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African Meditation Session: The Purge Takes Effect



It’s been awhile since I felt compelled to write anything.

During my much needed hiatus, I’ve been meditating on many things. My dream lead me to write this post. A great many of you have expressed sadness, anxiety and outright fear at the current situation of our planet, especially since the selection of Trump as our president. I can tell you with absolute certainty that our people are being rounded up by a division of the police called I.C.E. and are being held in “detention centers” before they are allegedly shipped off to their prospective countries.

Families are being torn apart, children are left in the hands of The State and we, once again, Black Peoples, are defenseless and hapless against this plague called white terrorism.

Donald Trump is more than just their president.

He represents what ALL whites want the most.

Complete and total forceful, violent domination of those that are considered “the others.”

The fact that 55% of white females voted for a white rapist should tell us, by now, that white women are:

  1. Not on our side
  2. Have never been on our side
  3. Will continue to help her white man carry out his diabolical plans even though it means cruel subjugation and sexual violence for her, her daughter, her mother and her sister.


The fact that poor, ailing, jobless, white males voted for this elitist tells us:

  1. That ALL whites, especially the poor, see themselves as being “in the same league” as their richer white counterparts
  2. That ALL whites will NEVER wise up and admit that their own worst enemy looks like them
  3. That ALL whites would rather perish off of the face of the earth than to have equality for all.




When you have been harming, maiming, raping, killing, dismembering, poisoning and sterilizing black people for the better part of 500 years, it MUST dawn on you at some point in your life that your victims may one day put down their bibles and seek revenge.

It is this deep, seated, visceral fear that will lead the white species to round us up, ALL of us, and try to put an end to their fear once and for all.

Right now, as I pass them on the sidewalk, in a store, I can feel their deep fear mixed with regret.

“I didn’t vote for him!”

“He’s not my president!”

“Don’t blame me, I had nothing to do with this!”

But you did.

Refusing to do what is right is choosing to do what is wrong.

Whites have the power to change things tomorrow morning if they really, really wanted to.

They make the laws, enforce them and decide who gets punished and for what duration of time. This is their planet and whether or not we wish to admit it, currently, they are (anti) GOD-like figures that have the power to erase us as easy as:

  1. Poisoning our water supply
  2. New mandatory vaccines
  3. A dirty bomb
  4. Shooting us in the streets like a common dog for jaywalking


They hire and fire us at will.

Eliminate our healthcare coverage so we can’t get life saving medicines.

And laugh openly and easily at our intense suffering and pain:


I thought extra hard about things for the last couple of months to the point of insomnia.

Black Family,

You MUST get out of your slave training and join me in a universal meditation session NOW.

I am telling you that the day when the Pale Beast will knock on your door with guns, capture you, your wife, your mother, your baby brother, your nephew and YOU is coming. Biden has guillotines waiting for us:




And vaccines are being made DAILY by Bill Gates that will emulate smallpox.

Sound Familiar?



Let me tell you the harsh, raw truth that you wish to deny.

White people want to kill you.

They hate you.

They want you GONE.

And they won’t stop, EVER, til you are dead.

Do you understand?

They want to KILL you.

Wipe you off the face of this earth.

Annihilate you.

Destroy you.

Why do you think they are building mass prisons? With gas chambers?

To first enslave you and make money off of you, then discard you like trash.

No amount of begging and pleading with them will make them change because they lack the GOD-particle inside of them that appeals to EMPATHY. They have NO feelings for us and your tears mean nothing!

There are two species on this earth:




One of us will emerge victorious after the war.

If we win, and we shall, not only will they ( and their “cousins”) be exterminated, but justice, truth, balance, righteousness and reciprocity will return to earth.

If they win, evil will prevail til earth becomes a wasteland and everything will DIE:



Only a sick, idiotic, depraved, non-hueman, alien life form sprays chemicals in the air to kill off the one animal that is necessary for their own survival.

Yet, they do it.



In their psychopathic need to kill blacks, they will destroy themselves as well.

Which brings me to the crux of this post.

Those of you that are tired and heavy laden, join me THIS FRIDAY night for a meditation ritual.

I shall be channeling my Spiritual Forefather and fellow Islander, Toussaint L’ouverture



And conjure the Spirit of Amun-RA and ask for help exterminating these bastards once and for all!

A word to our brown “cousins”…the ones that pretend that they are exempt from white rage and look their noses down on us and spit in our darker faces. You know exactly who you are.

The time has come for you to make a choice.

Who will you fight with?

The race that has done nothing to you or the one that continues to exploit you?

The white man/ white woman despises you too.

Never forget that.

To him, you’re nothing but a nigger. A sand nigger. A spic nigger. A curry eating nigger. A slanty-eyed nigger. To him, you’re in the same category as us:

Not fully hueman.

Don’t let the fact that his focus is on blacks fool you.

Your turn is HERE with the Muslim ban…it just hasn’t reached full force yet.

