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Dear TruthBeTold Part 6

“I’ve been reading your posts for a good while now and have a question. You keep on talking about how we need to build things and start companies but every time we do something, whites take it away. They hold all key positions in banks so we can’t get loans and own all the top realty companies so we can’t get mortgages.

Once they know you have anything, you’re targeted.

How can we build, like you say, when it’s all going to be taken from us?”


signed   “X”, my silent reader



Dear X

First, we have to realize something.

Whites are going to do EVERYTHING in their power to keep us in an inferior position.


That’s the reason why they were placed here on this realm and they will never, ever change.


Second, your points are valid.

But let me point out one thing.

Whites, Arabs, Asians and all other groups, including those that have just entered this country, do one thing that blacks REFUSE to do.


We wish to attach ourselves to everyone else but those that look like us. Yes, I’m aware that slavery obliterated our self love. Yes, I’m quite aware that it stills continues today. But how long must we finger point to someone else except the man or woman in the mirror?

Last year, our collective income, in America alone, totaled over 2 TRILLION dollars. How much of that was spent on each other? How much of that “buying power” was spent, collectively, buying communal land and opening up farmer’s markets like the Hispanics are doing?

How much of that “buying power” was spent, collectively, on helping each other to grow and build businesses like the Pakistanis, Mexicans and Polish are doing?

How much of that “buying power” was spent, collectively, on helping each other to build our own hospitals like the Joos are doing?

We love to moan about “those other folks are doing this and doing that” but we are too lazy and too complacent and too apathetic to fully commit ourselves to doing the same. Regarding bank loans, CASH TALKS. Up here, the Puerto Ricans bought, as a tiny group, about 25 of them, a small piece of dirt land. They intend to turn it into a mini Spanish market filled with homemade foods from their country.

My next door neighbour just bought a house with relatively good bones in poor cosmetic condition. IN CASH. Where did the money come from? His mom, sister, brother, cousins, etc. Day and night they toil to clean up the flimsy roof and trash littered in the yard. You can bet when they are done, it’ll be beautiful and they’ll have a good high-priced rental property.

Why do blacks fail?

Honest answer?

Because we’re too scared to succeed. And too damn happy with our slavery.

Life outside the plantation is much scarier, for SOME OF US, than getting beaten, raped and killed while on the plantation.

We have the power to make serious changes, if we choose to.

But first, we do need to acknowledge that we are very much to blame for our own suffering.

I’d advise you to read this:

  1. https://diaryofanegress.com/2012/10/13/7-easy-steps-to-help-counter-white-supremacy/
  2. https://diaryofanegress.com/2013/04/19/dropping-out-of-the-system-a-tangible-way-to-regain-black-freedom/


Hopefully, I’ve answered your question.

Good luck,



By the way, another reason why we fail is because black people talk too damn much. We love to tell other people what we’re planning to do…not realizing you may be talking to the enemy. Keep our mouths shut and we’ll be better off.

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4 thoughts on “Dear TruthBeTold Part 6

  1. Great post! Black People have so much power and potential to succeed, but our self-hate and anti-blackness gets in the way. We give them too much power over us…

  2. THANK YOU!!! Many of us are hellbent on trying to get EVERY one of us to make moves when the truth is, a great number of us are too comfortable in slavery. Yes, we are still in slavery. A huge reason for this is our loss for identity. When other races set up shop, we just see them doing it. We don’t see the time nor hard work that went into it. They keep their mouths shut (as we should do like you said). Either get together with those who are willing to free themselves (unfortunately it’s not many) or go down with the sinking ship like the rest will.

  3. All the other Nations are faking it! Asians, Indians, Muslims…..they have not sided with white people, they don’t trust them just like us, but as Ayaba put it, they keep their mouths shut to a point!………In secret as they have spoken with me and maybe with others too. They will tell you to your face we don’t like White people, will not marry them, date them or side with them. They have said outwardly they enjoy using them and abusing them. It’s been in our national news over here too in Brit-land! How Indian men have taken advantage of white women and how easy it was to manipulate them.

    They fake it! Some whites will pick up on it and pretend back and some Whites are very open about fake non-white people! In England every non-white person is not afraid to speak their mind on white people; they are unafraid!

    Black women are very powerful from a Judgement point of view…..when it comes to judging whites men and women. They/White people can’t deal with it very well! It’s like they have nightmares about it. I think they’ve come to realize the Black Women is the Foremother of all Humanity.

    I could tell a white man to his face, that’s not very nice thing to say or do and he’ll pretend that what I’m saying in judgement of him is not affecting him, but on the inner surface I know he’s lying. He becomes like a child being scolded!

    Black women don’t realize their power as well. How FIERCELY physically stronger we are to the White Woman You never read that in the news! It just surprises me that we are much stronger physically Black women are to white women. The amount of testosterone is our DNA and MUSCULAR STRUCTURE is second to that of Black Men. Black women could create an Army to CRUSH every white women on the planet with our BARE HANDS! NO ONE EVER talks about that! It’s strange isn’t it!

    When you look at how powerful our Black female athletes are we are so much more powerful by one thousand percent TO WOMEN OF OTHER NATIONS! The white scientists shouldn’t talk too much about that or else! If only the Black Women realized that HER AUTHORITY, IS AUTHORITY! There’s a JOAN OF ARC in everyone of us!

    There’s something else I want to say or mention that I’ve observed; and that’s the slow aging of White people in the association of black people, it could be a friend or a mixed race child of their own. I’ve noticed very few of them actually age in our social or family circles. They don’t suffer with depression, mental illness, also physical ailments and sicknesses dissipate quickly. Even the sound of our voices can heal them from psychological or addiction problems, mentally and intellectually they become very quick thinking and intelligent……like when we sing, or laugh those types of things our vocal vibrations and frequencies impact them positively. Even when we cook foods, it can help restore them and us back to better health. There’s a movie out about this exact thing called Mr Church, with Eddie Murphy. About a small child and her mother who is diagnosed with cancer, and only has a few months to live but goes on to live for many years. Mr Church is employed as the household cook and carer of this small family. It’s a good movie, actually!

  4. philomage on said:

    I’m guilty of that last segment. Talking too god damn much. I need to stay quiet.

    Thanks for being honest with us, Diary because we need to hear this. Peace out.

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