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Required Cinema For Melaninites #9


( They’re not laughing with us. They’re laughing at us.)



I seldom watch movies with a lot of hype but Get Out is well worth it.

I had to watch this three times to catch ALL of it and found myself rewinding certain parts to figure out the deeper symbolism. I won’t spoil it for you but if this isn’t the ultimate whistle-blowing, in your face, tell it like it really is movie about the ways of white folks, ESPECIALLY how white females are the catalyst for the demise of black males, then I don’t know what is.

Ignoring his better judgement, Chris, our protagonist, finds himself in a very strange situation.

One person knew from the beginning though.

His best buddy who provided comical relief.. so naturally he wasn’t taken seriously.

Black people beware…I believe that Peele was telling us what goes on behind closed doors. Just like this fella tried to tell us:




And this one:




And this one:



You get the idea.


I could easily write a mini novella on this film and dissect each frame but instead, I’ll leave you with some wisdom from Mr. Neely Fuller:







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15 thoughts on “Required Cinema For Melaninites #9

  1. Nahimana on said:

    Do you believe that black men are independent of black women? I don’t think any of these men in the post tried to tell us anything. Black men k owingly sell out their people (and have done this since the beginning of their patriarchal rise) to cater to their ego through materialism. If anything, these men are getting exactly what they deserve. I haven’t finished the film but I look forward to finishing. However, I know for a fact that black men will continue mixing regardless of the film and its many messages. This is one main reason why our people suffer worldwide. The deeper you look into our story everywhere on the planet, the more it reveals that black men are the reason for their people’s current condition. A white man, one of the newest races on the planet – a Neanderthal, couldn’t have done this all alone. He had help (black man) and still does! That’s the worst part of it all.

  2. It was a clever film. I chuckled a bit at the symbolic puns, “Hypnotized by the swirl” etc.

    Black Twitter is already using it to make buffoonish memes about single mothers though, one can’t expect a film to accomplish much. I’m sure some clever White people are spurring them on.

  3. @ nahimana

    They are just as victimized as we are. If he fails, we fail.

  4. @ bry

    I loved the part where she was drinking her milk through the straw.

  5. We’re the most stiff necked people who loves to ride the hamsters wheel in a cage…we never learn from anything, we keep thinking the system will magically work for us when it won’t. We seem to think the people who run it think like we do and they don’t. I can’t wait to bear witness to their demise which I believe will be in my lifetime.

  6. @ wholistic

    Many will watch the movie, popcorn in hand, and grin and ohh and ahhh and go home and go to bed with zero thought.

    The movie isn’t for them so it’s ok by me. Esau knows what time it is. He knew from the 1960’s.

  7. I recognize mind control drone kimye west’s picture. But who are the two other captured, white-worshiping, escapist black males? Excellent post btw! I’ll capitulate and watch this film at some point- as soon as I can figure out how to see it as cheaply as possible while also preparing myself for the doses of propaganda that will be laid out for consumption.

  8. @sangomah

    Lamar Lodom and Reggie Bush. All of Kim’s men who weren’t quite “right” after they got with her.

    A quick research will show the Kardashian women only date black men, preferably dark ones.

    Many online sites have free films.

    Watch with a pen and paper and you’ll need to watch more than once to catch it all. Peele threw in a LOT of symbolism.

  9. This film has created a lot of buzz! There seems to be quite a few messages in this film. Might be worth checking out. I like this video by this sista as well. She gives a great breakdown of the film.

  10. angel9loveu on said:

    Watched it on kodi tv waited for some one to stream it. Others wanting to watch can download the kodi app on amazon fire tv.
    Anyway, this movie irritated me at one point but then made me chuckle.And we know white people control the media NOTHING gets put out that they don’t want out there.As you keep saying they’re Sociopaths, they love hiding in plain sight showing you who they really, truly are but how not surprising they made it look like harmless entertainment.They get a kick out of showing the truth and seeing black people still not do shit.Like when the protagonist was under hypnosis watching powerlessly unable to do anything to these white people who were violating him like in a trance.Similar to black people seeing these white people getaway crimes against us yet sit back and do nothing. Or the white chick separating the milk from the fruit loops.The producer Peele is the product of a white mother and black father, his ex wife or wife is/was white maybe he is giving insight to what he knows maybe he’s hired by the zionists to taunt those who know the truth.
    All I know is these high level demons in power aka rulers of darkness in high places love playing mind games and showing us who they’re but getting a kick out of the fact, we let them keep doing it.And those three BM Odom,Kanye and Reggie they thought that white was right and shunned the black women but they sold their souls.And even then kept drinking the same old rotten kool aid from the neanderthug Beckies cup.
    Thanks especially for the tid bit from Neely Fuller it never occurred to me that they hate us cause they’re not us.But in thinking about a spoiled child or person they usually think if they can’t have something valuable that someone else has that they want no one else will or they’ll destroy it or demonize it.

  11. @ angel


    I paid close attention when the father was telling the Jesse Owens story.

    That told a lot.

  12. “I loved the part where she was drinking her milk through the straw.”

    Swallowing through a black straw no less.


  13. Nahimana on said:

    Do you know the history of what they have done to black women? Do you believe we are all victims? The victim mentality is what allows others to flee responsibility.

  14. I knew that this is what this movie was about, but when I told my friend about it, he kept telling me it was “fiction”. I knew full well it wasn’t fiction. http://www.mysparkingthoughts.com

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