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Why Are Black People Stuck?

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(ringing phone)

Me: Hello?

X: Hi Truth. What are you doing?

Me: Working. What’s up?

X: (sighs) What happened to black people?

Me: What do you mean?

X: It’s like we’re stuck. Every avenue we turn, every direction we go down, everywhere we go, we’re just stuck and can’t get out. What’s wrong with us why we can’t come together and just do this?

Blogging has taught me some things over the years. The most important ones, to my understanding, is how desperate, lonely and sad most black people are and how desperate, frightened and mediocre white people are. The two observations are 100% intertwined as one cannot exist without the other. So the question remains:

Why are black people stuck?

This seems like an easy thing to answer.


Police Brutality

Poison foods

Poison water

Chemtrails causing illnesses

Poor employment opportunities

High incarceration

The list goes on and on.

During my re-education process, I came to the conclusion that despite the claims of our alleged inferiority, if the same practices were done to any other race of people, they would have surely died off by now. This is one of the many underlying reasons why all races that side with white supremacy have a raw, seething envious hatred for black people.

Removing my emotions, a very hard task, from logic has put me in a different state of mind.

Therefore what I’m about to say will be difficult for you to hear.

Why are black people stuck?

Because some of us want to be.

Life on The Plantation has become so comfortable, so easy, so jovial, why would anyone in their right minds want to leave? You get:

Food ( that’s filled with poison)

A nice home ( that technically belongs to the Queen of England)

A sexy car ( with high interest rates)

Beautiful Clothes ( made in China with the cotton sprayed with poison)

Money ( that can’t seem to pay all the bills so a second job is in order)

And all the sex, sex, sex, and more sex you can handle. Especially the best sex ( in your mind) on the planet:

Image result for interracial relationships

The only drawback for all these (false) advantages is the loss of your African self, your African mind and your Soul.

We must remember that even during slavery, there were slaves that REFUSED to help with organizing Resistance, REFUSED to take part in overthrowing the Evil Pale Demon, REFUSED to help send important messages to other slaves regarding the status of their sold loved ones and REFUSED to partake in any activity, big or small, that helped with their own liberation.

We must remember that always.

Why are black people stuck?

Remember him?

Image result for tommy hilfiger

Neanderthal, masonic, wiccan-priest joo, tommy Hilfiger

Hilfiger once stated that he didn’t make his clothes for blacks to enjoy.

What was our response?

First we complained. Then ranted. Then screamed at his racism. Then we rushed out and bought MORE of his clothes to prove to him,” I can and will wear your $900.00 jeans, you racist fucker!”

Why are black people stuck?

I get letters from readers all the time. Some give me permission to reprint them with anonymity. I got one very nasty letter from a female who repeatedly chastised me for feeling the need to “arm myself” on days where my resolve isn’t strong. She scolded me on why, “…someone like yourself who preaches black power should wrap your hair and spritz yourself with Florida Water to ward off negative energies. Why do you need to do that if you’re so powerful?”

I read her letter and wondered two things

In the time it took to her to write me a very lengthy letter to challenge me, what else could she have done? And secondly, what person engaged in warfare DOESN’T arm themselves from attacks? Even our ancestors wore protective amulets while they slept:

Image result for protective amulet

Image result for protective amulet

Why are black people stuck?

Image result for missing dc girls

Why are our children and adult females rapidly disappearing from us?

Because we don’t give a damn about them.

Name one race on this earth that would allow this to happen without raising Cain? Without going door to door and PHYSICALLY knocking on each door, in the rain and snow, to ask each neighbor, “Have you seen my son?”

Do you think our Spiritual Enemy would allow their Military Manufacturing Center AKA The White Female to go missing WITHOUT his (alleged) knowledge?

But black people are too busy to care if their children are home, if they ate, where they’ve been, the names, first and last, of their friend, and their ENTIRE school schedule with ALL the names of ALL their teachers.

Why are black people stuck?

Black people have become too complacent with our bondage.

We now enjoy our poisons.

It feels good to drive around in a $90,000 BMW to let the world know, “I’ve made it.”

It feels good to live in a house worth $500,000 to let the world see, “I can live like this too.”

It feels good to have all the false comforts of this ill-gotten, Eurocentric society to let yourself know, “I can be like them too.”

There’s just one problem with this way of thinking.

If you have to beg for these things, you’ll never be free.

