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The Caucasoid’s Self Induced Problem: How Trump Exposed White America’s Racism

Picture it:

Your demographic is quickly diminishing.

Your level of income is quickly decreasing.

You go to bed hungry and have no job prospects.

How do you cope in a manufactured reality that no longer tolerates you?


You go against your own best interest and vote for a man who ran a campaign based on raw, bitter, angry, vile hatred. You vote for a man who told you if you vote for him, he’ll make it OK for you to be as racist as possible and get away with it.


I think this backlash is a good thing:

  1. Black people will now have no choice but to open their eyes that white people DESPISE them
  2. White people CANNOT pretend any longer that they are “innocent” of racism





Whites love to pretend that this is a post-racial nation in the age of Obama.

Whites love to pretend that America wasn’t founded on raw, bitter hatred of blacks.

Whites love to pretend that they don’t really “understand” what black people have been complaining about for the last 500 years.


After the man that they voted for won and they now have no choice but to view the visceral opposing reaction of their chosen one, they are now going to pretend:

  1. That they did not vote for him
  2. That they are willing to “work hard to unify people not divide them”


What black people WILL NOT understand is that NO white person on this planet wants to end racism. Racism is apart of their DNA. Racism is apart of their language concept. Racism is in their blood. Racism is in their entire blood-filled history. Racism is apart of the world they created for their betterment and finally, racism is the only benefit to being white.

Why would you give up the one thing that defines and benefits you?

What whites fear most from this selected outcome isn’t backlash.


Like any crawling, slithering, slimy pestilence, whites fear being exposed for the sick, demented, psychopathic, subhueman creatures that they are. Why? Because then they can no longer feign INNOCENCE.


Last night, after my phone blew up, I went to bed feeling an odd sense of satisfaction. Trump has opened Pandora’s Box and once opened, it cannot be closed again. What black people need to do now is acquire a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

If guns make you uncomfortable, get comfortable with being uncomfortable because you’re NEVER going to be comfortable in a system of white supremacy.

Whites will die first before they choose peace.


White Grand Wizard and Sick Demon in Subhueman Flesh

Whites will die first before they choose Nature.


White will die first before they choose huemanity.




For one reason and one reason only.

You cannot take a person’s Nature away from them simply by changing their environment.


The white race has chosen death over life and they are hell bent on taking us with them.

Will you join them?

Or will you fight back?

I say:

Fuck America and Fuck White people.

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14 thoughts on “The Caucasoid’s Self Induced Problem: How Trump Exposed White America’s Racism

  1. angel9loveu on said:

    David Duke looks like the epitome of evil with those demon blue eyes.He looks reptilian.And they will die before they choose peace.Cause they were created for war.Since they’e subhuman equal to animals we should be able to protect ourselves without fearing we killed a human.They are like rabid dogs.
    Speaking oF David Duke the KKK is holding a rally in NC.I feel lucid

  2. @ angel

    Now, now…let’s not insult the rabid dog.

  3. White ppl are not ashamed of this they wanted to show their white nationalism. Brexit America’s daddy was a precursor to this . White supremacy is a tag team sport. If Trump lost they were threatening war which means Chris Kyle style murder of everything black and brown. 2 things that will hurt us will the the Violent Crimes Task force he will implement that seeks to round up ALL blacks guilty or not. The layoff of federal jobs which support many upper crust black women and men.

  4. foreverthinkin on said:

    Funny. There is a game out now called Mr. President. In the game, you play as a bodyguard and protect (orangutan hybrid) from being shot. It’s been out since mid October. Pretty interesting how it predicted the future that way…and what might be to come. With that said, these “people” are self destructing. Big time. It will backlash onto us (as usual). These creatures are already going around harassing us, especially black women and becoming extremely cocky about it. On the job and in the general public. I don’t think it will be any longer before they start breaking into our homes. So, I do agree with getting firearms which was something I previously felt uncomfortable with but now is not the time for that anymore. Furthermore, remember the Sufferage movement? They still have to worry about their white woman which will ultimately be their demise, in my opinion. Although, majority of their women voted for orangutan hybrid, there is still that percentage who really do want to be on top of the white supremacist, capitalist cake. This is going to be a growing problem for them, especially after they let a black man and his family in the White House before them. Just like how a black man could vote before them. Lets be honest, there creatures are internally fucked up. They have turmoil within themselves and in their homes. The lifetime network should be retitled “Documentaries of white degeneracy” because all of their movies and shows display just how screwed their family life/social life really is and how they hide it behind closed doors. There is going to be extreme collateral damage and they will deserve every bit of it.

