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Mark of the Beast


Watching this well put together video, the mark of the beast is so cool!

Imagine you’re late for work or pressed for time.

Just walk in, snatch a bag of organic spinach off the shelf and walk out!

For those of you that think me insane, for those of you that wonder why I keep reiterating that yurugu is a monster that must be destroyed, this “new” technology is just the beginning of your slow demise.

I know many of you, you know who you are, will jump at this exciting new app and waste no time showing off to your friends and family how great it is to walk out of a store without paying cash. A cashless society is one of the many ways yurugu will control your food, gas, water, clothing, medicine and virtually every way of life that you can think of.


You figure out a way to Do For Self.

I’d advise you to begin your garden, learn to cook from scratch, learn to sew and make your own clothing, learn the power of herbal healing, figure out a way to keep warm in the winter WITHOUT electricity and get, as much as possible, off the grid.

You were warned….

I’ve written extensively about Dropping Out of the System, Finding Water, Buying Cheap Land, Growing a Garden no matter where you live and so on. And to drive home my point…

Up here, a group of young white folks, all in their early twenties and early thirties, pooled their money together and purchased a tiny home on a decent-sized piece of land. They are in the midst of ripping up carpet, cutting up firewood, painting the rooms and configuring where to build their garden next spring.

All constructive work done to ensure their survival.


What are black people doing?


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16 thoughts on “Mark of the Beast

  1. Thanks for this post. I started a website for black homesteaders or black people interested in this lifestyle. I have been reading this blog for years and you inspired me to help others along their journey.


  2. angel9loveu on said:


  3. This was once very normal for Black people. But when housing desegregation was made illegal; many Black people jumped at the chance to leave the country in order to go move to the nice suburbs where all the white folks were. Doing this stunted us culturally. We are nothing alike.

  4. Black ppl have fallen into a huge pit of denial and escapism. Through weed and religion/pseudo conciousness. Talk, talk, talk and no solutions. January 20th is right around the corner. It may possibly be too late for those of us deep in debt, with no savings and not an ounce of know-how. Unless we unite with at least our immediate families and pool money. Unfortunately greed and malice has torn apart many black families. I was watching HGTV and a family with 5 children and 2 elderly parents bought a house with a parent suite and tons of land. We have been here 400+ years and the majority of us are scattered out in apartments and a scanty few in big houses surrounded by non-blacks thinking they have “made it” in debt. I sadly have given up hope. The end is near.

  5. bmx1982 on said:

    “It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads”

    Phone in hand, Virtual Reality headset on forehead. Just give us every bit of data about your life so we can destroy you, and in return you can get free food and live the life of a virtual big-dicked White man with a big-tittied White waifu just like you niggers know you all want (white man’s perspective).

    I’ve tried the headsets myself – crack cocaine doesn’t have jack.fucking.shit on how strung out Black folk will be in their new fake virtual white lives. They’re set to have their iPhone style breakout moment come 2017-2018.

  6. angel9loveu on said:

    The chip will be under the guise of the most advanced technology.They will claim this is for “security”. But security from who? The ISIS or terrorists they created from the wicked PTB hiding behind the curtains be the real puppet masters? They’ve been subtly ,introducing the need for internal chips in our credit cards, id cards and medical cards etc…over the years with technology constantly transforming.

    1 Thessalonians 5:3
    “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”

  7. Negress,we will get there when we start to invest and not be afraid to fail.By 2020,BP will get majority of the blame for America ills,even though the Republicans will dismantle everything Obama has done.When you see the new radical Democratic party,you see whites and hispanics.Both parties will cater to the growing Hispanic population.The new Democratic party will blame blacks for Hillary loss.Donald Trump who got almost 10% of the black vote will in turn,not lift a finger when it comes to injustice done to blacks.By 2020,blacks will tell both parties to go to HELL.2020 blacks will mostly be United and this will infuriate wp to no end.Wp will be madder than they are now,despite bringing jobs back,Trump will lower wages,and the wages will not be able to keep up with inflation. White people will be infuriated and come after us like never before,but most of it will be done on the sly.Be careful. GOD BLESS

  8. @sevenkings

    Funny how it always takes severe strife and chaos to no end to make us have a tiny bit of regard for each other.

  9. Negress,you will see it even more by the way we travel.Chuck D said that since blacks are the no1 consumers in the world,by 2020 despite a few hardships blacks will travel internationally more than the rest of the races combined.There are at least 10 major black Travel groups.Trump will put in a bill with restrictions on passports,but most of it will be to curtail our travel.Black businesses are thriving in Africa,South America and even Europe,while white unemployment is higher in Europe than black unemployment is in the US.Translation:Blacks alone can carry the global economy.Negress,I don’t mind the chaos as long as it gets blacks to 2 things that we need.GOD and the black family.Those 2 things will get us back together.GOD BLESS

  10. angel9loveu on said:

    DOA check this guy out

  11. @ angel

    Thank you for the link. No shock there. Yurugu is ramping up their attack! Get ready and get your weapon ready ’cause their coming.

  12. Very informative as always.I used to always visit your site.I don’t know if you remember me I was using Jaaylah then.I have been trying to do all of this stuff but I’ve had a rough past two years.My jobcut all of hours basically but I am looking for better employment now.I live in an apartment but I know that I can still have a little garden on my outside porch or something.I was wondering if you had anything that would help me along.I know that you have a website or something where you sell your things.I was supposed to buy something from you in 2013 but I have just been having a rough time lately.I hope all is well and that you have an awesome holiday.Thanx as always for the info.I believe I might still have your site and once I get a new job I will go and buy things.Times are really going to get harder for us unless we basically accept evil which I will not.

  13. They are real slick at making you accept the mark as well. Several months ago, my bank called me and said that they had to freeze my account because of “suspicious” activity and that they would have to stop my debit card from working. They sent me a new one and to my surprise it had the chip in it. I called them back and told them that I didn’t want a card with a chip in it. And they basically told me that there is nothing they can do about it. All cards are moving towards the chip. But do you see how they do it. They know certain people don’t wan the chip or anything to do with it. So they give you a false story about your security being in danger. Unbeknownst to you they sneakily send you a card with a chip and tell you that it is more secure. GTFOH! They’re way too wicked.

  14. Greetings to you Negress, Priestess of the Truth and fellow Islander Queen ! I have been following your blog for a lil while and I remember how relieved I was to see that I wasn’t the only one thinking the way I was thinking and seeing what I was seeing. You are a Sistar to me and everything you write is the TRUTH whether people like it or not or call us “crazy”… Regarding this Alexa thing, the first time I heard about this shit I almost fainted… The further research I was doing on the matter the more distraught I was getting with what I was finding out. People don’t realize where this society is heading, a freaking machine recording EVERYTHING you say in your home and Yurugus make it sound so much “fun and convenient”. It’s truly sick in reality, what we are seeing right in front of our own eyes is the rise of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE that will soon replace human intelligence and subdue mankind in every way as possible. We are turning people into consumerist zombies. Did you see the scandal with Alexa ordering dollhouses after hearing its name on TV?! What does this tell us family? That secret codes have been implanted in those gadgets, secret codes that can be triggered by people who don’t want you to know that they can control everything within your home by the utterance of one word. Big Brother is realer than real and best believe that all this “technological advance” is just a another way to better control all of mankind. Stay informed and alert, the RISE OF THE MACHINES HAS BEGUN ! Now Alexa can also be in your car… just in case you know you feel like “ordering” or “buying something” while on the road…

  15. @ fulani

    Thank you kindly.

    Chips are also in new kitchen appliances and smart-vacs due to our laziness to sweep our houses ourselves.

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