Observations of an Invisible Woman

Dear Diary #10

Today is election day.

I awoke early feeling the electricity in the air. My dreams came crisp and clear and, for once, in sequence. As I eat my late breakfast and ponder what is to come for my people, I’m filled with an odd mix of dread, calm, anxiety and strength. Today, the Shadow Jooish Government will show us the president they’ve chosen for us, the same person who has been long selected 100 years in the making.


This Anglo-American Crypto-Joo will lead us into war.

I’ve always known, on some level, that the Final Battle for the Soul would be between us and them. Our opposing forces, good and evil, will clash for the last time. I find it funny that even though our eternal enemies claim to be so superior, they cannot see the writing on the wall that they’ve built for themselves. They are so emboldened to battle their very own extinction which I acknowledge to extreme satisfaction.

I went out yesterday to get gas and all I heard was Clinton this and Trump that. I’m slightly amused yet somewhat terrified that these “11 points higher IQ” people put so much stock into this manufactured prison plantation called Earth.

As if any of this was real.

As I handed my 20 dollar note to the gas attendant, I looked at it and realized that it has absolutely no value except what those in power say it has. Tomorrow morning, if they all came together and held one of their secret meetings to decide that money is to be used as toilet paper, would we all nod foolishly and agree?

“History is a set of lies agreed upon.”

I read that once from the white terrorist rapist murderer Napoleon.

When will black people write our own history?

When will we finally decide that we’re done playing white people’s games and write our own narrative? It hit me that the only reason why we are still in this mess is because we are simply too afraid to die. If we, as a collective decided today, this very minute, that we’re done with our slavery and took real action to destroy this crawling, inhueman, poisonous pestilence, this entire planet would be free.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

But it is true.

Destroy the planetary threat that threatens to kill us all and you’ll have peace.

When I was in college, I had a professor from Sierra Leone that told me after class that demons walk the earth in human flesh. They look like us, can mimic us and can blend in to suit their agenda but they are not us. They come from another world and were placed here to kill us.

I looked into his troubled eyes and struggled to fully comprehend his meaning. But my young and very naive mind couldn’t. I didn’t know what evil was till I matured and learned how to become “invisible”. Then I began to quietly observe their actions and coded language and realized what he was trying to say.

The funny thing about evil is that they do not seem to know they are evil.

They are simply being themselves.

Like the poisonous vermin that strikes vicious venom into its prey before devouring it. It is simply doing what it was put here to do.

When will black people do what we’re here to do?

When Clinton releases her drones?

When we see armed militia on main street?

When more of our men, women and children lie on the cold concrete bleeding and seeping bodily fluids?

Will we continue to march and protest with our made up cardboard signs and pray to a white demon disguised as homosexual Jesus?

Exhaustion tinged with bubbling rage has been my constant companion since I’ve awakened to this madness. Last night, before bed, I sat at my altar and spoke aloud to my Deity. I knew she heard me in the stillness of the pitch blackness.

I have zero desire for friendship, togetherness and false forgiveness with my mortal enemy. Those things are not possible when dealing with a soulless being. I wish only death for them as they so rightly deserve. And frankly, if they only knew what the future holds for them, they would all commit suicide now as my visions are NEVER wrong.

I’m simply awaiting conformation. And knowing her, my Deity that is, she’ll show me many examples in the near future.

I don’t know what will come to our streets and in what form.

But I do know that it is coming.


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7 thoughts on “Dear Diary #10

  1. angel9loveu on said:

    “I wish only death for them as they so rightly deserve. And frankly, if they only knew what the future holds for them, they would all commit suicide now as my visions are NEVER wrong.”

    Never more in life have I agreed so strongly with a statement. I wish the gates of whatever underworld they came from would open up and draw them all in swiftly to eternal destruction.

  2. themelanatedman on said:

    “Commit suicide if they knew their fate,” huh? Whoa that’s deep.

