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How Blacks Can Use Trump’s Presidency to Their Advantage


Donald Trump is in.

Let me begin by saying, yet again, that white people did us a giant favour. They showed us, beyond a shadow of a doubt that they despise us with a blinding passion, will never accept us and wish us to be back in chains on the plantation. They EXPOSED themselves to the world as being the most vile, evil, wicked, racist, dastardly two-legged creatures on the face of the earth.


What comes next, you may ask?

Well, let me say that I like knowing who my enemy is. I like knowing who hates me and who I should beware of. This puts me on my guard as it should. Now that the entire world sees whites as the subhueman creatures that they truly are, I firmly believe that this spectacle marks the beginning of the end for the Pale Creature our ancestors know as Yurugu.

What we need to do now is quite simple.

Now that the Bubble Called Denial has been burst, AGAIN, we have a real opportunity to come together as a race and move forward as a people and here’s how:

A. We need to organize ALL BLACK groups and put forth a system where we can call and rely on each other for basic essentials. Food, water, fuel, watching each others children and so forth.

B. We need to rely on our Black Men for protection now more than ever! Since whites, both male and female, feel emboldened by Trump’s victory, the most vulnerable groups of people in America will be black females and black children.

a. Black women…you need to get your gun. PERIOD. Get your gun and learn how to use it to defend yourself. Also pepper spray and a taser will help. I like this one:



I also highly recommend using Bear Pepper Spray:



It’s more powerful that regular pepper spray and will stop an assailant dead cold. Aim directly for the eyes.


A good serrated hunting knife will slit someone’s throat open that threatens to harm you or your family. Aim for the jugular or slice their brachial artery.


They’ll bleed to death in roughly 4 minutes. Keep in your car, attached to your belt loop or close by just in case you get attacked while pumping gas.




As for a small gun that you can hide easily:

A .22 snub nose revolver hides in your coat, your pocketbook, under your bed or anywhere you need discretion. Aim for the face, neck, heart and genitals.


Being from the islands, I favour this particular weapon:

I use this to cut down brambles, bushes, tough weeds and such in my yard. The men in my family like the ones with a hook:

I’m sure you can use your imagination what this machete can do.


Am I telling you to start trouble?




But you need to be ready to defend yourself if need be especially those of you that travel alone, get off from work late, walk home, take the bus or live by yourselves.


Black Men,

Now is not the time for excuses. We are under attack and need you. Will you pretend that things aren’t as bad as they seem and simply choose to ignore what is happening ALL ACROSS THIS COUNTRY or defend your female mirror image?

If the black woman dies, you die.

Remember that.


C. I’ve been saying this so much I feel like a broken record: Support black businesses. Your enemy has told you in plain English, ” I hate you but I want your money.” Will you still continue to support them? Or will you spend wisely with your own? Why are other groups NOT getting killed by cops? Because they are self reliant to some degree and we are 100% dependent on EVERYONE else for our basic living needs. What is the outcome of this?


This is the real reason why whites, and everyone else for the matter, is always attacking us. They know of our vulnerability. But never fear. We have the power to change this IF we choose to and Trump  is giving us the prime opportunity to do just that.


Finally, I’d like to speak directly to the white audience that I know read my blog.


Your own white man played you for a fool.

You’ve been had.

Been took.

He’ll NEVER be able to deliver on his promises of bringing jobs back to your community. Why? Because all greedy people care about is acquiring more stuff. Donald Trump doesn’t give a fuck about you, about your mangy, lice infested kids or your fat wife. He could care less that you eat Vienna Sausages and Coors Light for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He doesn’t give a flying fuck that the sheriff just put a final notice on your front door. And he certainly doesn’t care that you can’t pay for your heart medicine.

He hates you.

Do you hear me?

He hates you.

He thinks you are a worthless, uneducated, toothless, sister-fucking, cousin-marrying, piece of trailer park shit. That’s why he campaigned heavily FOR YOU ’cause he knew you weren’t smart enough to figure out his rouse.

He purposely, intentionally spoke to the very core of you which is racism personified and you fell for it hook, line and sinker. He made promises to you that he knew he could NEVER uphold because NO president in history makes ANY laws.

Clearly you are not a very high IQ race or you would’ve figured it out by now.

