RECEIPT, then go HOME.


You were warned.






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16 thoughts on “Let the Round Up Begin

  1. @ DOAN

    “I just did a dose of percocet with some strippers
    I just poured this lean in my cup like it’s liquor
    I just need a whole lot of drugs in my system
    I just tried acid for the first time, I feel good
    Treasure bring misery, codeine in my delivery
    I pulled up in a big B, swerving like a hippy
    Moving with the dopers and pushers
    In the rover ducking undercover hugging the interstate
    Copping a couple cakes and the drum hanging under me
    Got a chain hanging over me, God watching over me
    All my angels watch over me, I bag it like groceries
    Keep this cash going over me…”

    “Rap about drugs and call these girls b**hes and hoes,
    Wear Supreme x Bape clothes
    And you’ll make them dollaz – on my soul.
    Niggas magnifyin’ them loser attitudes like an engagement ring –
    Because this generation is afraid to strive for any MF’g thing.
    Lowest common denominator is the hero,
    All they wanna do is stay stuck on zero,
    Don’t wanna have to think ‘cause those zanies and lean with some tree is the cure all…”

    As these puppets and pied pipers are being handsomely compensated and the lucrative endorsements line the pockets of these shit slingers, our youth are being lured into the web of jails, institutions and death. These two hip-hop lyrics are but of few of the many that are being drilled into the brains of Melanated youth with a flurry of beats similar to the cadences of marching drills and war cry propaganda in the numerous patriotic parades in anytown USA on any national holiday.

    The real money makers are the correctional facilities that are just one of many tools for the prison industrial complex, it serves many purposes as a proponent for modern day enslavement…for the enslaved it is the vicious cycle of either being in, having been or going again. Once out of the facilities, the secondary mental enslavement begins…by having a felonious criminal record – the lack of voting rights, educational benefits, assistance as in housing, food or even the basic human rights of being able to defend themselves blossoms – and the ONLY way to survive is to hustle which is a kinder and gentler word for CRIME, and we know the end result of this end game…recidivism.

    CoreCivic (formerly known as Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and GEOGroup (GEO) are the country’s two largest private-prison companies and following the election of “Doncheeto” to US president, stock shares in the two major soared, presumably banking on a hike in immigration detentions and a better climate for privatizing criminal justice and incarceration with pressure from the Trump administration, with Jeff Sessions at the helm. CoreCivic’s stocks jumped 34%, while GEO Group rose 28%, as of 10:30am ET Wednesday morning after the announcements.

    GO HOME!

    In an escalation of the war on drugs, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has rescinded two Obama-era memos that encouraged prosecutors to avoid seeking inordinately harsh sentences for low-level drug offenses. He also instructed Justice Department prosecutors to pursue “the most serious” charges for all drug offenses. Former Attorney General Eric Holder condemned the move, saying, “The policy announced today is not tough on crime. It is dumb on crime.” Under the Obama administration guidelines, the number of drug offenders given mandatory minimum sentences plummeted, contributing to a 14 percent decline in the total federal prison population.

    And Amerikkka is in the process of being UNBLACKENED as we speak.

    DOAN – you are 100% correct and on point as always!

    Take your ass HOME, or perhaps begin to embrace a lifestyle that uses meditation, sobriety and education as weapons of resistance to this insanity.

    Isn’t it ironic that as states began to “legalize” recreational marijuana use, the harassment, arrest and incarceration numbers skyrocketed for colored folk in those states like Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts or Washington DC? On YouTube, there are young Melanated men and women that are going into fast food restaurants, stores and local businesses and proudly blazing up their blunts and causing mayhem for “fun” – only to get arrested hours later for violating numerous Federal laws that they knew nothing about. Ignorance is not bliss!

    These aliens are desperate and will do anything to survive, and we must stay observant for every new trick in their book, and share the info to survive and thrive amongst the enlightened.


  2. @ William

    Thank you for the information on the prison companies and stocks. One of the main reasons why we put ourselves in harms way is to show off. Blacks LOVE to show off.

    Look at my new shoes!
    Look at my new hair do!
    Talk to me with respect or else!

    While we show off with utter nonsense, the Chinese QUIETLY purchased over 230 street blocks of Detroit in cash. In Philly, young white children, some of which haven’t finished college, banded together and opened tea shops right in the middle of the “black areas” and are doing well.

    There comes a time when you have to start taking responsibility for your own actions and realize that you have the power to change your own life.

  3. angel9loveu on said:

    Wow so neanderthugs are going crazy from addictions to heroin,opium,fentanyl,prescription drugs etc… And are being let out of jail as soon as they’re put in to continue their addictions but they want to put in iron clad that black people need to be put away forever for smoking marijuana.They’re after us and it’s just getting worse. They’re deporting who they can, killing and arresting the rest.It so true we don’t need to be hanging around them and need to keep our butts at home and out of these neanderthal monitoring places.

  4. @ angel

    Please pass this on…the more we’re informed the better.

