Observations of an Invisible Woman

Election Day 2016

Dear Black Family,

I write this post to ask you to stay home on Tuesday.

Since this racist country cannot function in any way without us, show your real power and innerstanding of this white supremacist nation and refuse to cast your vote. It matters naught with whom you align yourself. None of these demonic non-huemans care one inch about your life or well being.

Not one of them, including Obama, had anything to say about the hordes of police shootings and beatings that occurred with our people in this year alone. Not one of them had anything to say regarding the Flint Water Poisoning that deliberately murdered our people. And not one of them will do anything to help rectify the wrongs that whites have done and continue to do to our people.

Your vote matters not as this has been a plan in the making for the past 100 years.

No matter who sits in the Oval Office, you can be sure that their policies and new laws will adversely affect the black population WORLDWIDE.


Show them your power and disconnect yourself from their poisonous, Luciferian Matrix called White Supremacy. Regroup and refocus your Melanin Energy where it belongs: On the black Family/ Community.

America would not be the country it is today if not for our genius, our back breaking labour and our blood. Take back your power and stay home.

Sometimes, NON-PARTICIPATION is the greatest threat of all.

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21 thoughts on “Election Day 2016

  1. I for one will definitely not be voting. I feel like voting is saying to them do with my life what you wish. I will not vote for my demise I don’t want to be apart of that demonic energy on voting day. I hope our people will begin to wake up and see that the change that we need has to start with us. I hope that we can one day separate from these evil albinoids.

  2. @ bluebonnet

    Well said.

  3. You’re right about participation. Essentially it was by allowing the white devil within our space within our own African lands that started the problems that we deal with today. It’s the same as speaking louder than your word, you don’t always have to scream loudly to be heard. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Sometimes action is ALL you need, and I believe it’s something we need very strongly as black people. Our community has been deteriorating as we’ve been inactive. There must be no more of this

  4. By Lopaze on said:

    I didn’t even think about voting besides it’s not going to bring about justice for us. Heck, I don’t even think some of us want or ready for change. Until we get serious as a people voting is never going to make a difference in this country for us. Money makes this country go round not votes.

  5. These two have REPEATEDLY insulted the black race. I would be mentally ill to reward 2 open white supremacists with my vote to help them further destroy my life and the lives of melanoid nation. Some ppl vote out of fear ESPECIALLY black women. We can shape this election by staying home. Let Trump win and destroy the place. We perished under Obama and I have been preparing for the storm. Black first. In the coming years I pray the black race is intelligent about reproduction, abstains from drugs, free’s itself from dependence on the West. I pray that we lift Haiti, Liberia and Freetown, Sierra Leone from poverty. I pray black americans finally form Africa Towns and a real economic base. I pray OneUnited bank starts giving loans to black people to become homeowner’s I pray we rejuvenate the ghettos and save OURSELVES from gentrification that wishes to push us all out into poor rural areas or under the freeways. My hope is that we can at least get 4. 1 million black s in the trades plumbing, electricians, carpenters if we can conjure up just 400 engineers. Pull all black children out of public schools. Whites intend on letting them fall as they send their children to private “Christian” schools and Montessori’s. I pray all racist and anti-black whites in South Africa are granted amnesty in the Netherlands and Europe and they return home where they belong. I pray blacks running to Europe, Australia, China as immigrants find worth in their own home countries and build them up. I pray for restored dignity and respect for the black race. If we don’t get there may we die trying to finally at last be free.

  6. angel9loveu on said:

    I will definitely not be wasting my time at the poll stations this year.It never gets me the desired results or candidates.Plus it’s been a shit show of immaturity and too many scandals to keep count.Just a pathetic display of insubordinate behavior by two candidates who lack morals and the ability to apply sound reasoning with regards to black lives and issues.
    Hope for the best and prepare fore the worst.

  7. I have advocated not voting for years and have received a tremendous amount of pushback and lost subscribers.

    What’s strange is people who come to my blog are either self-identified as “counter-racists” or claim to want to learn about it

    Yet as soon as you tell them it’s counter-productive to vote for a white supremacist (like Hillary) they get angry with you. (???)

    Like Dr. Kambon said, “black people are serious about not being serious.”

  8. Dear Diaryofanegress,

    Being like all tof he non-white people of the planet a prisoner of war ( wether we like it or not) , may i suggest that all non-white people as individuals takes his or her own decision by him or herself, to deal with this problem which is racism in the form of the system of white supremacy.

    As equal victims (this is my own opinon and it is either true or false) no one has to tell i think to the other what to do.
    Reason Why ? Because each individual have his or her level of fear and desire.

    Each one of us as individual should decide what action to do due to his or her sitaution, knowing that voting or not voting is a matter of individual choice, and knowing that the question is WHAT ABOUT THE SITUATION OF THE NON WHITE PEOPLE OF THE PLANET-PLANTATION WHATEVER WILL COMES OUT ?

    What can be done AS VICTIMS is to continue to work in a counter racist manner in thougt, speech and/or action.

    We don’t have to hate any person even if they are white in appearence, as doing this is giving strenght to their system which is already violent, and is fed by violence, you cant not cease fire by fire it is a question of logic, non-white people have to learn to stay away from emotional response, and be Logical.

