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10 More Reasons Why White People Have Sex With Dogs — A Cynical Look At The White Race

*Hat Tip: Andrew Hue

via 10 More Reasons Why White People Have Sex With Dogs — A Cynical Look At The White Race


Sometimes yurugu can explain themselves better than we can.

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12 thoughts on “10 More Reasons Why White People Have Sex With Dogs — A Cynical Look At The White Race

  1. awakescapes on said:












    Get this, he died, while forcing the horse to rape him.










  2. bmx1982 on said:

    Jackal kissing hoes, as usual.

  3. Whether you know it or not, this is standard behavior for white women, just as pedophilia is standard for white men. Back in the late sixties and early seventies, bestiality was big business in the world of pornography. White people, as a rule play it close to the vest. The secrets that they keep would surprise you. Well, maybe not.

  4. @ everyone

    I used to live next to a white farmer who took baths with her dog. One day, I was outside cultivating my tomatoes and she came over to my fence and started talking to me.

    “blah, blah,blah….well, gotta go, Duke and I have bathtime!”

    I stood there for a moment then thought to myself:

    What kind of person takes a bath with a filthy, hairy animal?

    Oh, yeah, white people.

  5. angel9loveu on said:

    I’m not shocked the way my neighbor talks about his dogs, left me so uneasy, I felt for the dogs pain as the neighbor spoke more about his dog than his actual girl. At my job this white guy who lived in a different state from his wife openly proclaimed missing his dog and not his wife.And that he was going to get his dog to come live with him….He had photos all over his office and fb of his dog and one of his wife.Those people are sexually depraved monsters.

  6. White people are neanderthals; animals who haven’t even developed into being fully human. It’s no wonder they have sex with dogs. They were and are RAISED by dogs. And they’ll tell you more than ones that they love their doggies more than they like anyone else. They also weren’t taught to love anything else more than a beast. They sleep with dogs, because they are dogs! As far as I see it.

  7. While I was watching this video, I just remembered Bernie Mac, saying “Nasty Bitch!”. 😂😆

  8. qnubian528 on said:

    I can’t believe that these kind of abominable reptile women are the standard of beauty! Also they let all race of people regardless women and men breeding with these scum! WTF LOL!

  9. @queenubian528

    Yes it sucks these blonde Caucasoids are giving the world a negative aspect a pseudo image that they’re the standard beauty! This is a deception this is what is pushed by the media, cartoons, video games. They want us to think that anything blonde, with pale pig skin, blue eyes recessive traits is beauty.

    I just stopped watching Tell-lie-vision because of how they show up on the T.V Caucasians. Same thing with the Japanese and their video games they always add Caucasian blonde characters and protagonists, Japan is obsessed with this waifu pedophile garbage fetishising any anime like character with recessive traits it’s sickening really. That’s why I stopped being a gamer long ago because Japan caters to white supremacy they make games based on white people as heroes, even though white people are the minority in this planet.

  10. I won’t waste my time watching that. You and my brother Kushite be dropping jewels but I hate when you’ll fill my mind with their filth. LOL

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