  5. deeprow on said:

    Is going home and staying home really going to be enough in the long road? For 20 years now I have been tracked down and targeted by racial supremacists. I’ve moved many times, changed jobs, isolated myself and they became more and more emboldened, more and more infatuated and obsessed. After so long I am still perplexed that their mentality is so desperate and envious. It’s been 20 years! They started this when I was just 15! How does this even exist in nature? Even hyenas get fed up of taunting and move on to different prey…
    But these are accidents of nature and aren’t bound to the same mentality of other creatures on earth.
    So someone please tell me, when we have nowhere else to hide to, when rapes and murders and other heinous violations of blacks by whites, some hispanics, Indians(from India), asians and whomever else is on a superiority-power trip becomes so rampant that there is not enough media outlets to cover them all, when do we stop running? When are we allowed to do Malcom X ” by any means necessary” and Black Lives Matter or the Obama’s or even Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t throw us under a bus? War is inevitable in my opinion when dealing with the offspring of the devil himself

  6. @ deeprow

    No. Going home won’t solve this issue but it may LESSEN your enemy’s ability to attack you if you’re not around.

    A black woman emailed me to ask what should she do regarding her job crisis. Daily she is tormented and HR just flippantly denies any racism. I told her to try to search for a job where she can work from home. Or start her own business.

    I gave her the pros and cons and let her decide her fate.

    My hopeful task is to buy us some time.

    They are coming for us. No doubt.

    But…if we can buy time and remove ourselves from them, as much as possible, it may help us to decide HOW we can best fight back by dropping out, as much as possible, from their demonic system.

    Another element that I try to implement as per Neely Fuller is to avoid as much CONFLICT as possible for as long as you can. Til we can come up with a workable plan to fight these parasites, avoidance of conflict is paramount.

  7. angel9loveu on said:

    @DOAN I always pass your info on all my social media platforms and word of mouth. There were many who are aware and one in particular Vee Smith who added more exposure to your site on her channel informing all her subscribers about the great information here.

  8. @ angel

    Thank you!

  9. deeprow on said:

    Just saying time has ran out long before trumpo came into office. I thought too as long as I am not with anybody, just minding my business, not “showing off” or “causing trouble” or deliberately pushing boundaries, that eventually things will be ok again. And I was wrong. White people have more power over beliefs than folks think. If I live alone, with no social life how is it possible that I am making such a statement that I want to kill myself? Or that I am combative? That I came from a bad home? That I am manipulative? That I am afraid of confrontation? Do those characteristics even belong to the same person? People of so many races believe their lies even if it is contrary to reality because it’s much less stressful to live in denial than be overwhelmed by one’s conscience.
    Do we really need more time or are we trying to hold onto a fantasy that things aren’t THAT bad yet just a little bit longer? Coming up with a “plan” is a luxury for a group of people who personally know each other by name and can do meet ups. We are a people. We come from many walks of life, many experiences, living in many spaces of this society and country and this world. Our unity will have to come from something much simpler and effective. However it happens, violence is eminent; our enemy is too relentless and desperate. And I fear daily that we are the Jews after Hitler came to power but before the concentration camps; saying our neighbors would never turn on us, people believe in our importance/contributions, that he’ll(hitler or trump) get himself impeached before he does something like illegal mass incarceration or genocide.

  10. @ deeprow

    I’m open to all suggestions.

  11. deeprow on said:

    I’ll throw this out there and perhaps somebody will have feedback or a suggestion. Being in tune with one another goes along way to making this struggle in these times more “righteous”. If they are coming for us, why be distracted with the garbage they put out there. The media is going crazy with opiate/drug overdose among other things, but it is a media machine deliberately and consciously masterminded by trump. We’ve been through this before with the crack epidemic of the 80’s with a lot less outrage from whites and our community still hasn’t recovered. For the white majority it served its purpose: to weaken the black community, to weaken the civil rights accomplishments and to immobilize folks so they don’t fight back productively. So why in 2017 should the media say “jump” for a white dilemma and we do it too? In my city, where I live I don’t see black folks going to the hospitals coming out saying “That doctor did right by me!” let alone getting fair disability assessments or top of the line narcotics. Retired nurse I spoke to said the providers/doctors she worked for routinely made judgements that a black person is only in the hospital to abuse the system/sell their prescriptions.
    I almost got carried away with this thinking more white men overdosing means less of them to oppress everybody else and it would work in our favor. But then again hitler wanted his officers on drugs so that they would be more and more sadistic and I guess the ones that O.D.’d he figured were to weak to serve his purpose and he wouldn’t have wanted a rehabilitation program for them.
    But can we really exploit some of these we

  12. deeprow on said:

    Sorry, cut myself off by hitting reply. I was trying to ask if it is or is not a long shot as a community to exploit some of these weaknesses? Cause my suggestion is minds and hearts in tune with each other’s pains and not trying so hard to “move on” from what needs to be properly addressed is better than minds that are distracted by white dilemmas and aren’t considering the possibilities

  13. Well Negress, a lot of blacks are starting to push back.Black athletes are building homes,schools & public gardens, so it’s a process. I don’t fear white people coming after me at all. As my mother said “you can never be happy when you want to be bring misery to somebody else”.White people are committing these acts against black people & they are no longer having the same effect. White people are committing Evil acts,but yet are more unhappy. They are less educated ,their drug use is at epidemic proportions globally & white Nationalists candidates just got defeated in 2 recent elections in Europe.I say to you GOD is putting white people’s evils on front street for all to see. GOD BLESS

  14. @ sevenkings

    We are also living in the Age of Aquarius. Let all things be revealed.

  15. Well Negress,since I am a Aquarius. AMEN.GOD BLESS

  16. Eventually we will have to stand and fight I think we will be ready once we focus on our Creator and the purposes and plans He has for our lives.

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