  5. qnubian528 on said:

    Whites have finally obtained what they were waiting for long time ago, a white person can make their dreams and desires true to eliminate the dominant race “black race!” A white person that he is not feel ashamed to say publicly that he is racist, and he supports racism and he will make racism legal!
    With Obama it was the quiet before the storm,because the real storm is coming,nothing can change the reality!
    It’s true that “What black people WILL NOT understand is that NO white person on this planet wants to end racism. Racism is apart of their DNA. Racism is apart of their language concept. Racism is in their blood. Racism is in their entire blood-filled history. Racism is apart of the world they created for their betterment and finally, racism is the only benefit to being white.”
    Also it’s true that married a white person will never end racism,because when a white American President says he is racist, and a black person who sleeps with those demons him or her doesn’t longer have right to be call “BLACKS!”

  6. Sis…the kneegrow will never learn. We keep beating that dead horse and wearing our arms out. When a black college can invite David Duke to give a lecture on campus and call in riot race soldiers to quell opposition, you know those with a sense of self is on their own. What makes me laugh though is the expectation the savages have off Trump bringing jobs back to amurdikkka. Man, there is gonna be a lot of exploding heads when all they have to satisfy them is to run up on some sucker kneegrow and beat them down. Which reminds me. How is it that guns can be easily had in amurdikkka, yet not on incident of retaliation has occurred over the last two days from kneegrows being attacked by the savages? All they are doing is bitching and moaning and of course showing videos of the savages attacking them. I am sorry i can’t put my life on the line for people who won’t make an effort to protect themselves

  7. @forever

    Documentaries of white degeneracy?

    I rather like that.

  8. angel9loveu on said:

    Hahaha…”Now, now…let’s not insult the rabid dog.”LOL. I’ll call them what they are then, rabid neanderthal cave beasts…hahaha, they are part dog,pig,rat and Hue-man DNA.They’re man-kind the Frankensteins walking this earth, a creation of a lesser god, sub human.
    But honestly Negress the coons and hard headed people need Trump in office cause they still think this is a game and that white supremacists didn’t declare war on us from the moment they took us into captivity.
    Those red devils Made war against so called Black people not red, yellow or brown people.And while people argue that they think if you’re not white you’re black I beg to differ and really don’t care about non-black people cause many of them have profited off white degeneracy(supremacy) and have been claiming white if they can pass as such.

    The whites out there protesting now and trying to deflect from the truth of what happened this election,it wasn’t sexism or gender issues that got Trump in power it was straight RACISM AND A PERPETUAL HATRED FOR ALL BLACK PEOPLE.The original EARTH PEOPLE.

    Things to need to get really bad for some of us before it can get better in order for these coons to wake up out of their stupor. And I won’t be surprised that white people turn on each other also and bring about the end of their own white supremacy. The Trump-ets have sounded and it is war.

  9. bmx1982 on said:

    It’s even embedded in the slogan “Make America Great Again”, it’s 100% symbolism for white genetic survival in anagram form.

    “I am a race making a rage” / “I am a rage making a race”

  10. bmx1982 on said:

    “Make America Great Again”
    “I am a race making a rage”
    “I am a rage making a race”
    “Make aim at a nigger race”

  11. @bmx


    I’m blown away…sort of.

    Thank you for that.

  12. I love you always and forever! I stand with you as a Sovereign nation a King of Creation! I will not see my people fail or bleed anymore in this wasteland called America. I go to the Creator himself for my birthright , my power, my dominion, my strength, my knowledge, my wisdom and my spirit refuses to be robbed of the life it’s been given because the earth is the Soul of Creation which I Am. The revolution is now!

  13. If the KKK,racist skinheads and David Duke endorse you……that’s not a good sign.lol

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