Observations of an Invisible Woman

Required Cinema for Melaninites #10


I saw LifeForce a few years ago.

It reminded me of another film I liked very much:

WereCat, Brian Krause, in Sleepwalkers

A group of astronauts discovered a trio of naked humanoids with special sexual telekinetic powers. A black female once told me she was mentally stuck on this one man and couldn’t “shake him” no matter how she tried. The lead Succubus:

Is an alluring, imposing, intimidating, powerful and utterly irresistible naked girl. What happens to everyone that comes across her path?

You’ll have to watch the movie and find out.

LifeForce is one of many, many films that tell us, in our faces, that Vampires do exist and many of them take our Sacral Chakras:

Designed and given to us by our Creator for HEALTHY LOVE, affection, childbearing and enthusiasm, and pervert it for sickness and death:

Is it no wonder that many Melaninites are ridden with these illness?

Contact with one of these very pretty but deadly creatures will leave you feeling:

  • Confused
  • Disoriented
  • Sad
  • Depressed
  • Angry
  • Tired
  • Lethargic
  • “Contracted” within onself


Instead of alive and floating.

These incubi seek the most powerful and richest source of sex-energy in the universe and target them for food.



As always, I encourage you to see these films without giving white jooish Hollywood your money. Many of these films are available for free or at your local library.


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22 thoughts on “Required Cinema for Melaninites #10

  1. “Contracted”with in oneself? sounds like the “Sunken Place”

  2. @ David

    My thoughts exactly.

  3. priceless21 on said:

    Brilliant and so true. They suck your energy. I also think black people have to beware of porn. That’s their new trick.

  4. angel9loveu on said:

    “Contracted” within onself

    When I had to work around and with yurugu in their military this was exactly how I felt.Like my energy was drained daily and all the above, then they had the nerve to expect me to still interact with them after work..
    Additionally, negress have you seen the rise in organ stealing/harvesting, well atleast more attention is being brought to this wicked act in Jamaica and other black countries where there has been a rise in the killing of young women and their organs missing and them making it look like “rape” incidents just so old monsters can prolong their evil lives by living off black people’s powerful organs and energy…smh

  5. @ angel

    I’ve had many people tell me of how they left work, voluntarily, and are now home due to a near nervous breakdown. Two of my colleagues are now home and trying to start up a business instead of working for corporate vampires. Yes, I’ve seen what’s happening all over the world with black females, young and old. In DC, Atlanta, NY and Chicago, this is also prevalent but they’re trying to make it look like a runaway/ missing person story.

  6. @ priceless

    Porn, as to my understanding, is a tool of female subjugation (males too as they are seen just as mindless walking erections) but yurugu took it to a very disturbing place. My commenters told me of dog brothels and such. It’s only a matter of time before we (some of us) fall for it and join them.

  7. priceless21 on said:

    Porn is mind control, and is definitely something that is messing with black minds, the more you watch it the more your sexual tastes change until eventually you start watching or acting out things you never would’ve thought possible which can be sick and twisted acts that these devils think is normal. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to access all of a sudden?

    I agree with the comments. I work at a corporate company and it just drains you, I swear so many of those devils are soulless, you look at them and there’s nothing there, that’s why they need us, they need our energy, our spirit, it’s something that is very hard to explain, as soon as I get back to a black neighbourhood I instantly feel at peace, the rhythm, the vibrancy, the vibe and energy. We have a power that can’t be explained and they know it. Whenever I see a white person dating a black person you can see them trying to suck as much life from the black person as possible.

  8. @ priceless

    Which is why the pan-sexual, transgender agenda is being pushed so hard at us. My blogger buddies have alerted me to the growing number of black female/ white male love stories popping up everywhere, especially soap operas.

  9. priceless21 on said:

    Yep exactly, and I’ve noticed the same in soap operas, they’ve been bringing it in very slowly for years, trying to promote white men as a better option.

  10. angel9loveu on said:

    I agree even living in a mostly white neighborhood is draining it’s like they suck the energy from us there too. Hence why I always suggest that a black person shouldn’t think that by living by their lonesome self in a majority of yurugu’s area that it’s really doing anything for them but making themselves a target not just physically but energy wise aka spiritually.I lived next door to some yurugu and on the other side of my home were for want of a better word their pet coons who carries out the yurugu’s misdeeds by trying to get information and create havoc.What usually looks like a “peaceful” “safe” white neighborhood to the naked eye is usually an area riddled with demonic sexual activities(incubus sucubus),evil entities and negative frequencies.
    Everytime I went outside my home yurugu like clockwork suddenly showed up at the same time and they have no surveillance cameras as if they had some psychic abilities or what I say consult with spirits. This is the second time this has happened where I started to feel paranoid and if they snuck cameras in my place.They’re occupied by a different force than black people,a force of complete darkness.I’m convinced.

  11. @ angel

    They do this here too. They have a built in blackdar. A white female once told me, “you have no idea the amount of witchcraft that takes place amongst whites.”

    I believe her.

  12. You guys don’t have to watch soap operas to see bf/wm relationships.All you have to do is keep up with Swirl Queen Christelyn Karazin & that will be sufficient. The whole interracial propaganda is to ensure black babies aren’t being made.That plan is failing since the African continent will grow to almost 2.5 billion between 2030 & 2040. It also doesn’t help when bm & bw got dueling videos on youtube, describing how much they despise each other. Keep plugging away Negress, the European continent is BROKE & broken. Ms.Celie are getting louder. GOD BLESS

  13. @ sevenkings

    Their plans always fail. Funny how a race of “superior” beings cannot exist without us in any capacity.

  14. I’ve never seen the film but I’ve heard of it. The trailer looks very interesting. I will have to check it out. I have seen Sleepwalkers though. That film was really out there!lol

  15. @ Prince

    Yeah…I still love that movie. Funny how many of their films are about incubi.

  16. Negress,
    It’s been on me heavily to mediate. Do you have any meditation tips or tips for connecting with ancestors? Thx

  17. @ bluebonnet

    There’s really no “real” way to do it.

    Try just sitting still and closing your eyes. Will yourself not to think about anything like bills, TV etc.

    Try that for awhile.

    It takes time and much practice to obtain SOME kind of peace as distractions are all around you.

    When you’ve practiced that enough and feel ready to move on, light a candle and proceed.

    This will take time so do worry of you can’t do it right away.

    Good luck.

  18. angel9loveu on said:

    @Negress well Rockerfeller finally croaked three days after that post.;) Keep up the meditations and good work

  19. angel9loveu on said:

    Witchcraft for them has an expiration date cause it doesn’t give immortality.

  20. @ angel

    Another session is due.

  21. angel9loveu on said:

    @Negress Ready when you are.Soaking up all this sun for an atomic bang.

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