What will happen next will affect you and yours in a way that you never saw coming.

You know all those government programs that you accuse black people of using? If they get cut, which they will, not only will we suffer, YOU’LL SUFFER MORE SINCE YOU ARE THE MAJORITY OF ITS USERS.

Wave bye, bye to your cushy, pseudo innocence.

Now, EVERYONE knows who you are and what you stand for.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Now is the time for you to GO OUT OF YOUR WAY to make any kind of amends with black people, especially financially,  since you owe us a debt that can never be fully repaid. I know you’re as dumb a rock so let me help you figure this out with a little help from one of your own:




Listen to your own kind, Pale Fox.

He knows.



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15 thoughts on “How Blacks Can Use Trump’s Presidency to Their Advantage

  1. awakescapes on said:

    Valuable and Practical Information, as always. Hillary and Obama are just Ban-Aids. The Democrat Agenda is Transvestite Toilet privileges and Gay marriage. Trump is the best method to awaken the masses. Out here in California we have a lot of Black/White couples and Black /White “Friendships” These people refuse to believe that their white friends would think this way. Now Whitey is using the same BS he’s always used. “My GG Grandfather didn’t own slaves” and no Germans wanted Hitler in power, No Germans worked in Concentration Camps, No Germans tortured and Killed the Captured. The Cracker wants us the think that the German concentration Camps were operated by 5 bad Guys that were hung after the war. It was ALL of Germany and beyond. Now we hear, “I didn’t Vote for Trump” It’s ALL of White America.
    I love the fact that Trump is the new moral Authority for America the religious Left. It fits perfectly with the hypocrisy of religion and the rotten roots of the USA.
    The president of the United States commits and brags about sexual harassment, yet White women voted for him in mass numbers. I can’t wait for some pathetic White Woman to complain about sexual harassment.
    The Abortion/Birth Control Debate. I’m 100% sure Trump instructed hundreds of his Sexually Harrassed Whores to get Abortions and take the Pill. lol, lol Trump is Now the Moral Authority on Immigration. Two of his wives were Illegal immigrants that illegally worked in this country before marrying for citizenship. I can’t wait to see White People picking produce after the Mexicans leave. Those Lazy, Pink, worms wouldn’t last a day. The Sun Hates them. Trump is the new religious moral authority. One of his Babies mamas was “sexually harassed” by trump in a beauty contest that he owned. The New 1st “Lady” is a Failed Porn Star. You can’t make this stuff up!!!!!!!Lol lol ….From an entertainment standpoint, Trump will be far more interesting than Hillary’s emails. The New family in the white house makes the Kardashians look Classy.

  2. @ awake

    Last night I put forth a wish to the Great Mother-Father. I’m awaiting conformation.

    I’m trying to hold back laughter as The pale fox tries to explain how this happened.

  3. Negress,he campaigned on a minimum wage that he says is too high.He already said that he would squeeze auto workers like anacondas,but he’s going to bring back high paying jobs.He has no authority to make Mexico pay for a WALL,that is not on their land.The Donald is already back tracking off getting rid of Obamacare,which is nothing new,since the Republicans had nothing to replace it with.They’re going to try to privatize Medicare,which will be worse than a HMO.Both parties are going to sue Saudi Arabia for 911,which in turn will have Saudi Arabia telling the US paying $5 a gallon must be worth it.All Donald is going to do is replicate some of Bush Jr policies,the only difference is if Donald gets the US in major war,it’s going to lead the US into another recession.GOD BLESS

  4. “He purposely, intentionally spoke to the very core of you which is racism(…)” Now, that’s irony, folks. It is sad you really think someone voted for Trump because of you, or that you seem to think white Americans = white people. I don’t blame you, not everyone gets to travel and the only context for white people you may have is people in your own country. I just cannot believe every white person in your country is like that since I visited U.S. numerous times and in different locations. It is also so sad you feel that way because it means you must’ve been immensely hurt – most probably by white Americans – to spout the rhetoric found on this entire website. All I can say is hate and anger will consume you in the long run, it really will. I am not sure if you realize it 5, 10, 20 years from now, but you will. Do not waste your life away. I am ashamed for people who (mis)treated you like that for you to turn out like this, diaryofanegress admin. I am really sad — and not in an ironic or sarcastic way, it really hurts me to someone in so much pain.

