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MGTOW: A White Anti-Female Movement Designed to Tear Apart the Black Family


So a friend alerted me to this GROWING movement called: MGTOW.

Men Going Their Own Way.

If you’re wise to the ways of white supremacy, you’ll know that ANY movement that whites start will have a negative effect of the black diaspora. When I learned and research MGTOW, I quickly understood that it was a bunch a white, angry, disenfranchised, bitter males who cast blame on white women for all the ills of white society while conveniently choosing to forget that they are the ones in control of all aspects of this society.

From not being home by 5pm to cook dinner, to not keeping their children clean and disciplined to not sufficiently satisfying their sexual needs, white females were and ARE the root cause of all of white male’s ills. The part I was waiting for is how this would translate over to the black community.

Then I saw this video from the owner of the site:


(Thank you, “X”!)


It is my belief that the MGTOW Movement was created to EVENTUALLY sway black males into leaving black females to become:

  1. Homosexual (self genocide)
  2. Ineffective and Passive and therefore
  3. No threat to white society since there is no need to spawn with black women and PROTECT them


There is always a hidden agenda when Yurugu does ANYTHING since his own survival is always at stake.

My question is, how many black men will jump on this bandwagon and commit suicide?

Or will they see the game being played before them?




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6 thoughts on “MGTOW: A White Anti-Female Movement Designed to Tear Apart the Black Family

  1. Nahimana on said:

    Honestly, black men have been “going their own way.” Ever since colonization (I’m speaking of the Americas in particular) they’ve been committing heinous crimes against black women and children and still commit these exact same acts to this day. The MGTOW should be the least of our worries as black men continue acts of violence against us. It’s interesting they say that “feminist” black women destroyed the communities when feminism is a very recent ideology. Black women have been fighting for our right to exist since BEFORE feminism was a coined term by white women. (Check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cyn2ky5HJ3c ) However, it is the black american man who destroyed his community and his people. He decided to sell us into slavery and commit violence against us in order to secure his spot in the rising white supremacist world in the Americas. Now, the Africans on the other hand starting patriarchy in general. But our men over here weren’t like that until it was brought over here. There’s so much misinformation going around it’s crazy.

  2. It’s always a plot to get us on the bandwagon and just like clockwork….dumb black men and women will subscribe to the nonsense. Bobby Hemmitt has been saying for years to bide ur time and work that magic, no need to interfere with all the fighting going on with these people as we speak….it’s a done deal with the white man and women but then again all of us aren’t going to make it so the ones who want to help fight with them thru any and all causes – go right ahead just know the ancestors has already left the building.

  3. Black women should make plans to protect themselves, as we have no-one to protect us. If this makes us feminists, so be it. I have no intentions of destroying my neighborhood or anyone else’s and I certainly didn’t depend on a man to keep me. Fortunately, my parents taught me to take care of my self.

  4. I’m afraid to say that it looks like it’s already waaay to late. Just look at social media and youtube. It’s a constant blame the black woman blame game that even misogynistic black women take part in. Too many of us are too far gone to say the least.

  5. Let’s hope not.

    I still have hope that we can do better.

  6. angel9loveu on said:

    I just recently heard of MGTOW and it reminds me of the homosexual agenda directed to feminize BM and further destroy the black family units. But there are so many Black Men that are so angry at black women for the weirdest and now vice versa, it’s crazy the hostility but yet they won’t direct their anger where it really belongs. But the first time I heard of MGTOW was from a white man claiming to be tired of white women and their spoiled ways. And I hope black people quit taking the bait and following people who hate them.Their ways are not our ways and should never be.

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