Choose wisely because after this, there’s no going back.


And finally, a word to the Pale Monstrosity known as the White Demon Seed.

Let me begin by saying that I despise you with a passion that I never knew existed.

How many chances have you had to make recompense? How many times have you had the opportunity to do the right thing yet you continue to do wrong?

You are the epitome of all that is evil, bad, different, spoiled, wrong, uncivilized on this planet. The only real nigger is you. You could have made different choices and joined the hueman experience but you chose to do wrong because it is in your nature to be an evil son of a bitch.

Long after you’ve gone, books will be written about you to teach our offspring about a man-like plague that once inhabited this earth, tore it asunder, raped it, then disappeared.

How does it feel knowing that oppression and evil will be your legend FOREVER?

If you were smart, and you can guess what’s coming for you, you’d begin committing suicide as fast as you can.














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10 thoughts on “African Meditation Session: The Purge Takes Effect

  1. Dear Negress

    Very deep, as usual. I will have to re-read this to absorb all that you have said. Good to see you blogging again!

  2. @ Thank you kindly!

  3. Nahimana on said:

    Great read but there are a few things I disagree with and I’m not saying this to argue (just wanna make that clear).

    1. Ever since the pale beasts have landed on my ancestors land (the Americas) in 1492 (if not before) they’ve been tearing us apart, poisoning us and destroying us. This has gone on for way longer than 500 years. Check out the book ‘Destruction of the Indies’ or this video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbudoRYvhJc as a start. Today, it’s done through the food, prison, entertainment, education and medical industry just to name a few.
    2. The ones whom you called our ‘cousins’ have always worked against us with their pale relatives. They will never work with us. Ever. And we should never trust them nor believe they will. I don’t even claim them nor those of us who help create them. We need to start valuing our blood. Our blood is pure and we need to understand we are also at war genetically. This is why I strongly oppose mixing. Also, do you know what they’re mixed with?! I suggest everyone research and look into their beastly origins. They were not a naturally occurring people and neither is anyone who’s mixed with them. The only naturally occurring people on the planet are so-called “black/african” (as the pale beasts call all indigenous) people.
    3. WE NEED TO STOP RELYING ON THEM FOR EVERYTHING. Why would we go to these beastly inhumans when we come from a people who worked naturally with nature for all remedies we needed? This goes for the food industry as well.

    The only way these pale beasts can survive is through lies. They feed off of us like the vampires they are. They lie about our origins and theirs (hence the Transatlantic Slave Trade story which is composed of a bunch of lies). A half truth is a whole lie. There’s a saying – “You can’t enslave an Indian” – and that’s true. This is why they purposely change the identity of so-called ‘Black/African Americans’ every few years. I’m down with the meditation but the best thing we can do is WAKE UP TO WHO WE ARE. As long as you can convince someone they’re a slave from a foreign land, they will never rise. As soon as we are aware of who we are, they know it’s game over for them. They will have to leave and there will be nothing they can do about it because it will more than likely cause another war.

  4. @ Nahimana

    Excellently written!

    I am aware that the “other” brown skinned peoples are NOT our friends and work against us.

    But…SOME of them are waking up to yurugu’s evil plan and wish to fight with us. It is them that I appeal to.

    Thank you for the response and I hope to “see” you on Friday night.

  5. words to reflect on. Appreci-love your energy and insight

  6. “Will continue to help her white man carry out his diabolical plans even though it means cruel subjugation and sexual violence for her, her daughter, her mother and her sister.”

    Don’t forget her “mixed” (Black) sons. Speaking from experience, they give not one fuck about Black lives beyond lip service. She’ll talk mad bullshit to them about how they’re still “half-White” and shouldn’t be lumping all White people together, but won’t say half as much to the racist Whites that would just as soon see her kid swinging from a tree or shot dead on the concrete.

    Looking forward to the meditation tonight.

  7. @ Bry

    Thank you!

    I’ve been drinking nothing but water for the past 3 days just for this night!

    Afterwards, a vow of silence is in order til you go to bed so talk all you wish until then.

  8. angel9loveu on said:

    Thanks for coming back.And I’m always ready for a mass meditation or fasting .And look forward to extreme karmic changes taking place in the atmosphere to evil pale ones and their supporters.Let’s go!

  9. I agree,but Negress if you notice none of their policies are working in Europe. GOD is going to take everything from them by giving them everything they ask for.Remember black people, white people got everything they own by ill-gotten means,evil Intent and fraudulent behavior,and now African immigrants are out breeding them in Europe and around the world. Esau is about to fall,and it couldn’t happen to a better group of people.White men are not making a lot of babies,and their marriage rates have declined rapidly.Do you black women still buy Christelyn Karazin swirl nation now Hanging in there black people. GOD BLESS

  10. The Black Panther on said:

    Great post. Are you also militarizing yourself because it is about time we do it. We need to fight the beast but must be well organized.

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