  5. @ john smith

    I allow your comments not for you but for my people. It’s important for them to see the deflection of responsibility and the way whites dodge accountability. .

  6. Reblogged this on Black Girls and commented:
    Violence is increasing for us. And for us to focus on unifying and growing as people economically, we need to be safe first. I used to think I was just being mean to white people when I got too scared to walk up to them, but then I realized I was safer due to racist violence, anyway. Then I didn’t feel so bad anymore 🙂 We shouldn’t feel bad for doing things for ourselves. Silly now that I think about it.

  7. @John Smith, when it comes to hate and anger,you and your people should take your own advice considering that your people spreaded hate,anger and violence to every race on this planet and every part of the globe.Now I don’t believe that all white people are like Trump,but as MLK once said nothing gets done if the masses don’t speak”.And what I find funny is the US wants to sue Saudi Arabia for 911, but yet never accept that they used 911 for the Iraq War which killed 150,000 Iraqis,while still not apologizing for it.Add to the fact they fund some of the terrorists that they claim they’re trying to kill. GOD BLESS

  8. Reblogged this on Black Survival and commented:
    Great post! Educational and very useful!

  9. “I don’t blame you, not everyone gets to travel and the only context for white people you may have is people in your own country. I just cannot believe every white person in your country is like that since I visited U.S. numerous times and in different locations. It is also so sad you feel that way because it means you must’ve been immensely hurt – most probably by white Americans – to spout the rhetoric found on this entire website.” – John Smith

    Pardon me! The premise of your argument seems to put DOAN’s supposed lack of travel as the causative factor of her assumptions regarding people of your ilk. You are sorely wrong. The same white man that committed land theft in Australia, slaughtered indigenous peoples in Americas and those fake ass jueISH people in our land of Israel, are essentially the same group of people who will be occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., the WHITE HOUSE very shortly.

    Therefore, DOAN’s impression of the white man/white culture is correct. It’s the same subhuman, Homo erectus mutant who self exalts himself above all others, including the Most High God as well and have a perpetual penchant for subjugating other people simply on accord of their skin color. (smh)

    Even further, if she was venture across the state line of NY in search of a more receptive or open-minded white man in either Pennsylvania, Vermont or Massachusetts, I’m quite certain she’ll be immediately disappointed with the very first encounter of any white person.

    By the way, thanks for posting your minimalist view of the world. It is obvious that you’re been shielded from racist world that Black people live through every day.


  10. Telling it like it I.S. is. At first I thought wow Trump? But now I’m like–this fool may actually bankrupt america. I ain’t mad.

  11. @ me neither. Up here, you should see their pasty white faces. Fear mixed with elation mixed with sadness.

  12. Great post! However, it’s clear that we cannot depend on black males (nor have we ever been able to depend on them) for protection. I’m seeing and hearing about black males killing their own people than white people killing us. This has even affected my personal life as I’ve had family members lives taken by black males. I really think this should be addressed. As me and plenty of other black women are more worried about the black males closest to us than we are a white man. Plenty of sisters have expressed their fear of even being around black males because they are so emotionally underdeveloped and operate as wild beasts ready to attack at any moment. Will you ever write about the acts of violence committed by black males against their very own people (esp. black women and children)? I’ll admit I haven’t read all of your blog posts. I believe I started following your blog a year or so ago.