    The voting or not voting should not stop the vicitms to do what they have to do, just say, and even not be the focus “Oh the vote is over Ok i continue my run…..”
    The focus mus t be the replacmeent and eradiction of the system of White supremacy by a system of JUSTICE taht is all, the elimination of the ptoblem once and for all. There is no other major goal to me.
    Nothing personal strictly business WE NEED TO GET THE JOB DONE!! REPLACE WHITE SUPREMACY WHITH JUSTICE not change the president or the package, replace the whole system then we will see, untill now we have nothing to say….

    Non-white people have to be their own sustain unit. All non white people of the planetplantation are in Prison so what can we do even if they don’t vote, prisoners can observe and see what is going to be, anyways the situation remains WE ARE IN PRISON, and prisoners have no POWER. No major decision can be made by them except if they are ready to die, but if it is not the case they will have to deal with the situation in a way or another.

    It is my statement as Victim Guarantee Qualification.

    In The Production Of Justice.

  9. All non white are not the same.
    All non white people do not feel the same.
    All non white people are not valued the same.
    All non white people do not believe the same as other non white people.
    All non white people cannot game the system as some non white people can.
    Your statement is moot.
    All non white people do not think the same way.
    We, as black people must first fix ourselves and remove the crutch of including other non white people who hate us as much as white people do. I personally am tire of cleaning the footprints of other non white people off of my ass. Amerikka has achieved it’s goal of a non white voting block to swing the election in any way it desires. We are not the majority minority any more. There’s new kids on the block who desperately want to be included in the system and they don’t give a shit about justice. Well, only for them and their white brothers. Our inability to get along is a generational sickness passed down through the years. A sickness that was started when the first white man raped the first black woman and produced the first interracial child on Amerikkkan soil. As long as we, as a people keep and cherish the white mans surname, we will be slaves. Other non white people know this.

  10. @ Ben

    Well said.

    Mirtho is a white Frenchman. Many Europeans that are “tinted”, like the Italians and Spaniards, like to pretend that they too are oppressed by their own tribesmen to deflect accepting blame for their generational terrorism of the black race.

    I had an Italian on here too spewing the same things until I wrote my post on how to eliminate white supremacy.

    Once I mentioned ceasing congress with them all hell broke loose.

    It would seem that these “non-white” WHITE people are fully ready to “fight” with us as long as we can fuck them.

    Mirtho knows that I know who he is.

    I allow his comments as a teaching mechanism.

    But thank you for your stellar observations.

  11. “Show them your power and disconnect yourself from their poisonous, Luciferian Matrix called White Supremacy. Regroup and refocus your Melanin Energy where it belongs: On the black Family/ Community.

    America would not be the country it is today if not for our genius, our back breaking labour and our blood. Take back your power and stay home.

    Sometimes, NON-PARTICIPATION is the greatest threat of all.”
    Very well said Negress! Straight to the point!

  12. Prepare yourselves for the cliven bundy militiamen of the world. They got off scott free for their occupation of federal land in Oregon. What will stop hordes of angry white men from “marching” on black neighborhoods with guns to get us out? Be fearful of a Clinton and a Trump win. It is a long road ahead of us.

  13. [audio src="http://www.talktainmentradio.com/podcasts/Compensatory%20Concept%20Hr-1-092816%20.mp3" /]

  14. Negress,I will be writing my candidate in.Both Clinton and Trump have said things about black people that they won’t take responsibility for.The Latino community will be the beneficiary of a Hillary Clinton Presidency.In 2020,both parties will go after the Oriental vote,while still leaving black folks behind.When the 2024 election gets here,that is when the fun starts.Black people will drop out of the political system,and it will draw the ire of the both the Democrats and Republicans.GOD BLESS

  15. @ Sevenkings

    Why 2024?

  16. Dear Diaryofanegress,

    I would like to correct the fact that my classification in this system is non-white person (black) and not a white like it has been mentionned, i don’t take it personal but i have to twrite it in order to eliminate confusion.

    Best regards.
    In The Production Of Justice.

  17. Negress,I say 2024,because the Latino population has grown to the point that both parties have to address their concerns.Remember that Obama has done more for the homosexual community than blacks people.Whoever goes in the WHouse isn’t going to address are concerns.IMO Both Clinton and Trump will add to them.Show me where these 2 candidates will address racist hiring practices,inadequate inner city schools,police brutality,the Clinton crime bill,and the poisoning of our water and food,unfair sentences in the Justice system. Minister Farrakhan has already warned that both parties are on the clock with black people.2020 blacks will wake up,no more voting,it’s theme to take care of ourselves.My mother said by 2020 there will be a new political party that will be even worse than the Democrats and Republicans,chosen by racist whites,because both parties are barely addressing wp concerns.This new party who doesn’t have to be in the WHOUSE will reak upheaval and evil never seen before.Their evil will force blacks to drop out the political system.All these political parties are going to be mad,because BP are no longer going to waste time on political parties who have no intention on addressing our concerns.The problem is most blacks will figure this out,some will not.GOD BLESS

  18. @ sevenkings

    I see. Thank you for that.

  19. I always ask black people who believe in voting, if they ever even thought about how when they vote, they are voting for someone white to be their leader and representative. They are still looking for a white person to be their lord and savior.

  20. @ 25

    It goes hand in hand with the white jesus some of us love so much.

  21. I know and it’s sad! They’ll put him over their family. I feel our awakening happening tho. Not as fast as I would like, but it’s happening.

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