That’s why you see communities of EVERYONE ELSE working together except black people who always find some excuse to not work together.

“I don’t like her.”

“I don’t like Trinidadians.”

“She thinks she too cute.”

“He’s not man enough.”

“I heard bad things about him.”

You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Why are black people stuck?

Because we’re not ready to be free.

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14 thoughts on “Why Are Black People Stuck?

  1. Great post.

    Why are black people stuck? Like you said, because they want to be.

    I’ll correct you though by saying, most of us want to be.

    And, to be honest with you, I don’t blame them. For most of them, they their form of thought, values and aspirations is an inherited one.

    Lets not forget that this whole struggle is about POWER, not incarceration, racism, police brutality, because all those things originate from one people having power over another.

    If you’re about power then implicitly you would be plotting about organization and nation building. There is no other way.

  2. @ Amos

    If most wish to be free, then why resist freedom? How many of us have given doable solutions only to have them refuted?

  3. angel9loveu on said:

    People fear the unknown and too many of us would rather be comfortable in our captivity than shake themselves out of this nonsensical trance white supremacy has placed us in.They seem to be fine as long as “massa” doesn’t go too far with their extreme cruelty as it’s as if they measure what’s bearable. They accept the delusions of a post racial society and the lies that we can’t survive without yurugu and their toys they tempt us with when we’ve been doing just fine before slavery.We were healthy and doing well until yurugu and their jealousy put us in mental, physical,emotional and spiritual captivity.

  4. @ angel

    fear of the unknown is probably the number one reason why we choose to stay entrapped.

  5. We are the byproduct of 500 years of programming and are stuck in the “sick ward” expecting to get well. No other group has been taken through the process of complete separation from their heritage, their culture, their ancestors, religion, etc but the descendants of the TransAtlantic Slave Holocaust.

    So, while it’s understandable to make the comparisons between us and other groups, there really is no comparison. It’s frustrating because we see the unity in other groups but cannot find a way to make ours pay off financially.

    All by design. There are entities in the background that keep us stuck in this man-made matrix as the system wages war on our minds and bodies. we cannot afford to underestimate the level of attack being waged against us because it is coming from all directions, all at the same time.

    It’s no wonder we are in a state of mass confusion and paralysis. Which way do we go? What do we do? How do we feed, clothe and house ourselves?

    No one has the answers. Not really.

    The only way I can see black people getting “unstuck” is to remove ourselves from this environment entirely and find a new way to live outside this country and most of the world– be it by choice or by force. And even then, it will take several generations of “new living” to erase some of the damage that has been done to us.

    And when you look around at the world, at the injustice and oppression of women in Arab countries, and the economic calamities all over the planet, it’s clear that black people aren’t the only ones who are stuck.

  6. @Trojan Pam
    Excellent reply! You said it all Pam!

  7. Miss Pam

    Excellent reply.

  8. Your posts are always thought provoking. I learn a lot from you. I’ve been reading your posts for the past few years, but just started following you now because I didn’t have an account. I will always keep an eye out for your posts.

  9. @ sparklingthoughts

    Much appreciated.

  10. I think many black people are unknowingly stuck. Black people are not taught properly about racism and white supremacy and then you have the church reinforcing the idea of accepting all these negative things to get to heaven. White supremacy is a myth indeed, its not tangible, its not something you can see so many Black people think that a White person practicing racism on them via smiling and lying is not something to be weary of since they did not explicitly call them the N word or burn a cross in their face. Now that white people are STEALING black peoples culture and actual black people are too far in with integration, its easier for White people to get away with racism and white supremacy since their white friends and lovers listen to rap music and like to dab.

  11. I can’t argue with any of this. You’re right on point.

  12. philomage on said:

    I love this post. Negress, I have been shadow surfing your blog for a couple of years now and finally have the understanding enough to post my thoughts, just call me mage nice to meet you.

    This post resonated with me a lot when I first read it. Main reason is that you ask a VERY valid question: Why are we not moving forward? Not only do you ask the question you then provide an answer: Because we want to be.

    Hot damn! That sizzles so good! You speak the undeniable, unassailable, truth. You yourself said 90% of us won’t make it.

    I am starting to think you were right.

  13. @ philomage

    Sad isn’t it?

  14. philomage on said:

    Not really! If you’re aware you’re on a sinking ship and you’re not wanting to get off because you’re having a nice time then I say peace out. Just don’t expect me to go down with you!

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