  13. Hello Nahimana, sorry to hear about your experience with some Black men. As you know there is good and bad in every community. You could have been a white woman and say the exact same thing about white men, you feel me? White men kill white women and white children just as much if not much more (cuz they get away with many horrible things just by being white and always presumably “innocent”) in every country of the world where they are the majority (did you know that Russia just banned domestic violence as a form of violence? lol, talking about sickness….)
    Anyway, violence and crimes are rampant in every community, not just in the Black community as simple as that. I believe that UNITY between Black women and Black men is as CRUCIAL as ever. You are talking from your own perspective and we respect that but you can’t possibly generalize your experience and put the blame to an entire race of men. And it is important that you do not fall in that hatred propaganda about your own which is often due to PAIN which allows us to understand where you are coming from. Remember, a Black man comes from a Black woman, so women are as much responsible for what is going on within the community and it is also their duty to start educating and enlightening young boys early. Which is of course hard to do because many Black women are just as LOST and in PAIN as Black men so when they are together it’s a vicious cycle that starts and never ends because there is no healing in pain, healing can only exist thru LOVE and LOVE only ! It is finally important to bear in mind that this Yurugu society has been doing everything to destroy US, to destroy Black men, to destroy Black women, to destroy the Black family and to destroy the unity of Black people. Everything is done to destroy the Black man and the Black woman PSYCHE by making them hating and hurting one another. It’s SICKENING. But done on purpose. Yurugus started the process since slavery and many Black folks bear with them this trauma and pain transmitted from generation to generation. Everyday, they are instilling lies, deceits and all type of negativity inside Black men and Black women brain daily just to maintain that division and prevent them from being together and rule royally together in this world. You never noticed how we always give a platform of expression to Black men who hate Black women (and vice versa) as if they were the bearers of the truth whereas in reality they are just pawns of the ENEMY ? You never noticed how Black men who are royal and loyal defenders of Black women (and Jah knows there are MANY) are viciously silenced (even by Black folks themselves !!!) because they don’t want such truthful support and love to be known? I mean if you are assuming that you cannot rely on Black men for survival, WHO you gonna rely on then when it all goes down? White men? LOL. Let’s be serious nuh. Black men are crucial in our survival just like we are for their own survival. Any REAL, ROYAL AND LOYAL Black man, well balanced mentally and fully in control of who he is on this earth (a KING dammit!) knows his life depends on the life of a Black woman and that he will have to do everything in his power to protect her. Even non Black Men know this truth believe it or not. I strongly encourage you to watch this great movie “Children of Men” mentioned by Negress already in another great post. The main character is a White man called Theo (played by Clive Owen) trying to do everything to help this young African woman Kee (a Black Eve in the aftermath of Babylon destruction, played by Clare-Hope Ashitey) to make it to a safer place with her and her baby (which symbolizes the fragile and budding hope of a new generation). What’s interesting in that movie is that the villain character is a Black man (played by Chiwetel Ejiofor) (I mean what else can you expect from Hollywood?…) but if you watch the movie with your Third Eye Opened you will know who is Good and who is Bad, and who is helping who to stay alive…
    Love, light and guidance to you !

  14. Thanks for this great post again Sistar ! Finally the Beast is in power and all its little piglets are clapping without realizing that they are cheering their own demise. All these sufferers who couldn’t bear seeing a Black family in the White House everyday they woke up in their own filthy and dysfunctional houses are rejoicing. These 8 years were a nightmare to their pride and they were just rooting for the Sith Lord Trump to take them once and for all to the Dark Side Of The Force to which they revel in pleasure. Best believe that all of them voted from Trump even those that said they didn’t. Even those rooting for Hilary… All ah dem Becky and soccer moms picked that trumpish ballot in the comfort discretion of the voting booth. Who da hell they thought they were fooling ? We done know lol ! Trump used FEAR which is the root of racism and hatred to get them. Yurugus are the most fearful creatures on earth. They are scared of dying, scared of disappearing, scared of losing their power, scared of being the minority, scared of being the victims, scared of not being able to live thru their vices, scared of being seen for who they are, scared of being forgotten and supplanted. FEAR consumes every pore of their skin and just like lil piglets seeing the big farmer of justice, equality and fairness approaching, they will start screaming and run for cover hiding under the big wobbly belly of their Mama Beast. Yurugus, the ones with a brain that is, know their people extremely well and know how to get them. We, magical melanated people know what Yurugus are doing to themselves and to us and we know if Trump won it is because of all these people who believed in him because he touched them to the core, he touched that feeling that they so wanna hide or pretend it doesn’t exist, he touched their Cold White Heart deprived of light and warmth… Now watch the rise of Europe populism and significant boost of far right political parties since Trump’s rise to victory, they were waiting for this momentum for so long, planning shit since the 80s non stop. Trump victory is a White Supremacy victory but the war is not over and never will be because PEACE is not in the agenda of these people, hence why we gotta stay beyond ready (get yourself your tools as well illustrated by Negress) when shit is about to go down because it will someway somehow.

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