Observations of an Invisible Woman

Mr. President and First Lady

Dear White America,

You just got played…again.


Dear Black Family,

This planned “upset” is your opportunity to get yourself ready.

Whites will become more emboldened than ever before.


You are officially warned.


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13 thoughts on “Mr. President and First Lady

  1. nidotopianwarrior on said:

    This ain’t gonna be like the 50s and 60s when we were all “WE SHALL OVERCOME” If any of these devils try anything, they’re asses are gonna get it

  2. angel9loveu on said:

    Well so much for Killary winning.Now those white creatures are definitely juiced up since their devil lord won.

  3. your guidance to this point has been helpful beyond measure, sister. thank you for your warnings thus far…

    …everyone here is scared as fuck though. it’s not so scary once you know what to expect

  4. angel9loveu on said:

    Time to press in with stronger meditations to deplete their population.

  5. I am perplexed that Black people continually deceive themselves into thinking any white people would do anything to jeopardize their global system of white supremacy that would END their “white skin privilege”.
    All systems are in place to maintain, expand, and refine white supremacy.
    The “integration (miscegenation agenda)” & “racial showcasing” tactic really tricked Black people into thinking “white folks really love them” I must admit they carried a a full proof tactic to place a so called Black male and his Black wife in the White House to further Bamboozle the HERD! It worked.
    When a black person UNDERSTANDS they are in a WAR they never ever let their GUARD DOWN.
    Only a fool lowers their defense against an enemy who is HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT!

    BEWARE: the nonwhite groups classified as Hispanic (Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, etc.) and Arab/Middle Easterners will try to get YOU Black people to Comfort & Defend them since Trump specifically talked about his proposed attack on these 2 major groups.

    ADVICE: Don’t Do IT

  6. bmx1982 on said:

    I’m willing to bet nothing changes. Their asili thrives on lower vibrations like paranoia and sadness, just keeping us suspended there for four years is the new objective, meanwhile the 24/7 hatchet job continues in all nine areas.

  7. angelaroselle on said:

    I am disgusted. America will go to hell in a hand basket.

  8. Neely Fuller’s warning on the 6 strategies to be continued upon black people
    1. Racial PopulationDislocation confusion
    2. Racial Classification confusion
    3. Racial Population Tailoring
    4. Racial Showcasing Confusion
    5. Racial Sexual Confusion
    6. Racial “White Sacrifices” confusion

    Beginning at 5:20


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  10. If you get nothing else I beg my black ppl to get 5 things before the inauguration 1. A Gun 2. passport 3. Save $1000 at least 4. A bug out bag for the car 5. Food &Water
    This will be a fight for survival the next four years. Guard your life, guard your children’s life. Stay on CODE at all times.

  11. Has anyone seen the Simpsons Trump predictions they always let us know.

  12. LOL!! Typical dumb hillbilly white supremacist standards they elected a racist like them and they put the first illiterate, dumb, uneducated Thot who models for pornography as the lady of the White House!

  13. Trump is a pedophile rapist! I’m doing a post on this albino mutant creature! Amerikkka is a complete cesspool.

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