Observations of an Invisible Woman

The White Representative



I’d like to thank Mr. Taylor for speaking raw truth about his own people.

Trump does represent whites, all of them.

Trump does speak for whites, all of them.

Trump does act for whites, all of them.

And Trump does think for whites, all of them.


Notice how utterly quiet whites have been about their cover being blown? Skittish even?

No need to be quiet, Yurugu.

Some of us have always known who and what you are.

I say, Please be yourself.

And let Nature do the rest.


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6 thoughts on “The White Representative

  1. @ Hernie


  2. bmx1982 on said:

    As you post this Trump’s transition website has been changed to reflect support for Ryan’s efforts to dismantle Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security. That’s an interesting take on advancing “White Interests”.

  3. Nothing but truth.

  4. @ bmx

    Very interesting indeed.

    i’m very patiently waiting for this spectacle to backfire in the worst way on them and incidentally benefit us.

  5. I second that motion. After 32 years of military service and two wars I know my enemy intimately and how he thinks, his reactions, and his primary directive which is to maintain control by any means necessary even if it costs them a few of their own which is acceptable damage.

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