  3. @ angel and the melanaredman

    Oh yes. It’s deep and very real. You cannot escape your fate.

  4. They come from here and twisted Africans created them. Study their DNA and you will find that out. They have no power except the power everyone gives them. If everyone chooses to rise up (as you said in your post) this entire system would be done with. Every Black person needs to unite and save up for land and get out of the system.

  5. Well, Trump Won this morning! I don’t see no sun shining over here in England as obama said…….anyone of you seen the Sun this morning…..or did it drizzle?

  6. America is gonna be great again, Apparently!

  7. I heard the French president say in the news that the world or society is falling apart….I think what he meant was that this White World is falling apart. It doesn’t really surprise me with so many people waking up to the realities we are really living instead of believing that all that exist is real and functional. When in fact it is fictional and dysfunctional. I’ve never once heard France apologise for the tens of thousands of people they killed during the French Revolution, putting black people in human Zoos, further to the experimentations that took place but we’ve got to hate Hitler, what a fast!

    I’m so surprised that with this whole awakening is can be very draining on our system. It’s like waking up from a drug induced state! Living in England it’s like living in a Horror movie. Nothing seems real but the true realities I see in the spirit can feel like Halloween everyday. Obviously, the white people that surround me love that state of existence. I abhor it!

    On the other hand, if you are a white person and very very awake and against the supernatural inhumanity that exists then life cannot get any harder for them. They have coined the phrase Targeted Individuals on youtube as a release from their subjugation…as they are continually watched and followed around.

    You do have to stop desiring the things of this world to really be able to see what is going on….who and what is running things. We do have to watch them and study them like a university degree to truly get how they function…and I will tell you something I’ve noticed is that they can be very easily manipulated. If they see good in you or have an inkling of trust in you they will believe much of what you tell them. They are often easily deceived even by their own which happens very often. The reason for this is because they manipulate all the time and can’t bear to speak the truth themselves. Actually lying to them weakens them and speaking truths to them gives them much power. They are very good at reading your feeling so I do find being a little fake helps! Contradicting your actions with how you truly feel confuses the hell out of them. It make it Impossible for them to read you!

    It’s like a game! They like playing psychological games but hate it when you play them back at them. Intellectually, they are on the losing streak. Funny thing is, if only Black people played psychological games back at them and really grasped how to count or Master Spiritual Trickery! With the Almighty on our side who is the Master of Trickery! Because I really do feel it’s one way of beating them at their own game. I find black people are too honest in the wake of their enemies. Do we have to be so nice to them all the time? Could we use a little more Sarcasm when we converse with them? Speak with a more demeaning tone? Use Intellectual Facts that have little relevance to do with anything when we speak with them? Lift up our noses when we pass them in the street? Make Indirect Jokes and Comments in their Stead without them noticing or grasping? I’d say Yes to everything. Everything is pretense so why not pretend! They like fear to exist in us but it’s when we stop fearing and start watching them…..they can’t deal with that either because we are studying them and they know how clever we can be. We are the Earths’ Engineers and Technologists so they have to be careful about what we could be conspiring to Engineer, you see! We have to fear them less and be less honest with them. If we can practice that The Spirits’ of Fear become Deflective. I used a plural meaning multitudes of Spiritis. They regather back to the ascendant! Back to the thing or person who sent them/it and weights heavily on them when FEAR doesn’t nurture in us or gain control of us. I have seen that! Strange I’ve never used the word Ascendant before just came up in my vocab….anywho!

    I do agree that fake Christianity is to blame for this mess we’re in and the White Jesus thing has caused us many problems. We and many others have believed for a long time that they are the Holy people of the Bible, the Chosen people of the Bible Lands; and Blood Heritage of the Ancient Biblical Scholars. That’s basically kept many of us in a hole.

    Again you are right on the dollar or pound, until we have our own money and currency…..with our images, our own economy and taken back the strength of this Melanin/Carbonated Earth can we be free, well, hopefully!

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